Join this webinar to discover more about what it is to be a Projector in this world. 


A 6-week online course. Take a journey into your Projector energy, your essence, and your uniqueness. 

$275 USD

Advanced Projector 8-week training. Reprogram your body, mind, and emotions to their natural rhythm.

$360 USD

Come on a journey with Charlie to unlock your Projector uniqueness.

$11 USD

This is a personal advanced Human Design reading.

$222 USD

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Us here at The Projector Movement have spent years of study and years of experimenting with our Projector essence to create the most in-depth trainings there are. Our mission is to educate you, our fellow Projector, to help you decondition and understand who you truly are on a deeper level so you can live the life that you ultimately desire. And we hope to achieve that through the different offerings we have down below.

If you’re new to The Projector Movement, then we have a free webinar training so you can get a taste of the work we do here. Afterwards, you can start taking the other courses we have which build upon another. 

We wish you the very best on your journey of self-discovery.

Free Webinar Training

Here is an opportunity for you to join a free webinar where Charlie will be covering in greater detail what being a Projector is all about.


In this training we will cover: 

  1. 1. The main projector struggles and how to overcome them.
  2. 2. How to move into alignment by knowing 3 projector hacks. This single piece will change your life. 
  3. 3. Embody your projector essence to begin a relationship with your true self.
  4. 4. How to live an empowered and successful life as a projector.

After this webinar you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and how to better move through this world as a Projector.

The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success

The most in-depth Projector-specific training there is and the foundational projector training here at the Projector Movement!

If you are new to The Projector Movement and you are new or experienced within Human Design, this training is for you. It’s designed to deepen your embodiment of being a Projector by taking you on a journey over 6 weeks into the frequency, the knowledge, the wisdom and the truth of your being. 

Each week builds on the next and by the end of the 6 weeks you will be well on your way to living a successful Projector life.


This training opens you up to yourself. Satisfying the mind, and the knowledge that it seeks, as well as how to implement and make profound changes in your life as a Projector. It also goes deeply into 2027 as well at the Projector types, gates and strategy and authorities, health, career and relationships.


The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey: Reprogram Your Mind, Body, and Emotions to its Natural Rhythm

Ah The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey. This training is for those wanting to TOTALLY alchemically shift their inner realities to align with the roots of their Projector being. 

This training takes things to a whole new level of deconditioning. The most powerful deconditioning training there is for Projectors in the world. We repattern the nervous system to its original frequency. We align ourselves to our Projector essence and in doing so we experientially lay the foundation of how life expresses itself through us.


It is highly recommended to take The Ultimate Projector Guide training first to lay the foundation and begin turning inwards. 

Now withinThe Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey, we take a journey to totally leap into the depths of yourself. Spread out over 8 weeks with the focus of this training on deconditioning and alignment with the benefit of Projector wellness at the end. 

You will finish the training going WOW! That was REAL! And this training will continue to transform you for many years to come.

Human Design Readings

This is an advanced Human Design reading.

This reading is done by Andy (the Projector Movement's Human Design reader). Andy weaves his magical intuitive touch into each and every reading.

Andy has been personally trained by Charlie.

After Andy reads your chart you will know yourself DEEPLY! He uses his intuitive gifts, his brilliant mind and his grounded soul to dive into your Human Design BodyGraph and reveal you to yourself. 

Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation and then Andy will begin diving into your design. 


Get My Human Design Reading
The Projector Meditation

Come on a Projector journey with Charlie to unlock your Projector uniqueness, your Projector essence. This meditation
is created by a Projector for Projectors who want to unlock
their magic within.

Projector Power: Create Your Reality.
Live Your Potential. 
(coming soon)

This training takes your understanding from The Ultimate Projector Guide as well as our deep transformational experience from The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey and puts it all together. We create and manifest the lives that we each deserve, which is that of abundance, power, truth and expansion. We do this by addressing how we are using energy, attention, time and money, our most valuable resources, and aligning these with our non-sacral Projector essence. Get ready to truly manifest your Projector TRUTH.


It is very much recommended that you have taken both The Ultimate Projector Guide and The Inner Circle trainings before embarking on this journey.