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This is for Human Design Projectors looking for more tailored 1-on-1 life coaching.

Please complete, 'The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success' before beginning personal coaching as this will enable Charlie to go a lot deeper with you and for you to have long-lasting transformation. 


Charlie has created multiple businesses in his life, both online and offline. His first business was a health business with sales over $500,000. He has a keen eye for business and also for the direction suited for projectors within their uniqueness. 

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As a Certified Detoxification Specialist and Metaphysical Anatomy Facilitator, personally healing himself from boarderline chronic fatigue as well as a range of allergies, Charlie dedicated himself for many years and continues to do so within the arena of wellbeing. 

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The nervous system is deeply tuned into our patterns and rhythms often picked up in childhood, especially by projectors. These patterns are often unconscious and are often based in fear due to the overall fear band frequency that our society generally resonates in. Begin the journey to repattern and heal the nervous system. 

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 The subconscious mind can process up to 40,000,000 bits of information per second whereas our conscious mind can process up to 4 bits of information per second. By aligning the subconscious mind with who you really are and your dreams this can begin to have major positive results within ones life. Charlie is a Certified PSYCH-K practitioner which is a very powerful modality to rewire the subconscious mind. 

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Why do people go to school? Why do people go to university?

To learn. To develop.

This coaching is like a finely tuned university, and the subject you will be studying is yourself.



Charlie is a 3/5 Splenic Projector with the RAX of Penetration 3.

Having had massive transformations within his own life as well as supporting many people on theirs, Charlie seems to have a gift to see people and support people into a new way of being, one that is more closely connected to their truth.  


You are incredibly unique. This is what we all must remember.
Your DNA, physical body, digestive system, mental patterns, emotional waves, beliefs, past experiences and current lifestyle are all personalised to you. By understanding this uniqueness, you are finally able to live in alignment with who you really are. 

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