Your Personal
Human Design Reading

This is an advanced Human Design reading.

This reading is done by Andy (the Projector Movement's Human Design reader). Andy weaves his magical intuitive touch into each and every reading.

Andy has been personally trained by Charlie.

After Andy reads your chart you will know yourself DEEPLY! He uses his intuitive gifts, his brilliant mind and his grounded soul to dive into your Human Design BodyGraph and reveal you to yourself. 

Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation and then Andy will begin diving into your design. 

"Andy is a potent reader of the BodyGraph. I can say with absolute clarity that he is one of the best, if not the best at seeing your truth, and empowering you with specific tools and ways to deeply embody your TRUTH" - Charlie Maginness


"Thank you so much for this incredible reading. It was spot on in terms of content, description and timing. 
I cannot express how grateful I am for your gift of intuition, knowledge and communication. This was/is SO helpful.
I feel like I have some really valuable direction that feels really true and right. This FEELS so good!
I am going to dive back into the training. I overcommitted myself:)) at the time I signed up, so my journey into it has been a little slow. I am excited to go back into it with the information you illuminated in my chart.
Again, I can’t thank you enough for clarifying the key aspects of my chart.  The fact that you are a projector, and you “get it” on so many levels is such a great benefit to me and all of the other projectors out there.
You are such a blessing!
With love and gratitude, 

What Does The Reading Entail?

Readings are recorded and sent to you via email. They are 1 hour in length. This is an advanced readings which will cover your BodyGraph in depth!

Your personal reading includes diving into your:
- Strategy
- Authority
- Centers
- Channels
- Gates
- Profile
- Variables 
- Preferred Digestion (a.k.a. Determination) 
- Preferred Environment 
- Motivation 
- Incarnation Cross

Many Human Design readings are a bunch of facts and statements put together.

This reading on the other hand is a weaving of your soul.

Welcome to yourself! 

I Want My Human Design Reading

"I'm Thankful for the reading that Andy gave me regarding my Human Design. What I personally got from the reading was a lot of inspiration towards going about my life. The guidance and suggestions he provided to me, to start taking action towards witnessing and changing patterns in my life felt spot on and affirmative with what I was feeling inside already, really intuitive. Overall I was left with a feeling of a inspiration, determination and a focused mindset. "

Hector Garcia

"I want to say thank you for the work you do; I found your reading very peaceful and resonant. I've been told before that my strongest sense is "feeling" according to human design, which does feel true to me to some extent, but when you said that it's actually scent it resonated with me a lot more. Again, thanks for what you do! The way that you read charts and present the information brought a lot of value to me as I'm sure it does to others. "


"Thank you for all the wisdom packed into this Human Design reading!!! Your questions, put me on a self inquiry. In addition, exercise (you shared) is putting me back in touch with my intuition and truth. Thank you for your brilliant, insightful teachings!"


"Thank you so much. I have to thank you. I think your are doing such a great job. I resonate with everything and this just feels so true I needed to cry. This is my truth and my soul is longing for this expression. Keep up the great work."


"I wanted to send my appreciation and gratitude for the Human Design reading that you did for me. I’ve waited for a year and a half to get a reading. The reading was valuable, validating and practically helpful. Thanks for the work that you do in the world!"


"I want to thank you for the wonderful heart centered Human Design reading! I love your clear easy to understand analysis of my Human Design BodyGraph as well as your calm and easy to understand delivery of this very important information. You are a gem!! Keep helping humanity from the bottom of your heart! Thank you"


"This Human Design reading, has giving me the licensing to be authentically me. It was very intriguing and very insightful to learn not only about my energy, authority, and strategy type, but also about my digestive type and preferred environment. With this knowledge I am also more likely to thrive physically and emotionally. I felt seen and recognized, which as a projector, I value that very much. I could feel your passion and intuitive gifts. Everything about my needs were spot on, and it brought me to tears when I heard it from someone else’s mouth. I’ve innately known about them deep down, but this reading served as a mirror there to remind me of who I came to be in this world. Thankful for the magic you’re spreading."


"I took a long bath and listened to it immediately when it showed up in my inbox and my jaw was on the floor. There were things I was familiar with but so much that was new to me. And everything you said resonated with me DEEPLY. When you would say things like, "I'm not sure if you will relate to this..." -- each time I was nodding my head saying yes yes yes. I will definitely be listening to it over and over again. Thank you, thank you - I am truly blown away. I've already gotten so much out of the reading and will continue to explore / peel back layers. You're awesome Andy!"


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