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The intention behind The Projector Movement is to create a platform that supports projectors in living their design, living their uniqueness, in truly discovering success.

This is an invitation to you, as a fellow projector, to the join the movement.

A movement where you, where we... take our power back!

The moment I discovered I was a projector my world changed, and the moment I started embodying this discovery my world transformed.


For those of you Projectors who want to get a deeper understanding into your essence and how to live your success then join my FREE training here:



"The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success", is a 6-Week Online Training. This training will take you on a journey into your unique essence as a Human Design Projector. 



Recorded Personal Human Design Reading. Discover your uniqueness through a Human Design reading specific to you and your design. Allow yourself to be seen and witnessed as you.



Health, Subconscious Mind Alignment, Nervous System Repatterning, Emotions, Business, Clarity. Come on a journey with me and enjoy unique guidance, personal transformations and a total upgrade via the lens of a projector. 



Charlie has found Human Design to be one of the most accurate systems for guiding people back to their true nature. Truly like a life manual that was never given at birth, Charlie loves blending Human Design with his intuition and taking people on a journey back to themselves.

He offers Online Programs, Group Trainings, 1-on-1 Coaching as well as personal readings within the space of Human Design.

If you don't know anything about Human Design then a great place to start is downloading your free chart here:

There are 4 main types within this system (Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors) and Charlie focuses on working with projectors and unlocking the projector potential within others. 



Charlie is a 3/5 Splenic Projector with the RAX of Penetration 3.

From personal experience Charlie has seen and felt how unique the projector energy is and how to allow it to flourish in its total unique expression. Also being a 3/5 Charlie shares best when there are elements of personal experiences infused in the learnings and because he's a projector then what better way to use his personal learnings and offer them back to others with this unique expression as well. Being the RAX of Penetration 3 gives Charlie the ability of sharp clarity and precise intuition. 


Charlie has journeyed into this world for 6 years, having the luxury of being able to soak himself in this wisdom, to live it and learn from it.

Being a 3/5 Splenic Projector with the incarnation cross of Penetration 3, Charlie has the ability listen to the wisdom and bring it through with clarity.

And now he wants to share this clarity with you…

Human Design hasn’t just been a hobby, it’s been a whole new world, a world that he discovered 6 years ago and now shares his discoveries with you who are ready. 

After doing hundreds of personal readings for projectors and relating them back to his experience, he's been able to pick up on patterns that are shared within...

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