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Who's This Training For?

For anyone looking to unlock their unique projector energy and embody what it means to be themselves. This is also for projectors who currently experience any of these...

For us projectors, burn out is the real deal. Luckily for me, my burnout came when I was 15 years of age and hit me hard for a few years. That was actually the reason why I originally began my transformational journey. So it was a blessing in disguise. Many projectors are living on low levels of energy and it would do wonders for them to simply increase their energetic capacity and reserves. This training will support just that!

Also you will be guided in how to, contain your energy and embody your full presence.

A common statement for many projectors who are living their not-self is:

“My biggest struggle is learning how to manage my energy (keep away from energy vampires or not give in to their routines) and learn how to protect myself when I empathise with others because often people who ‘take my energy’ are people I care about, even family or friends... I find myself opening up my energy and then afterwards I’m left feeling depleted.”

It’s time this statement is no longer part of who you are.

Let’s reboot your energetic system.

Otherwise you will live a life of playing energetic catch-up!

This one is all too common for projectors. It’s a painful experience to be a projector and continually experience not being seen or heard. To experience the impact of what it feels like to not be received as you are. The bitterness grows and the rejections keep on coming.

Well that’s the not self anyway. 

When you move into alignment as a projector you get to experience what it feels like to be TRULY seen, TRULY heard and TRULY received as you are. This training will guide you in discovering your flow and how to flow with life and others and when you do this, then the recognition increasing 10-fold. Recognition of your truth!

Finding ways to earn money being a projector is a journey in it of itself. Blending relaxation into work, blending play into work, blending less hours into work, blending more efficiency into work, blending more of a container to guide into your work… these are all necessary ingredients for you to work AS A PROJECTOR (not manifestor / generator / manifesting generator).  A whole week of the training is dedicated to this specific area... to find the best way to earn money as a projector and as yourself.

Currently many projectors work full time, not being recognised for their gifts, and as a result experience fatigue and burn out. What holds many projectors back is the fear and the unknown of what is possible for them and what they could create and discover if they opened up their world.  

Join the training and discover clarity (and therefore confidence) in how to offer the most value / the sort of work YOU are best suited to pursue as a Projector. It’s time us projectors stop banging our heads against the wall while trying to do it like the other types.  

Realise who you are and discover your success now!


That small simple word for a projector means a lot to whether you will be successful or not, to whether you discover your success and live your life or you continue to struggle and push your way through life. 

Many projectors don’t know when enough is enough. Their always on, burning and amplifying that sacral energy that isn’t even theirs… how unfortunate, and most don’t even know any better.

Play needs to be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To allow your energies to dance in a playful manner, is a true key that will help your projector energy open up and expand. Allow this training to support you and your projector energy expand in this area!

Rest and Relaxation. Unfortunately for many projectors is a foreign concept.

Firstly, what’s the difference between rest and relaxation?

Rest is physically resting the body – this is important!

Relaxation on the other hand is resting the mind, resting the emotional body and resting the spiritual body. Relaxation allows your projector energy to truly recharge, to regenerate, to rejuvenate.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen for many projectors who are in constant doing mode.

And then some of you will rest but within the rest, there will be guilt, there will be pressure, seeded into the action of rest. This is NOT what we want. The results of this will be burn out, bitterness, confusion and struggle, for however long it takes for you to choose something different, to fully choose with your core of your being something new.

This is what I am wanting you to do, this is the invitation I have for you now, to choose with your being, and you will see that different results will come your way with the support of this training!

Be selfish for once, choose you.

Connection for projectors is an interesting topic. This is because, innately we deeply connect with life energetically, but many projectors are left with wounds from the past because our openness has been knowingly or unknowingly taken advantage of. 

This training will guide you in understanding yourself, your connections and your relationships at a deeper level. By giving you the skills, the knowledge and wisdom to navigate your projector life experience with more grace, more flow and more ease.

And no, not everyone is looking for solutions, you’re not only here to give solutions (as many projectors thinks). As you have probably found out for yourself, giving advice when it hasn’t been asked for, can simply create a situation full of bitterness, frustration confusion and disconnection.

This training will support you in understanding how your energy interacts with others during a day-to-day basis and the effect that it is having on you.


Begin to embody the human design wisdom. It’s one thing to know the technical aspects of a chart, to know you’re a projector, to know what that means… but it’s a whole other thing to embody the knowledge and transform it into living wisdom within yourself. 


The projector not-self is bitterness and the projector journey is moving from bitterness to success. Success can be in wellbeing, relationships, career, and flow. Being a truly successful projector means really mastering what it means to be alive. This training will open up the possibility for you to fully activate your success.


You will begin to master your own energy and manage it in a healthier way. In doing so you will bolster your energy because it will be used at the correct time and in the correct way, which will further open up opportunities for you to truly live your life the way it was supposed to be lived.

"It was the first course I took to learn about being a Projector. It felt like a gamble because of the cost and I'm unemployed right now but it was the best investment I've made in myself this past year. The things I've struggled with for so long (bitterness, not feeling recognized, beating myself up mentally for not being as productive as others, forcing myself to expend more energy even when I was burned out etc.) finally made sense. I've always felt different and this guide made me feel recognized; like I finally had the permission I needed to embrace my unique energy and not feel guilty about it. It's helped me be present, honor myself (my energy, my boundaries, my flow), and realize how many life-changing opportunities I've had were because I was intuitively following my strategy at the time. I can't tell you how valuable this has been in helping me clear out things and people that weren't for me and were doing me more harm than good."

Allison Spear

What's Inside This Course?

This online program will guide you on a journey back to yourself, back to your essence. Here's what to expect…

Week one is dedicated to the context of the current world and what’s to come in the future. We lay the foundation this week, and discover how Human Design fits into this journey of past, present, and future. Keys for this week: Awareness, Awakening and Sacred Union.

Week one is a journey into the shifts that are occurring within you right now as you read these words. From now up until 2027 the world is going to rapidly change and so are you. Knowing these changes and having tools and awareness to navigate these changes will give you such an advantage moving smoothly into the future. 

Discover why gates 22, 55, 29, 59, 19, 45 and 50 are going to go through a massive mutation. And on top of this why SALT, could play a large part in your life and the coming years and how you can use this substance to your advance as a projector.  

Everything you need to know about projectors is packed into this week. Learn how to move from bitterness to success and how life can support you on your journey. You have such a unique path waiting for you in this lifetime and within this week you will understand how to navigate this path with more ease than ever before.

Are you still slightly confused about invitations and recognition? 
This week you get a massive download and guidance on what they are and how you can gain more clarity around them, which will greatly enhance your life experience. 

Week three is on your specific type. Whether you’re an Emotional Projector, Splenic Projector, Ego Projector, Self-Projected Projector or Mental Projector you will finish this week with a more detailed and refined understanding of yourself. Alongside this, we will dive into deconditioning, my favorite area of Human Design. You’ll begin to let go of old patterns and old conditioning, whilst stepping into yourself and your design.  

As a Certified Detoxification Specialist, this week is dedicated to your wellbeing. I once was very ill myself with borderline chronic fatigue, my health is very different these days in the most positive of ways, hugely because of Human Design. Taking into consideration the unique aura of projectors and our subtle energetic system, I’ll be sharing tips, tools and techniques to take your health to the next level.

As a projector you need to know your value. This week we journey into your uniqueness, into how you can show up in the world and actually receive the correct recognition. Once you discover your value, the rest of the world has no choice but to listen and receive that value too. Also the golden key is revealed – how you can truly become successful in your chosen career.

Whether you are looking for love or already in love, week six is focused on projectors in relationships. Relationships are vital for projectors, not only love relationships, although we certainly will explore them this week, but also 1-on-1 relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues. All the relationships that make up your life are vital to your success. Luckily there’s a week dedicated to just this!


"I can't express to you how much Week 1 is just... surpassing all expectations and I am SO EXCITED for life and everything to come. Charlie has depth of knowledge way beyond my expectations and his clear and skilled communication style are making this course SO enjoyable to work through. I've known I am a projector for almost a year and I've read a fair amount of content on Human Design and various aspects of my chart. However the last week I feel I've really levelled up in that deep understanding and embodying of what it means to be a projector. I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged to embrace my design in the world and treasure my gifts to continue moving towards a life of joy and success. If you're floating along and are a slightly lost projector like myself and feel called to this training then I highly recommend you go ahead. I already know the return on my investment will be HUGE. I was kind of blown away by Charlie's knowledge last night, so just sending so much love and gratitude."

Claire Bushell

The Projector Guide: Discover Your Success





Discover Your Success 
↠ Knowledge and Wisdom





Discover Your Success 
↠ Knowledge and Wisdom


You're at the decision point. You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have always traveled, or you can choose the road less traveled. This new road will open up new possibilities, new potential and new results for you.

Make a new choice, as a projector, and pursue a new outcome. 

How Human Design Helped Me:

 “I always felt like something was missing until I discovered I was a Human Design Projector - then everything started falling into place. 10 years of Human Design Projector wisdom has gone into this training specifically built for YOU - the 20%”

Charlie Maginness


4-Part Video Series ($97 Value)

This training is dedicated to the current evolutionary transits we find ourselves in. Prepare to discover just how valuable projectors really are in these current times. Then we transition into some famous projectors, exploring their charts, their lives as projectors, and what we can learn from their unique stories and journey. Also included is a wellbeing tip that you can implement right away and experience the positive impact it has on your energetic system!


Human Design Type Quiz

Discover what type you are most like by taking this in-depth Human Design quiz. Begin your deconditioning process with clarity and awareness. 

4 X Recorded Calls ($399 Value)

These calls are around 75 minutes in length and will give you insights and understandings as to how your Projector energy works and flows best! 

Learn about your chart, deepen your knowledge of Human Design and how it impacts your life and allow the transformation to begin. 

Private Facebook Group

Join Over 1550 Other Projectors!

Have a support system of projectors who are on the same journey as you. 

This positive, supportive environment is a great resource for you to have moving forward. 

Projector Meditation 

Be nourished and awakened by this transformational projector meditation. By simply listening to this you will begin to transform massive from within! 

Do You Have Any Questions?

This is an online 6-week training program that is completed from your own home, where each week a new module opens up. Please see above "What's Inside The Course" for a brief outline of each week. There are videos, step by step guides and an in-depth training series that you can begin right away taking you deeply into your truth. This is not a live training and because of this Charlie has managed to pack a huge amount of value into this training as he's been working on this one for many months! 

You will receive unique guidance for your projector energy in all areas of your life...Relationships, Dating, Business, Money, Your Energetic System, Health, Deconditioning, Projector Types, Projector Strategy, Embodiment, Success, Transformation. Your internal world will begin to shift and transform, which always flows into your external world. You will learn things you have never heard before. Implement the knowledge and allow your life to begin to transform. Another way of saying it would be you will simply become more of yourself on this journey and understand how to be more of yourself. 

This is not your typical Human Design offering. In this course you will explore the depths of your energetics and what it is to be a projector. Much of what you will learn here is not available online. We will explore the deepest currents of what it is to be a projector, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and energetically. 

You will receive a video straight after you purchase, outlining the projector journey you will be shortly embarking on. You will also be available to straight away view the BONUS 4-part videos series as well as the Projector Meditation. Shortly following this your 6-Week training will be... 

There is a monthly payment option. Please see above. 

This course is comprised of a minimum of one hour of video content each week often split up into multiple videos. The training builds on each week, enabling you to to go deeper and deeper into your uniqueness. There are also exercises and tasks to bring the knowledge into your subconscious mind and body (vehicle). Recommended minimum of two hour per week spent within this course. 

This course is unique for projectors and projector energy. Also this training is focused on you getting results within your own life. Actually embodying this knowledge so by the end of the 6-week training a lasting transformation has occurred deep within you. Then you have the opportunity to really live who you were born to be, rather than getting confused within your own life, your decisions and your purpose and questioning, 'Is this good for me?', Is this good for projectors'?, 'Should I do this?'. Instead of this, you will naturally embody this wisdom, so there will be a knowing rather than a thinking, a clarity rather than confusion! 

The course can be taken in your own time zone at your own pace! 

So yes 100% you can join the course and get the FULL experience (no matter what your time zone).

You can take the course in your own time. It's important for Projectors to allow their own rhythm and timing to take place so therefore you will have access to this training for an entire year from the date of investment.


"This has given me the licensing to be me. With this knowledge I am likely to thrive physically and emotionally. I felt seen and recognized, which as a projector, I value a lot. I felt his passion and intuitive gift. I also appreciate the tools he provided. Everything was spot on, it brought me to tears. Charlie served as a mirror, reminding me of who I came to be in this world. Thankful for the magic you’re spreading!"


"Charlie Maginness, Thank you so much. I have to thank you. I think your are doing such a great job. I resonate with everything your shared and this just feels so true... I needed to cry. This is my truth and my soul is longing for this expression and is learning how to do this (embody myself more deeply as a projector). I really appreciate everything you are doing. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"


"Charlie Maginness, I want to say a sincere thank you to you. I gained so much and have been reflecting for weeks. Before, I had spent a lot of money and waited over 6 months for a reading with a well known UK based reader, and I got ten times more out of yours than I did with that one. I have recommended this to a few friends since. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to this HD experiment."


"I've turned into tears. I can't believe it's "the end". It really has been an incredible journey, taking this course is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I thank you Charlie so much, HD changed my life, but you Charlie, you've gave me the treasure of becoming aware of my power. You haven't changed my life, even more, you've evolved my life. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"


"Thank you for all the videos. I love your way, short cut, to the point, easy to understand and can be brought to real life. I have tried many things on my journey, and then I found you on YouTube and fell in to your videos and we started working together... Thank you for being in my life and for all the things you are doing. You have changed my life in an extremely positive way!"


Charlie Maginness


"There are some who are seekers, and then there are a few who are transformers; those willing to be totally open to life's experiences, to learn and integrate new wisdom at each and every turn. To surrender what they think they know in order to discover the truth. Charlie falls into the latter category.

Born curious and unafraid to question reality, he naturally began to explore the depths of his experience of life. His sharing comes from a place of experience. His learnings come from a place of practice. His vitality came from his own transformation. 

Fueled by growth and inspiration, Charlie takes those who work with him on a journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. His personal journey into the depths of his mind, emotions and spirit has enabled him to discover patterns, rhythms, imprints that are within us all - and then use his intuition and wisdom to guide others on their own personal journeys.  

A joy to be with, and a powerful coach that will genuinely transform your world. He's one of the very few that understands how your uniqueness is so vitally important."


This Is Your Moment - Join The Projector Movement! 

Discover yourself through a support group with other likeminded souls and make the next 2 months of your life truly transformational and life changing. 

The Time Is Now.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

As I believe this training is a truly transformation journey I want to offer you this. To remove any risk on your end that this training may not be up to your expectations, I've decided to offer you a 10 day money back guarantee. Yes, this means that within 10 days of signing up, if you don't feel this training is for you then you will receive 100% of your money back. I'll take all the risk for you.

"I’m not going to say how much younger Charlie is than me, but I will own he is so much wiser :) Charlie is one of those dudes you meet that you can’t help but be inspired by. But let me be specific: His Projector course is a gift. For the first time in more years than I can say I am off my own case, getting in tune with me, my rhythms, my way….and not apologising for it. The essential me is emerging in so many ways, and it feels gooooood! Bless you Charlie. What a gift you’ve given me to make living so much richer."


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