1-on-1 business strategy container with Charlie.

Two x 90-minute sessions.

In between sessions, Charlie will dive deep and review your current business while receiving personalized guidance using both his practical nature and intuitive abilities. 

Charlie leans heavily on his highly attuned intuition which enables him to receive direction, information and insight customized to each Projector in a powerful  and transformative way. 


"Charlie is one of those rare coaches who combines a safe, masculine container with the gentle, healing quality of the Divine Feminine. One of Charlie’s many gifts is his ability to penetrate your psychology in a loving way. During one of our sessions, I was suppressing an emotion in my throat and, as if by magic, it felt as though he was pulling up the emotion by a string. Charlie is also the master of the business launch. He possesses the strategic mind to know exactly what you need and to help you solve any issues that arise. In Charlie, not only will you find a talented coach but a warm, caring friend who wants you to succeed."



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