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The largest Human Design Projector community in the world.

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By Projectors, For Projectors

The largest Human Design Projector community in the world. Run by a team of Projectors specifically for Projectors. For those of you who are ready to transform yourself.

Rebirthing you into who you've always been, yet not known.

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Learn about your Projector nature, some challenges, how to then transform them, as well as the 3 Projector Superpowers.


Our mission is to educate you, as well as empower you to live a success fulfilling life. To help you decondition (the process of letting go of what you're not) and understand who you truly are on a deeper level so you can live the life that you ultimately desire.

Feel free to check out the offerings we have so you can get started or to continue diving deeper into your Projector journey of self-discovery.


Meet The Team

Charlie Maginness

3/5 Splenic Projector
Founder & Guide

Charlie focuses on the embodiment of the Human Design wisdom. Being in his deconditioning journey for 7 years now, come and learn how to live your success. His vision is for all Projectors to truly know themselves and their potential within this life. 

Sarah Lemmerman

5/1 Splenic Projector
Integrative Counselor

Sarah is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill in tailoring an individualistic approach in speaking to the soul of each Projector. She received her Master’s Degree in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 



1/3 Mental Projector
Human Design Chart Reader

Rebecca knows just how radically Human Design can transform perspective, life path and the honouring of oneself. Her mission is to empower and enable others to step away from what isn’t working and transform their own lives in the most correct and uniquely aligned way for them.

Pillars Of An Embodied Projector:


You were born to be successful. We're here to guide you in creating a life that brings true success while supporting your Projector nature.




It's your time to create a life full of fulfillment and joy while meeting your energetic sensitivity and openness. We're here to empower that journey.




Our intention is to help you create a lifestyle that fits the Projector way of being so you don’t crash and burn and instead live a healthy life.



"Charlie has an extraordinary understanding of human nature, connection, mind and body. He has a transformative quality that, simply put, is just very rare. His coaching has helped me see, accept and unlearn deeply engrained thought patterns that don't serve me as I strive to live in alignment with my unique self. In place, I've become aware of how to connect with feelings, my mind and body in such profound ways that I have shed a skin shackled with anxities and inhibitions. Life continues to unfold in a more lovely way. I'm forever grateful for his knowledge and guidance."

Nicole David

"You are a born teacher, with the patience of a kung fu master, the knowledge of a library, and the creativity of Picaso. You taught me so much Charlie, not only about health but also about myself. For that brother I don't know how I can ever thank you enough.""

Michael C

"Since working with Charlie I have been able to manifest a more harmonious living environment and a job which I only had a vision of a few months prior. I am learning more about myself all the time and am continually using the insights gained from working with Charlie to create my future. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Charlie on my journey towards health and self discovery."


We Plant 50 Trees On Your Behalf When You Purchase A Course or Offering 

Trees For The Future

Trees for the Future Partner

The Projector Movement proudly donates a portion of our revenue to Trees For The Future each month. 

Every purchase - 50 trees will be planted in Africa. By joining the Projector Movement, you not only transform yourself, you also transform the environment.

We love Trees For The Future as they don't just "give a man a fish," but "teach a man to fish."
Giving people the tools to liberate themselves from poverty, while also benefiting the local ecosystem, and the planet as a whole.

Projector Movement has planted over 71,000!



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