Meet The Team

Seyta Selter

1/3 Emotional Projector

Organizational & Consciousness Guide


Get to know Seyta:

Following the currents and tides of a variety of dream-led inspirations, Seyta has unique expertise in living well from the whole self. She is a Dream Art Scientist with a Masters degree in East-West Psychology, certification in Ancestral Healing, and highly specialized training and experience teaching many inner or perceptive arts.

Inner Lands is the best way she can describe the terrain in which she works, promoting an animistic full-spectrum human experience and sharing her knowledge to empower others to tap into their full human gifts along their own particular paths of personal empowerment.

A lifelong avid dreamer, Seyta’s first memory was a striking dream from infancy in which an alligator bit off her thumb - posing a few different quandaries. She has kept a dream journal for over 25 years, actively revisiting and following her own dreams and intuition, with ever-changing curiosity, for guidance in waking life.

Seyta co-founded the Non-Ordinary Reality Database (NORD), a citizen science project for sharing, analyzing, and collectively taking a look at dreams and dream-like experiences reported on the internet. Think, Google Trends for the collective unconscious. (NORD is currently in ongoing re-development.) In creating her dreaming-informed lifetime, Seyta’s garden path of a career has meandered meaningfully through founding and running a classic sartorial house in Portland, OR (Duchess Clothier), creative film industry roles (production assistant, assistant costume designer, and wardrobe stylist), teaching undergraduate consciousness and dream studies (at The Evergreen State College), local historical research and writing, heading operations at an online school for animistic ritual (Ancestral Medicine), maintaining a private practice in ancestral healing and dream work, and holding group ceremony in these areas.

Seyta enjoys enriching and loving relationships with her ancestors, who spring from the Jewish diaspora as well as Celtic, Norse, and Germanic lands. She resides gratefully within the all-encompassing body of the earth, fjord-side on Skokomish Twana lands in Washington State.