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What Is Human Design?

In 1987, a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience where he was guided and given instruction by what he termed as “The Voice” to combine the ancient teachings of:


The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.


An ancient Chinese manual of divination based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang.


Energetic centers within the body where the physical and consciousness meet and each chakra (or is associated with different organs, glands, and other parts of the body. In traditional Hinduism, there are 7 chakras, however, after the year 1781, there was a major evolutionary shift where humans transformed to being 9-centered beings.


An esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought in Jewish mysticism meant to explain the relationship between the unchanging, eternal God (the mysterious) and the mortal, finite universe (God's creation).

with the modern science of 

Neutrinos are subatomic particles produced by stars (our Sun produces 70% of all the neutrinos that travel through our solar system) which carry material information that leaves an energetic imprint on us.

The synthesis of these ancient teachings and sciences from different parts of the world is called Human Design and it’s a powerful, accurate, and beautiful system that lays out the blueprint on how to navigate your life.

The BodyGraph

Human Design is a very specific system which is based on your date, time, and location of birth.

After entering your information you receive what is called a BodyGraph and it’s a chart that provides you with profound knowledge affirming who you really are, how to be yourself, and how to journey successfully in this ever-changing world. 

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The Four Types


Making up around 70% of the world’s population, Generators are the life force of the planet.  Manifesting Generators are also included in the Generator category. They have the energy to build and implement the work that is needed to make the world function. Generator’s signature goal is to be satisfied with the work that they do and RESPOND via their GUT response.


Representing about 20% of the population, Projectors are the guides of the planet. They study how other Types use their energy resources in order to best manage them. Projectors’ signature goal is to be successful in life by waiting for the correct INVITATIONS and to also be recognized along the way.


Constituting 9% of the population, Manifestors are the initiators of the world. They’re here to spark the energy to get things started. Manifestor’s signature goal is to manifest in peace and solitude by INITIATING from their truth (authority).


The rarest type of them all, comprising only 1% of the population, Reflectors are the discerners of the world. They’re here to reflect back to us the state of humanity's health. Reflector’s signature goal is to be surprised by life while being deeply connected to the LUNAR cycles.


What Is A Human Design Projector?

Walk into a room and on average one out of five of those people is a Projector. We’re not the rarest Type within Human Design, but we’re susceptible to being the most conditioned.

We live in a world where it’s normal to work 40 hours a week and to only get two weeks of vacation on average. On top of that, we’re told, “just do it.” Working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators and initiating is what Manifestors are here to do. So as you can see, Projectors are conditioned to believe that they have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work like everyone else.

Not the case.

Projectors are the newest Types out of the four that emerged after 1781. And until now, until the advent of the Human Design System, Projectors didn’t know that they’re unique beings that operate differently than most everyone else. Now, we can clearly see that the world is operating at a different rhythm than that of a Projector. 

To illustrate this example, via a metaphor, imagine that you (a Projector) have been running a marathon all your life. You’ve been running a marathon, just because everyone else has been running it. Only to find out that your body doesn’t function properly in marathons. 

You discover that your body thrives in practicing yoga because your body was designed to flourish in moving itself in those ways. That’s how life is for Projectors: you’ve been operating in a way that wasn’t designed for you (running a marathon) and need to adjust your way of being (practice yoga) in order to live a life of success, fulfillment, and well-being.

This example is just a metaphor to illustrate the differences that we have with the rest of the world.

We need to firstly know what our uniqueness is as Projectors, then accept this deeply, and then embody these differences. If we can do this, then you can truly live a fulfilling and successful life. This is what the Projector Movement is here for: to support you DEEPLY in your journey back “home,” to your truth, to your core, to your uniqueness, and when you discover this, and live from this place, life begins to flow in the most magical of ways.

When you find out you’re a Projector, it can be SOOO relieving. It can feel like you finally have permission to truly be who you are. Shortly after, however, you can start to question yourself and even think why you’ve been shortchanged and ask yourself or others questions like: 

  • Why do I have to be so sensitive? And is this really me? 
  • Why can’t I just do whatever I want, whenever I want? 
  • I want as much energy as others? That’s unfair isn’t it? 
  • Why am I more susceptible to burn out? 
  • I don’t even want to be a Projector because my life has been so hard
  • Do I really have to change things in my life? Aren’t all humans the same?

Trying to live like everyone else is not doable for Projectors. You might think you can because your absorbing and amplifying aura makes you think you have the energy to do so, but, as a matter of fact, most Projectors who try to work long hours like Generators and initiate like Manifestors often end up burning out at age 40 and some much much younger.

Our intention at The Projector Movement is to empower you and help you decondition (unlearn what isn’t YOU) so you discover true Projector success, fulfillment, and well-being

You might feel you’re at a disadvantage because the system we operate in isn’t designed for your unique mechanism, but we want to assure you that when you start to align yourself with your Strategy (waiting to be recognized and invited) with your specific Authority, then you will actually feel you’re the Type that got lucky to be a Projector. Then we go a lot lot deeper into ways of being, setting up your life to support your Projector nature and many many Projector secrets and hacks to really have you drop into yourself in a way that you may never have before. 

Doesn’t working less, playing more, studying your passions, and getting paid for YOUR gifts sound incredible? We do. And our MISSION is to get you to that level of being and experience.

“The world will ask you who you are, 
And if you don’t know,
The world will tell you”
- Carl Jung 

The Five Authorities a Projector Can Have

So we just briefly mentioned that when you follow your Strategy and Authority, you’ll actually feel like the lucky type. The Projector strategy is to be recognized and invited. After you have been recognized and invited, it's important to know whether the invitation is correct for you. You will find the answer by tuning into your specific authority. 


Having your inner authority classified as being "emotional" means when you’re being invited to make the big decisions in life, there is no truth in the moment. Waiting is key. The more time the better. Your emotions go up and down like a wave. So, you must ride out this “emotional wave” to know whether or not a decision is correct for you.

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This is the only Projector that can make decisions in the moment. Why? Because the Splenic center is the hub of intuitive awareness. These people have a highly evolved survival intelligence that lets them know what people, environments, and invitations are safe and/or healthy for them. Splenic Projectors are instinctive and can trust their instantaneous inner knowing.

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Self-Projected Projectors need to listen to their own voice and the words that are coming out of their mouth in order to find clarity. Their truth is within the G-center and there is a direct channel to the throat, so when they hear themselves speak they can know what's true for them at their core. 

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Projectors with this authority are very rare. Only 0.48% of the population have this inner authority. When Ego-Projectors are being invited, they need to be 'somewhat' selfish and ask,
"Is this what I really want? What's in it for me?"
If you do not respect your truth and do not have healthy boundaries, then problems may arise which can leave you feeling drained and bitter.


Also known as Environmental Projectors or having No Authority. Mental Projectors share a similar mechanism to Self-Projected Projectors, where after being invited they need to speak with a trusted advisor to use as a sounding board. But where Mental Projectors differ, is in the profound importance of what environments they put themselves in. They are so energetically open that their environment almost becomes an extension of themselves.

What Is Deconditioning?

Deconditioning is the process of letting go of what you’re not. As mentioned earlier, the way most of the world operates isn’t feasible for Projectors. It’s challenging for Projectors to wrap their head around this concept because how are they supposed to pay rent if they’re not designed to have the energy to work like everyone else.

The magic with the Human Design experiment is that little by little, day by day, when you start to ask for hours off, or get a job where you work less, and start studying what actually lights you up, then you’ll start to call in the right opportunities. The correct invitations that life presents you with, will fill you up with joy and vitality.

You’ll make some mistakes along the way and that’s okay. Those are learning lessons in fine tuning your inner-navigational system. We're here to support you in understanding your unique mechanism, as well as helping you release what’s not yours, so you can confidently move towards your true life’s journey.



The third most important part (after your strategy and authority) of your chart is your Profile. This part of your chart holds a lot of significance and represents how you show up in this world in a very physical way, how you literally move THROUGH this world. 


There are 12 unique Profiles:

1 / 3  [Investigator / Martyr]

1 / 4 [Investigator / Opportunist]

2 / 4  [Hermit / Opportunist]

2 / 5  [Hermit / Heretic]

3 / 5  [Martyr / Heretic]

3 / 6  [Martyr / Role Model]

4 / 6  [Opportunist / Role Model]

4 / 1  [Opportunist / Investigator]

5 / 1  [Heretic / Investigator]

5 / 2  [Heretic / Hermit]

6 / 2  [Role Model / Hermit]

6 / 3  [Role Model / Martyr]