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Are you new to Human Design, or looking for some guidance on your journey?


The Projector Movement offers a Free 15 minute 1 on 1 Welcome Call to all our community members to help get you started on your journey. 

Guided by SJ Amir.


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This is a 15 minute LIVE free personalised call where you are able to ask questions and be guided on your next step. 

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Your Guide:

SJ Amir - 3/5 Emotional Projector 

SJ is here to support Projectors on their unique journey of self-discovery. She was introduced to human design by her mentor and guide, Sarah Lemmerman, back in 2019 and it was her first real experience of being seen and understood.

Before Human Design, she struggled to keep up with the pace of life. She encountered many roadblocks in pursuing her dreams. After learning and practicing human design, SJ's life now flows in a completely different way. She now has the opportunity to do what inspires her and drives her passion. In addition to being a Human Design guide, SJ also works as a Child Behavioural Therapist specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Understanding her design has enhanced how she receives life. She can slow down, stop and smell the roses, and explore her child-like curiosity and wonder while incorporating balance in her life.