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Success Training

 W/ Charlie Maginness and Sarah Lemmerman

This training is for Projectors only who are looking to align and receive support around Business. Entrepreneurs, Healers, and those looking to follow their passions to create a successful life in business are all perfect fits for this training.

Ultimately you will be given the tools to undergo an experiential transformation to be able to meet life in a balanced, abundant and powerful way.

Included in this course:

You not only get one but TWO of the most highly sought after Projector coaches in the Human Design space for 8-10 hours of transformational coaching, 8 pre-recorded educational success videos, success meditation, success projector community; all put together giving you a life changing success experience!

What will I gain from this training?

This course is designed to help Projectors live their lives in greater harmony, peace, and success. Specialized guidance from both Charlie Maginness and Sarah Lemmerman. Sarah is a Human Design Projector expert who has studied the Projector psyche for the past 5 years, and Charlie Maginness has been on his Projector Deconditioning journey for the past 7 years.

What People Are Saying:

As I was in the training I brought in $18,870 cash. And the best thing about this was that it was all in alignment and in my projector essence. - Sherina

Amazing and life changing! - G.H

I'm grateful that I was able to participate in the Success training. In just 4 weeks, I raised my rates and closed an additional $7500 in new business. You and Sarah are gifts - I cannot thank you enough! - Bryn

I sold my house that I tried to sell for years. Perfect buyer, perfect price point, simply magical. Opening up new possibilities for investing and traveling. - Simone

I highly recommend this course - Shannon