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Metaphysical Anatomy

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

I just completed the Metaphysical Anatomy Training. It was epic. This training, built on my knowing of how the body works. That the physical body is simply condensed energy which originally filters down through the mind from the original intelligence (we all have different names for this ie source or spirit or vibration or energy that we can’t see). It doesn’t matter what you call it or don’t call it, or whether you acknowledge it or don’t acknowledge it, in my experience it’s there… and it’s a very important piece to the puzzle we call life. 

Emotions link the mind and the physical body, emotions are simply energy in motion, and it’s often at this point where the energy gets blocked. 


Because our society and upbringing didn’t fully understand or acknowledge emotions. 



Emotions are unpredictable, unknown and can’t be ‘seen’ in the physical, so it’s easier to try and ignore them or dull them or put them aside. 

And this is often the place where dis-harmony and dis-ease begins, in the emotional body. 

Either there is flow within the system or there isn’t flow within the system. Where there isn’t flow, then we experience blockages. These first show up as thought patterns and emotions and if we continue to ignore these signs then the physical body is next to take the hit. It often takes more time for something to physically show up in the body because the body is a denser form of matter, than thoughts and emotions. 

So, by the time something has shown up within the body there has often been an imbalance occurring within the mental and emotion field for quite a while.  

In my personal experience, I had intense allergies from around the age of 16 and then glandular fever when I was 17/18. Allergies are a ‘protection’ from the outside environment. It’s a fighting response that the body creates from within to a substance, food or whatever because it ‘believes’ that it must protect itself. So, the immune system responds when it really shouldn’t. The immune system is on edge. So before I became allergic to many things, my system emotionally and mentally would have started feeling that internal struggle a long long time before the age of 16 and it wasn’t until the emotional blocks increase to a point where the physical body says ‘enough is enough’ and gives way and gave me a very obvious sign that something was wrong. This is just an example in my life how it played out. Being male firstly often blocks the emotion of sadness because it’s seen as a sign of weakness. Then anger for me was another emotion that was blocked because I didn’t feel free to express this emotion so I held it in. Remember emotions are just energy in motion and when we suppress these it causes disturbances in the system.

Often we initially suppress these emotions for a very good reason. For example as children all we want is love and are very aware of survival and that our parents or guardians are the means for both of them. So… if our parents don’t respond well to our sadness or our anger or our sense of emotional identity then we learn very quickly to switch that off within ourselves for good reason, to receive love and be accepted. But these emotions don’t just stop, they continue but we just ignore them and suppress them. When they are not expressed or felt within the body then they build up and can cause physical dis-ease. 

It is becoming more and more obvious to western medicine how emotions and mental states have a profound impact on the body. It is already very well understood and incorporated within Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine and many other eastern modalities. 

Metaphysical Anatomy addresses the root core of a physical condition. These root causes can be quite confronting. Sometimes it goes back to our relationship with our mother or our father. Sometimes it goes back to a childhood situation that we chose to bury deep within and keep to ourselves. Sometimes it goes back to how our mothers were feelings when we were in the womb. 

We addressed so many things. For example, addictions were one. Often alcoholic or cigarette or food addictions are linked to the need for nourishment, and often lack of being breastfed or nurtured will be lacking within the childhood of this person. As these addictions are to do with the mouth and nourishment via the mouth. So, in order to break an addiction like this we need to break the association the addictive substance has with nourishment as well as find out the specific need that wasn’t met as child and when that need is filled throughout the session then addictions have been known to disappear. 

This is just 1 example. 

I spent many many years on my own physical health and then assisting others with their physical health, but I realised I was working with the tip of the ice burg. I went deep into physical health. Into the organs, the glands, digestion, the microbiome, detoxification, fasting, cleanses, the lymphatic system, herbs BUT I realised it could only take me so far. I love working with the physical system but if you are addressing your life or your health by only looking physically it’s like using a hammer to build a bridge, you may get some of the way, you may see improvement, but there will always be something that just isn’t right. We need to bring in other tools, other knowledge to create a strong reliable ‘bridge’. 

I’ll be blending this with Human Design, PSYCH-K, Trauma Release, Detoxification and Nervous System Healing (depending what is most needed).


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