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What is the Projector School? ↡ 

The most transformational in-depth journey for Projectors in the world. 

A step-by-step guide to fully embody your Projector essence and pave your path to success. 

What will you get by joining this school? ↡

Cutting Edge:

↠ Wisdom

↠ Downloads

↠ Somatic Experiences

↠ A total mind, body and soul awakening specific for your Projector soul. 

The first Projector school to target your mind, body and soul by giving you the blueprint and frequency to truly move into success! 


"Learn who you are,
by unlearning who they taught you to be"

- Nikki Rowe

Projector School Roadmap ↠

These 3 trainings are to be taken sequentially as they build on from the previous one. 

This curriculum has been put together over the past 4 years. It will totally re-awaken you to YOU. 

 Begin with  the Projector Guide , a 6 week journey into your Projector wisdom
↠ Move on to journey through Emotional Decondition, a 4 week journey which will awaken your soul and be deeply emotionally healing & empowering
↠ Then move onto Success, a 4 week journey which is a total realignment and activation of the frequency of success.
Receive guidance on how to start and expand a Projector business
“The world will ask you who you are, 
And if you don’t know,
The world will tell you”
- Carl Jung 

Course One: Projector Guide

When you find out you’re a Projector, it can be SO relieving. It can feel like you finally have permission to truly be who you are. Shortly after, however, you can start to question yourself and even think why you’ve been shortchanged. We'll let you in on a secret...being a Projector is phenomenal. This course will help you to tap into your wisdom.

The most in-depth Projector-specific training there is and the foundational projector training here at the Projector Movement!

If you are new to The Projector Movement and you are new or experienced within Human Design, this training is for you. It’s designed to deepen your embodiment of being a Projector by taking you on a journey over 6 weeks into the frequency, the knowledge, the wisdom and the truth of your being. 

Each week builds on the next and by the end of the 6 weeks you will be well on your way to living a successful Projector life.

This training opens you up to yourself. Satisfying the mind, and the knowledge that it seeks, as well as how to implement and make profound changes in your life as a Projector. It also goes deeply into 2027 as well at the Projector types, gates and strategy and authorities, health, career and relationships.


Course Two: Emotional Decondition

Awaken your frequency and step into your soul's mission

This training will support you in understanding the Projector mind so that you can better align with your Projector success.  

Sarah and Charlie dive into the Projector Psyche, allowing you to truly align to your truth. Projectors tend to have a challenging time in life as we are literally 'wired' differently.

This soul awakening training will support you in learning how to better manage your energy, protect your sensitivity, show up empowered in your relationships and understand yourself, as a Projector, like never before.

Ultimately you will be given the tools to undergo an experiential transformation to be able to meet life in a balanced, abundant and powerful way.


Course Three: Success


As many are aware, the Projector strategy and system operates very differently than 80% of the rest of world.  Without the proper guidance and understanding, creating a thriving business with an open sacral can come with potential challenges and setbacks. 

This training will give you your Projector blueprint. This blueprint will be used to align yourself, more specifically, your business and how you make money as a Projector.

It's for Projectors who want to create more freedom through abundance and prosperity. Whether you have your own business or not, this training aims to both rewire your frequency and create the necessary structures in alignment with your truth… SUCCESS. 

Through a recalibration and understanding of your unique self, this training will change your life and set you on a path to receive the abundance which is your birthright, allowing you to create the life you have always wanted. 


The Projector Golden Ticket

Are you seeking complete recalibration?

Do you feel as though your soul's mission needs some embodied guidance to help move it towards the surface?

Invest in yourself with the Full projector School Curriculum. It includes all three Projector School courses, so you can journey through them from start to finish and come out the other side in a whole new realm.

With this Projector Golden Ticket you will receive:

↠ 10% off the entire curriculum, saving you $219

↠ A Human Design Reading valued at $250

↠ A total savings of $470

The Projector mind loves to keep going. The Projector body and Projector energy is where you will find the transformation. Allow yourself the time for this.

Get ready for upgrades, downloads and somatic experiences that will shift your current reality and set your Projector soul on fire.