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Connection Chart Readings

Projectors learn about themselves through the other. In this Connection Chart session, we overlay your chart with another person’s (up to three combinations). Whether it be your parents or caregivers from when you were growing up, your children, your partner or your best friends, we can see how your charts work together.

We look at how your energy types and auras interact with one another as well as diving deep into mechanics of this combination chart; the four types of connection chart channels.

These reveal;

  •  where we create sparks between one another (both positively and for potential friction),
  •  where we experience compromise,
  •  where we can easily relate to each other, and
  •  where we can see them clearly for who they are and vice versa.


What You Will Gain:

We can also see what lessons you are both teaching one other as well as highlight areas of tension and conflict or admiration and love.

In this Connection Chart session, the aim is always to help increase understanding of the other and ourselves so we can show more empathy to those who are or were important in our lives... so we can break blame into understanding, and ultimately improve our relationship dynamics.

What People Are Saying:

"I was buzzing with new information and a deep curiosity for what this experiment will look like in my life. I was all in and hungry to know more! The consistent reminders from Rebecca to stay within my strategy and authority have been like little permission hugs along the way. I feel a sense of clarity and direction for my daily practice. It’s such an honor to learn from someone who is living within their own strategy and authority and is sincerely connected to her practice. Thank you so very much Rebecca! I deeply appreciate your kind guidance and enthusiasm for this work!" - Lacy

"I had my very Human Design session through my reading with Rebecca. There is A LOT to know and Rebecca is clear in her delivery and answers any questions. She is clearly very passionate about Human Design and she demonstrates great knowledge on the subject already. I feel as though I’ve only dipped my toe in the learnings but I’ve already found myself referring back to my personal chart a lot. I love the way it slots in with other things I’ve studied and learnt about myself over the years. Highly recommend a reading with Rebecca." - Helen