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*Certified Human Design Guide*

Welcome to The Projector Movement's answer to Human Design Readings

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Your Guide, Rebecca (1/3 Mental Projector), will intuitively guide you through the coded energetics within the mechanics of your chart.

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Quality is everything here at the Projector Movement. That's why we waited over 18 months for the right soul to show up after over 100 people applied to read charts for us. 

- Rebecca is that soul that showed up -

Welcome to your soul-aligned Reading from The Projector Movement!

The details:

This Human Design Chart Reading from The Projector Movement is perfect for Projectors and other Energy Types who have either just come across the information or are already in their experiment.

This Reading is powerfully in-depth and transformational. 

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a road map to our life's journey and a manual to who we are? Something which could tell us how we can reach that personal feeling of success in this life...

Well, Human Design Charts tell us just that.

In the Reading you get to go on a personal journey, with Rebecca as your Guide, in order to understand your purpose, energetic system, how to make decision and, most importantly, how to live more in alignment. 

Within your Human Design Chart Reading, Rebecca will dive into your chart to look into your specific energetic DNA coding. She will see what clues are within your chart to remind you of your unique individual strengths.

She will also look at the areas visible within your chart where you may face the most challenges and are vulnerable to outside influences (conditioning). She'll look into how those areas may currently be influencing your decision making and how to bypass this moving forward.

You will leave this session with actionable insights and permissions to embark further on your Human Design journey. You’ll know how to integrate the Human Design knowledge into your everyday life, and receive confirmation and clarity of your uniqueness.

We believe in quality, intuitive and aligned Readings and, for that, the right Guide is everything. We waited 18 months for the right soul to show up to be a Human Design Chart Reader for us and our community. We wanted the perfect fit for us and for those who are entrusting us to recommend a Projector to read for them. We truly believe Rebecca, a 1/3 Mental Projector and Certified Human Design Guide, is that person. 

This Human Design Chart Reading is not only different because it's done by a Projector (which is unique in itself as Projectors are here to guide us), but Rebecca is not just any Projector. She is an embodied guide with deep levels of wisdom and knowledge to share with you. 

A personalized one-on-one Human Design Chart Reading on Zoom for 60-minutes. 


Two 20-minute pre-recorded videos to watch prior to your Reading. These videos are designed to give you a solid foundational knowledge into this incredible system of Human Design. 

The two 20-minute pre-reading videos are there to give you an extra layer of information before you have your Human Design Chart Reading. They are designed and recorded by Rebecca to give you a truly deep foundational understanding into the Human Design system. You’ll gain knowledge about the background and theory of the Human Design system and the BodyGraph, and why it's so important to know now. 

All Human Design Energy Types are welcome.


Your Reading will be recorded and sent to you afterwards so you can rewatch it over and over. 

Yes, we offer a deep dive Human Design 3 session journey which will include, your Not Self, your True Self and Connection Charts /or Questions.

Yes! After your Human Design Reading, there is an option to do a Connection Chart Reading, where you can see how your energy blends with your partner/spouse/child/parents etc.

"I was buzzing with new information and a deep curiosity for what this experiment will look like in my life. I was all in and hungry to know more! I feel a sense of clarity and direction for my daily practice. It’s such an honor to learn from someone who is living within their own strategy and authority and is sincerely connected to her practice. Thank you so very much Rebecca! I deeply appreciate your kind guidance and enthusiasm for this work!"

Lacy Young

"I had my very first Human Design session through my reading with Rebecca. There is A LOT to know and Rebecca is clear in her delivery and answered all the questions I had. She is clearly very passionate about Human Design and she demonstrates great knowledge on the subject. I love the way it slots in with other things I’ve studied and learnt about myself over the years. Highly recommend a reading with Rebecca if you want to learn more about yourself."


"It’s amazing how you can tell me so much about me as a person. You described me so accurately. You have an amazing skill. It helps me to understand myself and others and accept people for who they are. It’s their design! So thank you again for another great session."


"This reading really hit home. It was really accurate! I loved the videos prior to the reading explaining everything in depth about the Human Design system. Then in my reading we dived directly into my chart. Rebecca was so knowledgeable on the topic and what I also loved was her passion. I really think people should start looking into it because it was just SO accurate and it just explains a lot about who you are as a person."


"If you’re looking to work towards becoming more aligned with your true self and trusting your own inner authority to make decisions reliably and accurately for yourself, I'd really recommend Rebecca’s Human Design reading. Ultimately you gain a deep understanding of your own unique inner workings. Rebecca intricately explained and taught me how to implement the findings from my chart. I feel as though I have gained a whole new perspective on myself. I can’t wait to continue using what I have learnt from my reading in my experiment see where it takes me."


Meet your Human Design Reader, Rebecca:

Rebecca is an Official IHDS Human Design Guide from London, United Kingdom. Rebecca went through the formal training to become a Living Your Design Guide whilst being trained by multiple amazing Human Design teachers who were original students of Ra Uru Hu - the Founder of the Human Design System.

Her grounded presence blended with her incredible knowledge for Human Design will give you an opportunity of a life time.

Rebecca is a 1/3 Mental Projector. Her unique chart reveals that she has the ability to see deeply into individuals for the purpose of guiding and helping others when invited to do so. She's here to lead when invited and has an incredibly unique way of understanding the world around her.

Dive into your Human Design Reading Now!

Human Design is a personal journey you take yourself on and this is the perfect way to get started on your Human Design journey, solidify your understanding of the system and your chart, and/or gain an additional perspective from a Certified Human Design Guide.


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