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We Dive Deep Into:

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Where Are You On Your Journey?

A step by step guide, for Projectors to help guide you into alignment.

Follow our 6 step guide to fully embody your Projector essense and success.

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Popular Trainings:

Popular Trainings:

Projector Guide

A 6 Week Transformational Journey to help guide you into alignment.

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Human Design Chart Reading

Welcome to your soul-aligned Reading from The Projector Movement!

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A 4 Week Transformational Journey to help guide you to Success.

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Our Team

Meet The Team

The Projector Movement has carefully handpicked the best projectors to help guide other projectors along their journey.

Charlie Maginness

3/5 Splenic Projector
Founder & Guide

Charlie focuses on the embodiment of the Human Design wisdom. Being in his deconditioning journey for 7 years now, come and learn how to live your success. His vision is for all Projectors to truly know themselves and their potential within this life. 

Sarah Lemmerman

5/1 Splenic Projector
Integrative Counselor

Sarah is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill in tailoring an individualistic approach in speaking to the soul of each Projector. She received her Master’s Degree in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

Rebecca Emily Raab

1/3 Mental Projector
Human Design Chart Reader

Rebecca knows just how radically Human Design can transform perspective, life path and the honouring of oneself. Her mission is to empower and enable others to step away from what isn’t working and transform their own lives in the most correct and uniquely aligned way for them.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


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