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Be confident with how to navigate life as an Emotional Projector


What's Included Within This Experience?

The Year Of Great Change

As we head toward 2027, understanding the role the Solar Plexus will play cannot be underestimated. 

Solar Plexus Gates + Waves

There are three different Emotional waves that we can have with this Authority. Let's discover what yours is and journey through the gates too.

Emotional Clarity Insight

What IS Emotional Clarity? How do we get out of our heads and into this innate inbuilt tool we have? Ride that wave!

Your $99 Experience Includes:



- 3+ hours of Emotional Projector Goodness!

- Deep dive into life as an Emotional Projector

- Journey through the Solar Plexus Gates  

- Gain deeper insight into your Emotional Clarity

- The incredible role the Solar Plexus is playing as we head toward 2027, The Year Of Great Change

- Conversation between Charlie + Aimee

- Emotional Projector Guided Meditation + Mantras






What's Inside The Experience?

Gaining an understanding of HOW the Solar Plexus functions can bring clarity and incredible awareness.

Emotions can feel really complicated at times and we want to bring awareness to feeling your way through them.

There are 3 different types of Emotional Wave we can have with this authority. It depends on the channel(s) you have defined coming from your Solar Plexus.

In this experience we go through each one and explain what this can feel like as a Projector.

With everything in Human Design, there is a high frequency way of experiencing energies and also a shadow side. 

There is so much complexity to the Solar Plexus and we can feel things in a vast array of ways through this center. In this experience we bring awareness to this so you can gain an understanding into what could be playing out for you.

What does this even FEEL like? It's one of those things that are easier said than done.

We dive into it in this experience and use examples to help it make sense!

This is a huge one to unpack as the openness in our charts can try (and often succeeds) in over powering our definition, even our authority!

We deep dive into this and talk about why this may happen and what we can do to bring more harmony in.

2027, The Year Of Great Change!

The Solar Plexus plays an incredible role in how things are shifting as we move into 2027 and this is a topic we are passionate about, especially as Projectors are moving to the forefront as we head toward 2027.

What does it all mean though? This is something we hone in on during this experience!

The Waves

There are three different types of 'wave' that you can experience as Emotional Authority. This will depend on what Gates/Channels you have defined from your Solar Plexus

Tribal Wave

Can feel like a build up and then explodes, especially with those in the 'tribe'.

Individual Wave

Can feel like you experience shorter spikes of emotion

Collective Wave

Can feel like it builds up over time and then has a big crash

Your Authority:

An in built navigation tool that allows you to approach life in a way that actually WORKS for you.

Why second guess yourself when instead you can know yourself and your best approach to life and how to harmoniously make decisions.

Questions on The Authority series:

We go much deeper. We dive into the frequency of each authority, the center it comes from and how that blends as a Projector. While also giving tips, tricks and tools to awaken + align this authority deeply within you, so you can live an aligned life. We also include real life stories and conversations about this authority.

This training is made up of multiple modules and sections and the total time is over 3 hours.

Indeed! As Projectors, there are 5 different types of Authority we could be and we wanted to honour this at a deep level.

You have access to this for an entire year.

- Over three hours of video, broken up into digestible sections

- Specific Projector Meditation + Mantras for each authority

- Your specific authority and a deep dive into the center it lives in

- Conversations with Projectors who have each particular authority

We will be creating an edition for each Authority. Check out our 'courses' tab on our website to see what is available now.

Each edition is lovingly pre-recorded, so you can watch it at a time that suits you.

Yes! There is a video on each of the gates of the Solar Plexus. Understanding our gates can take things to a whole new level

Your Authority in Human Design is foundational, yet powerful.
When we move from this place of deep trust in our bodies instead of letting the mind make our decisions for us, pure magic happens.

Bonus Video:

The seven Gates of the Solar Plexus and the energy each one holds. 

A brilliant look into these Gates at their high frequency and how they can play out when they are operating in shadow.


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