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Embody Your Projectorness

 4-Week Embodiment Journey

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Embodying your projector nature at the deepest core is key to living a life that feels in complete alignment with your authentic self. The process of deconditioning and reconditioning ourselves takes a focused effort as well as practice. The Projector Movement is excited to offer a 4-Week Embodiment Training guided by one of the leading projector experts, Sarah Lemmerman. Each week, Sarah will guide you into 4 main categories where Projectors can sink deeper into their alignment. Each call contains various somatic exercises, visualizations, meditations, and homework. The goal of this journey will be for you to leave with a “Projector Toolkit” of ways to lead you into a deeper alignment with your Projector Nature.

Over the 4 weeks you will improve your relationship with yourself and deeply understand your projector energy and essence, which will lead you to more fulfilment, connection, and energy.

Week 1: Vibrational Embodiment:

  • Understanding our unique vibration and energy is the root of our success. When we leverage our vibration correctly, life can correctly match you to aligned invitations and success.

Week 2: Emotional Embodiment:

  • Emotional Embodiment:
    Our emotions are the loudest form of communication for Projectors. This week we will be diving into specific practices regarding emotional resiliency and sovereignty.

Week 3: Mind/Body Embodiment:

This week will discuss the importance of the right mindset and the importance of speaking your truth, saying no, and feeling peaceful in your mind. Sarah will guide us into visualizations and somatic exercises to align our minds to our Projector nature.

 Week 4: Physical Embodiment

This week will be discussing how to tend to your physical body as a Projector. We will be going over various physical practices, Projector-friendly foods, and the importance of boundary setting as a projector.

Learn how to embody your design, embody your wisdom, embody yourself so you can fully arrive on this planet and show up in your fullest potential.  

This Training Includes:

🔥 In Depth Support 

🔥 Guidance

🔥 Grounding and Finding Your Center

You do not want to miss this opportunity as this journey will be packed full of practical tools and ways to align with your Projector nature. Sarah’s courses are highly activating, We hope to see you there.

About Sarah:

Sarah's guidance and wisdom is unprecedented when it comes to guiding Projectors along their journey, as she has successfully helped many Projectors come into their power. 

Sarah’s unique practice combines Western depth psychology, Somatic, and Earth-Based Traditions to bring a holistic approach to understanding the totality of ourselves as well as how to change behavior.