$99.00 USD

Projector Business 101, Part 2: Tools for Success

Let Your Business Be Your Joy Not Your Burden

  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • Guided by Seyta Selter


Workshop Details

If you’re looking for potent practical tools to refine your authentic message and get it to the right people, to truly maximize your business success, this one’s for you!


What the Workshop Will Cover:

  • Crafting your authentic message to create the right invitations for YOU
  • Step by step workbook for thinking about and refining your message
  • Projector marketing magic - how to broadcast your message and get clients
  • Unpacking and transforming what’s holding you back
  • Minimal work for maximal returns - exploring passive income
  • Working with the nitty gritty - dealing with the blahs of business
  • Practical business tools and creative delegation

What You Will Gain:

  • How to market your services as an aligned Projector
  • Understanding and practice using keywords in your chart to leverage success
  • Insight into what is holding you back and how to transform it into income
  • Ways of managing and getting through the parts of your business you don’t like doing
  • Specific tools to lean on for support in your business
  • Strategies for getting the most out of your effort

About Your Guide Seyta:

  • Seyta is a practitioner of Human Design, consciousness, ritual, and business arts. For the past 25 years, she has traversed the inner realms, in dreamwork, ancestral healing, consciousness studies, belief work, and Human Design. She is passionate about guiding others back home to their higher selves and using their inner senses–especially in practical ways that foster success in the material world.

    Seyta offers a unique perspective on business as an aligned Projector who has worked successfully as a small business creator and owner, Solopreneur, on management teams, and as a college professor. With her speciality in getting to know the wisdom of your inner nature as well as her Human Design knowledge, she is an insightful and enthusiastic guide for our business offerings.

What People Are Saying:

Incredible! This workshop was so invaluable, beyond all those that I've attended thus for Projectors. Seyta is an expert, so knowledgeable. She provided so many tips to experiment with and improving our Projector energy management, following our authority and strategy, healing from burnout, and all leading to Projector success. I can't wait for the next workshop.

Wendy L

I learned invaluable information about how to manage my beliefs, actions and emotions around business and energy. This is important for the fundamentals and a great course for beginners ready to dive into maximizing their potential around their career or work. Thank you for a thorough course and I look forward to part 2.