6/2 Projector Training

Dive deep into your specific profile as a Projector

 Be confident with how to navigate life correctly

 *2 out of 100 people are 6/2 Projectors*

Your $49 Experience Includes:

- 2.5 hours of 6/2 Projector Profile Magic

- Deep dive into life as a 6/2 Projector

- How to thrive as a 6/2 Projector

- Interview with a 6/2 Human Design Guide

- How to harmoniously combine your authority with your 6/2 Profile

- 6/2 Projector Guided Meditation + Mantras







Your Profile in Human Design is what really differentiates you, knowing how your specific profile plays out for you gives you the ability to transform how you live your life on a daily basis.

Deep Dive

You've read the blog, you've watched the YouTube video and you'd like to dive deeper still. Journey through an offer that feels supportive and nourishing.

Meditation + Mantras

Your very own meditation and set of mantras to download and use. These are created to help you embody your amazing life theme each day.

Your profile:

An in built navigation tool that allows you to approach life in a way that actually WORKS for you.

Why second guess yourself when instead you can know yourself and your best approach to life each day.

Questions on The Profile series:

We go much deeper. We dive into the frequency of each line, the profile and how that blends as a Projector, while also giving tips, tricks and tools to awaken + align this profile deeply within you, so you can live an aligned life. We also include real life stories and conversations about this profile.

This training is made up of multiple modules and sections and the total time is 2.5 hours.

Whilst every type has these particular profiles, the conversations in these webinars are heavily based on Projectors. So this is for Projectors with this specific profile. Each special guest is also a Projector.

You have access to this for an entire year.

- Over 90 minutes of video, broken up into digestible sections
- Specific Projector Meditation + Mantras for each profile
- How to thrive as a Projector as your specific profile
- Your specific authority and how to harmoniously combine it with your  profile

Indeed! We have multiple profile trainings out now and the rest coming soon. Head to our 'courses' tab to see what is available now.

Each edition is lovingly pre-recorded, so you can watch it at a time that suits you.

How Is A Profile Created?

Conscious Sun/Earth

Take the line number that sits on your gate in your Conscious Sun. Gate 43.3 for example.

Unconscious Sun/Earth

Add the line number that sits on your gate in your Unconscious Sun. Gate 4.5 for example

Your Profile

This makes up your unique profile number. It will read as '3/5' in this case. There are 12 different profiles

6/2 Projector Training



Other Projector Profiles Available: