The Projector MovementsĀ Story

Our Story:

Born from a dream. In 2018. Charlie was on Gili Air Island just off of the magical land of Bali.

A vision was birthed to guide Projectors, to be specific, a movement was birthed to guide Projectors in how to embody them unique frequency and gifts given to them through God.
Charlie has committed his life to making this reality a more harmonious place, one Projector at a time.

Knowing the magic held within each Projector, the Projector Movement is here to guide YOU back home, to the truth.

The Projector Movement distils the wisdom held within Human Design so that is digestible, applicable and powerfully received one Projector at a time.

Accompanied by Sarah Lemmerman, his wife, a woman of true magic, a 5/1 Splenic Projector, they have combined their missions to awaken others and themselves to the ultimate knowing.

Supported by Rebecca Raab, the decoder, a Human Design witch, and as a 1/3 Mental Projector, there is no better soul to decode and distil the Human Design wisdom initially received by Ra.

Further supported by Mike, a 6/2 Mental Projector, the Projector Movement is truly by Projectors, for Projectors.

The Projector Movement offers trainings, courses, live readings and meditations specific to Projectors. All with the embodied intention to guide YOU back to your truth, your success, your coming home.

There is no easy way to say this, but when you move into your aligned frequency and activate to your fullest potential, the world lights up.

Welcome home.

Our Vision:

The Projector Movement is the largest Human Design Projector community in the world.
We are here to guide Projectors in becoming the guides of the new world.
By Projectors, For Projectors.
Welcome to the new world.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to educate you, as well as empower you to live a success fulfilling life. To help you decondition (the process of letting go of what you're not) and understand who you truly are on a deeper level so you can live the life that you ultimately desire.
You will learn through pure Human Design knowledge as well as an integrated holistic somatic framework, creating a powerful transformational experience unlike any other in the world.

With a new frequency being birthed onto this planet through us Projectors, it’s vitally important to understand and embody this frequency. In doing so, the world will then move into greater levels of harmony, and Projectors will move into greater levels of success.

Projectors are here to be recognized and here at the Projector Movement we’re here to recognize YOU, so that you get a felt experience of your genius, power and magic that lies within you. From here a deeper WHY will emerge within you via your awareness giving you the understanding as to why you chose to come here to planet earth at this time.

With a Powerful Projector team behind the Projector Movement, each and every day connecting to our individual mission as well the Projector Movements mission, you, as a Projector will be greatly supported, held and recognized on your journey to alignment and success.

By Projectors, For Projectors.