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Let's Get To The Root Of What's Going On

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

Put simply we were originally made within the frequency of love, a high frequency that connects us to everything and everyone around us BUT our world mainly vibrates at a frequency of fear. We are literally caught in a huge web of fear, from peoples thoughts, feelings, actions, the media, relationships, families, most of it comes from the fear frequency. 

So if someone (you or me) tries to;
- 'improve' themselves
- find their 'purpose'
- become more 'spiritual'
- more 'intuitive'
- improve their 'physical health'
- attract more 'abundance'
- find 'love'
- lose 'weight' 

Or whatever it is, it MUST come from a higher frequency, that innate vibration that is within all of us, but has been covered up by a lot of fear; those damaging thoughts we think to ourselves, when our thoughts always jump to the future, worrying, feeling shame from the past, thinking about what could have been, what should have been, poor self worth, no boundaries, constantly judging ourselves or others, gossiping... are just a few of the ways fears seeps into our lives. 

There is so many ways fear creeps into our realities, into our lives, and for most people once it comes in they literally become it, they attach to it and then simply share it round to others.  

Well then... How do we get rid of fear?

Fear needs to be 'detoxed' from the system, from both the mind as well as the physical system. It's within the muscle memory, it's within the nervous system patterns that run our lives, it's within our brain function and neural pathways. Did you know that parts of our brain literally switch off when fear arises?! 

Then we live our lives in fight or flight, or freeze and we think it's normal because everyone else is doing it. Our lives become a competition, a means to survive, and we totally forget about how to live, we forget about why we came here in the first place. 

What I'm deeply passionate about... is taking people back to their original rhythms, their original blueprint, and moving beyond the 'imprints', the traumas, the fear that currently rules most people's lives. 

"A great deal of what people say, think, or do is actually motivated by fear, which is of course linked to having your focus on the future (or past)." 

- Eckhart Tolle

Lets jump to how fear can also have an impact on one's weight. Extra weight is often used as a PROTECTION from the outside world.

Why would someone protect themselves?  

Often it's due to past experiences that have left them feeling unsafe and in a state of fear. Because this person is living in fear and is actually (at a deep subconscious level) afraid of their external environment, they choose to protect themselves with an extra layer of weight. 

Most people only attempt to lose weight by reducing the amount of food they eat (reducing calories), exercising more or choosing healthier options. 

BUT unless you address the underlying cause which almost always comes back to either developmental trauma, blocked / stuck emotions or subconscious beliefs / programming, you cannot simply lose weight.

A core belief that may be running someone who is overweights current programming could be;

"The world is an unsafe place"

And if this belief is currently running the show then there are often many other beliefs that spring off from that and create a whole host of issues, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

A belief like this isn't simply a thought, it's within the DNA, within the nervous system, within the physiology of the system and it's patterns are continually on show through your thoughts, bodily movements, heart rate, breath cycles, emotions, words and actions. It's literally written all over the system, within and throughout.  

So to shift something as great as this we need to work from all angles, physically, emotionally as well as mentally, in order to re-pattern the system. 

This is where TRUE healing occurs, TRUE transformation and REAL results because we have gone to the ROOT of what is creating many of the external situations and environments. 

For some of you this message may go over your head, for others it may deeply resonant, it totally depends on where in your own journey you are and it's those things that resonate that are the right thing for you right now. What resonated with me 5 years ago has a totally different resonance now. And what resonates now will have a totally different resonance in 5 years.

It's about coming into harmony with life and creating a deep trust within yourself, when this shift is made life begins supporting you rather than resisting. This is because you are flowing with life rather than against it, which really gives life it's first opportunity to really support you. 

For those of you who are interested in losing weight, shifting beliefs, healing physically, becoming more alive or healing past traumas then reach out and let me know.

Have an amazing journey, 


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