Reprogram Your Mind, Body,
and Emotions to Their Natural Rhythm

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Projector Deconditioning & Wellness 8-Week Training

Discover True Vitality and Strength

This training takes things to a whole new level of deconditioning. The most powerful deconditioning training there is for Projectors in the world. We repattern the nervous system to its original frequency. We align ourselves to our Projector essence and in doing so we experientially lay the foundation of how life expresses itself through us.

This course is unique in it's content and depth. All original classes and teachings.  



"For 7 years, I suffered from chronic sinus infections, allergies, fatigue and physical injuries. In 2016 my eye sight started to deteriorate and I suffered an extended period of fatigue. Having spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on doctors, specialistics and physios I became frustrated that my health was reducing my quality of life. Charlie provided invaluable guidance and empowered me to take a journey of health and wellbeing. I no longer experience allergies, sinus infections and fatigue. I have moved from anxiety and frustration to a sense of calmness. Overall, I generally feel better. The medical results from my doctor reinforce that my blood pressure has improved and my blood tests indicate my creatine has is now within the relevant range and my white cell count has improved. I am so glad to have worked with Charlie and believe he has had a huge positive impact on my life and my future."

Kristian M

Training Focuses

This is a hands on training that included 8 recorded calls, 8 recorded meditations as well as a strong holding container as over the coming months a lot is going to shift. 


Let go of patterns within your nervous system, mind and body that are NOT yours. Ultimately creating more flow, ease and abundance in your life moving forward. 


Let go of imbalances in the body, strengthen your vitality and create a lifestyle that is truly conducive to your Projector nature. You will begin to master your own energy and manage it in a healthier way. 


Find your center no matter what is happening around you. Sometimes we have opportunities that will change us forever, that open new realities, possibilities and results. This training will do just that. 

What's Inside This Course?


Week one is dedicated to deconditioning, my favorite area of Human Design. You’ll begin to let go of old patterns and old conditioning, whilst stepping into yourself and your design. Learn the characteristics of what a Projector living in alignment actually FEELS like.

After this week you will have an experience of how to truly be and how to embody the Projector essence in your life.

As a Certified Detoxification Specialist, this week is dedicated to your physical well-being. I once was very ill myself with borderline chronic fatigue, my health is very different these days in the most positive of ways, hugely because of Human Design.

Taking into consideration the unique aura of Projectors and our subtle energetic system, I’ll be sharing tips, tools and techniques to take your health to the next level.

Learn the importance of taking care of your sensitive Projector nervous system and how to balance your well-being. You'll also receive food and eating recommendations

As Projectors, we're conditioned to live mostly in our minds. Ancient wisdom teaches us that we have energy centers which can be nurtured and activated in order to ground, protect and empower ourselves.

During this week, Ayurvedic Doctor and Intuitive guide Carmen Sima, joins us as she shares the importance of balancing the first three chakras in order for Projectors to get out of their heads and into their bodies to get grounded, have radiance, and transform their energy.

You'll be exploring the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras and learn tips on how to activate, balance and empower them.

Dive deeper into learning Ayurvedic knowledge which originated over 5,000 years ago and what is often referred to as, "The Mother of All Healing."

Ayurveda teaches us that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and as such, possess the same energetic qualities that exist in nature. These elements influence our mind, body, emotions and spirit.

You'll be learning what your specific type of Ayurvedic dosha is and how to keep it in harmony specifically for your projector nature.

This week, Integrative Counselor Sarah Lemmerman, joins us to share some common pitfalls Projectors run into.

What is trauma exactly? Why do we, as Projectors, have an inner child core wound? Why were most of us labeled as being “too much?” or "too senstive?". These are some of the questions you’ll get answers too.

Learn why codependency is one of the emotional traps Projectors have fallen into and how to transcend it so we don’t feel like we need anything outside of ourselves to be whole and complete. Sarah also leads us through a powerful transformational experience.

This week we'll focus on the profiles and lines within your Human Design Bodygraph and how they specifically impact your wellbeing. On top of this we move deeper into some Projector patterns that are holdings us from our truth and potential. 

We'll also be exploring various habits, patterns, and addictions Projectors can fall into as they are trying to function in a world not designed for them. Many Projectors rely on coping mechanisms to keep up in this fast paced world that over the long term this can work against the Projector design and overall health of the person. This week will emphasize the importance of healthy self care methods and eliminate the shame that many projectors may carry around seeking outwardly to cope with this fast pace life.

Current bad habits will be brought to the surface so we can discover the core of why they are there. Once awareness is used we can then have choice around our future moving forward. 

This is a powerful week. 

Week 7 we move deeply into the Bodygraph and Splenic center, we move into our bodies and into energies of constriction that are no longer serving us. 

You will receive unique subconscious mind transmissions to support your mind and align it to wellness and vitality. Your internal world will begin to shift and transform, which always flows into your external world. 

If we choose to not consciously align our subconscious mind with the laws of the universe then our minds will almost always fall into a fear band frequency. This ultimately causes a lot of struggle, confusion and chaos. Being Projectors, we are especially susceptible to this mental conditioning. Therefore, this week we'll dive full power into re-wiring core beliefs within our subconscious mind! 

Get ready for experiential transformation!

We all like secrets, we all like hacks, we all like finding ways that uniquely work for us. This week I'll be sharing specific things that took my life to a whole new level, that ultimately aligned me with my Projector nature. 

I'll direct you in the direction of true healing within the depths of the nervous system and then we will explore boundaries and put it all together! 


Ayurvedic Doctor

Carmen, both an intuitive guide, a Projector, as well as an ayurvedic doctor. She shares her wisdom with ancient Indian wisdom to balance the physical body during Week 3 and 4. 

Integrative Counselor

Sarah, a Projector, with a masters in East/West Psychology and an expert in addiction and bad habits supports the journey during Weeks 5 and 6. 


Who's This Training For?


Are you interested in going deeper into your human design? Into the patterns that disempower Projectors in order to re-empower yourself.

This training will bring embodied examples of how to live day-to-day as a Projector.

Rest and Relaxation. Unfortunately for many projectors is a foreign concept.

Firstly, what’s the difference between rest and relaxation?

Rest is physically resting the body – this is important!

Relaxation on the other hand is resting the mind, resting the emotional body and resting the spiritual body. Relaxation allows your projector energy to truly recharge, to regenerate, to rejuvenate.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen for many projectors who are in constant doing mode due to having an undefined sacral center. 

And then some of you will rest but within the rest, there will be guilt, there will be pressure, seeded into the action of rest. This is NOT what we want. The results of this will be burn out, bitterness, confusion and struggle, for however long it takes for you to choose something different, to fully choose with the core of your being a new possibility.

This is what I am wanting you to do, this is the invitation I have for you now, to choose with your being, and you will see that different results will come your way with the support of this training!

Be selfish for once, choose you.

For us projectors, burn out is the real deal. Luckily for me, my burnout came when I was 15 years of age and hit me hard for many years. A blessing in disguise as that was the reason I began my healing journey. Many projectors are living on low levels of energy and it would do wonders for them to simply increase their energetic capacity and reserves. This training will support just that!

Also you will be guided in how to, contain your energy and embody your full presence.

A common statement for many projectors who are living their not-self is:

“My biggest struggle is learning how to manage my energy (keep away from energy vampires or not give in to their routines) and learn how to protect myself when I empathise with others because often people who ‘take my energy’ are people I care about, even family or friends... I find myself opening up my energy and then afterwards I’m left feeling depleted.”

It’s time this statement is no longer part of who you are.

Let’s reboot your energetic system.

Otherwise you will live a life of playing energetic catch-up!

This training will have you move toward your inner wellbeing and vitality in a profound way. The function of your lymphatic system, glands, organs and blood with radically improve. So if you're currently experiencing some form of unease or illness in the body, this training is designed to help you move towards vitality and wellbeing. 
As a Certified Detoxification Specialist, I will guide you towards physical health. 

Projectors are susceptible to being ungrounded. Being ungrounded can feel like you are being pulled around by life, overthinking things and having a general sense of feeling unsafe or unease in your life. This training will bring your energy back 'home', back into your body so YOU can ground into the present moment, into yourself and meet life from that place. In doing so you will have a greater sense of power, confidence, self-esteem and clarity.

Projectors are emotionally sensitive beings. The way this often goes is one of two ways. We are overly emotional and sensitive and cannot find our center in times of stress and overwhelm. Or we may have shut down and totally suppressed our emotions in order to simply survive in this world. This training will radically re-balance and have a profoundly healing effect on your emotional body. The emotional body is the bridge from your minds to your body, thus when the flow is healthy it deeply impacts your overall mental and physical health. 

We'll be rewiring the subconscious mind so it can fall into more relaxation and trust as well as downloading more abundant and harmonious core beliefs. 
The subconscious mind processes more than 1,000,000 times more data and information than our conscious mind. Therefore we will be making sure the subconscious mind is on board with our vitality and not working against us. This is vitally important! 

As a projector you need to know your value. This begins with a sense felt deep within. This training will support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to move into alignment with your core essence.

This is for those of you who gained transformation and knowledge from The Projector Guide and are ready to go even deeper.

When Is The Training?

This training was originally live and has now been recorded for future access. As soon as you join the training your access begins! You have access for 365 days, that is a brilliant amount of time to let this seep into your cells.

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Bonus Webinar

Discover what the future holds and more about these changing times we find ourselves in. I share about how best to prepare and support yourself and loved ones. This webinar alone will be worth many more times your investment.

8 X Recorded Live Calls

You will get access to the recorded calls. Therefore if you want to go back and re-listen to the teachings then you can do so at anytime in the future. 

Private Facebook Group

For Projectors only. 

Projector Meditation 

8-Weekly meditations you will get access to. These meditation will align and transform your Projector nature to a whole new level. The intention is to create a strong container for your inner world during the next 8 weeks. So you will get access to 8 calls which go for about 2 hours each + 8 meditations. These are recorded and uploaded.

"Charlie's presence is loving and sharp. He is a natural born teacher and shares his wisdom in a way that connects straight with my essence. That's why I keep choosing to work with him and his tools on a consistent basis. The 8 weeks in the 'The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey' have been magical, life-changing and transformative … leaving me with several breakthroughs and 'Aha-Moments' and the courage and trust to keep on going, even when it get's messy and uncomfortable. On top of this, Charlie has an innate talent to gather the 'right' people around him. Both true for the exquisite experts he brought into the training as well as for the beautiful fellow-projectors who created a very safe and inspiring place to land. Thanks Charlie for being such a bright lighthouse in times where projectors are gonna be needed more than ever!"

Simone Forster

It's time to find true alignment as a Projector. The time is now more than ever to replenish ourselves for what's to come. We are in a global shift. A shift that is impacting our inner world, our outer world, our lifestyles and our economic environment.

You, as a Projector, are here to usher in these new times and this training will give you the tools and awareness to do so. 

Previously people have strived for external materialism and success. We are moving into a time where people will thrive for inner peace, inner clarity and inner abundance. This frequency will then ripple out and also be reflected externally.

Do You Have Any Questions?


Calls have been recorded and uploaded so you can watch them in your own time.

This is an 8-week training program that is completed from your own home. Please see above "What's Inside This Course" for a brief outline of each week. 

Each week a new call and new meditation will open up for you to experience and journey with. This training has been recorded. 

You will receive unique guidance for your projector energy specifically in the areas of wellness, deconditioning and finding your center. 

Your internal world will begin to shift and transform, which always flows into your external world. You will learn things you have never heard before. Implement the knowledge and watch as your life begins to transform. 

This is not your typical Human Design offering. In this course you will explore the depths of your energetics and what it is to be a Projector. Much of what you will learn here is not available online. We will explore the deepest currents of what it is to be a projector, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and energetically. 

You will receive a video welcoming you into the training as well as an email outlining the flow from here. 

There is a monthly payment option. Please see above. 

This this is uniquely for Projectors. This training is focused on you getting results within your own life. Actually embodying this knowledge so by the end of the 8-week training a lasting transformation has occurred deep within you. Then you have the opportunity to really live who you were born to be, rather than getting confused within your own life.

You have access to the training for 1 year (365 days) from date of investment.



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Sonya Karl

"What can I say? I have learned a ton. Because of the training, I am now sleeping through the night, I’m grounding more, and I’ve mapped out a schedule with a morning and evening routine. I know where my time is going.

Overall, I feel more balanced in my body and joyful. I have started to take care of myself more and not feel guilty about it. Part of my joy comes from the training Charlie did on each of the fear gates. Knowing what has been holding you back all of this time is a liberating feeling! He also provides healing mantras for each gate and guides you through an exercise that works with your subconscious to reprogram your “default setting.”

Part of my routine is listening to Charlie’s meditations. We have been given 8 in total, and each one takes your body into a relaxed state, using guided visualizations, breath work, body scanning, mother wound trauma work, etc. His voice, combined with the music, is very healing and soothing.

Everyone’s experience on the calls and in the group has been invaluable. I know that I am not alone, and I learn from their experimentation and sharing.

My digestion continues to improve, and my nervous system continues to be calmer. I’m feeling my feet very consciously for the first time, and my hands are warmer.

(. . .And I would add) I am also setting boundaries and am aware of where I can set more.
I was sad to see the training end because this is a training for our future Projector leaders by Charlie, a leader of leaders.  With Charlie's trial-by-error expertise, structure, and wisdom, we have the power to add more of our unique leadership qualities to the world at a time when it very much needs us."

"I want to say to you again ....your projector course is SO amazing and helpful. It is one of the most beautiful and valuable gifts I ever had in my life......I am so very happy."

Beate Kogler

Charlie Maginness


"There are some who are seekers, and then there are a few who are transformers; those willing to be totally open to life's experiences, to learn and integrate new wisdom at each and every turn. To surrender what they think they know in order to discover the truth. Charlie falls into the latter category.

Born curious and unafraid to question reality, he naturally began to explore the depths of his experience of life. His sharing comes from a place of experience. His learnings come from a place of practice. His vitality came from his own transformation. 

Fueled by growth and inspiration, Charlie takes those who work with him on a journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. His personal journey into the depths of his mind, emotions and spirit has enabled him to discover patterns, rhythms, imprints that are within us all - and then use his intuition and wisdom to guide others on their own personal journeys.  

A joy to be with, and a powerful coach that will genuinely transform your world. He's one of the very few that understands how your uniqueness is so vitally important."

"I’m not going to say how much younger Charlie is than me, but I will own he is so much wiser :) Charlie is one of those dudes you meet that you can’t help but be inspired by. But let me be specific: His Projector course is a gift. For the first time in more years than I can say I am off my own case, getting in tune with me, my rhythms, my way….and not apologising for it. The essential me is emerging in so many ways, and it feels gooooood! Bless you Charlie. What a gift you’ve given me to make living so much richer."



*Projectors Only*


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