What Is A Projector?

So What Is A Human Design Projector?

Human Design Projectors make up 20% (approx) of the global population. We are mechanically different than other types. We will address our difference both technically speaking and also energetically speaking.

Technically speaking what makes you a Projector is; and open sacral center, as well as having no motor center connected to the throat center.
In simple terms, while most of the world is buzzing around doing doing doing, we are here to SEE, to BE and to GUIDE.

We are designed very different to the majority. We are here to see the truth of reality and bring wisdom to situations, to be the change, embody a new frequency (not to do or initiate), to guide (not to build) and to be deeply recognised for our perspective and gifts.

Lets Dive Deeper:

Projectors are the newest Types out of the four that emerged after 1781. Yet it’s only since the advent of the Human Design System that we’re starting to realise what unique beings Projectors truly are and how differently they are designed to operate than everyone else. Now we can see clearly that the world is operating in a different rhythm and pace than that of a Projector, if you're a Projector then no doubt you can feel this deep within you. It’s now in history that we gain the permission and the freedom to step into our intended process, to be the guides of the new world.

As you are all aware, the world we live in at the moment says things like:
- It’s normal to work 40-hour week. 
- If you want something, you should go get it
- If you have an idea, go  create it
- If you are tired, get over it, life moves on

But, let us tell you, working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators – 70% of the world. Initiating is what Manifestors are here to do - 9% of the world. But, us Projectors… we are designed for our own path and purpose. And it is not doing, building or initiating. It’s likely we have all heard iterations of this. That we have all been conditioned to believe that we should have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work and create like everyone else. We may have even felt like there was something wrong with us. But, Projectors, you are not alone. We all feel that burn out and misalignment to the way society tells us to do life.

To illustrate this example via a metaphor… imagine that you (a Projector) have been running a marathon all your life. You’ve been running a marathon because you looked around and saw everyone else doing it. And because you were told as you grew up that this is what we do in life. We run. Only to find out through trying, that your body doesn’t function properly in marathons. While it leaves others feeling ecstatic and energised, it leaves you feeling burnt out, unseen and misunderstood. Others get healthy and thrive while you feel exhausted and broken.

Following this metaphor... You discover through your process that actually your body thrives in practicing yoga because your body was designed to flourish in moving itself in those ways. That’s how life is for Projectors; you’ve been operating in a way that wasn’t designed for you (running a marathon) and need to adjust your way of being (practice yoga) in order to live a life of success, fulfilment, and well-being.

Note: this doesn’t mean to try yoga or that yoga is correct for Projectors however this example operates as a metaphor to illustrate the differences that we have with the rest of the world.

Misaligned Projector Symptoms

If we do not properly learn to align with our Projector nature we are prone to experiencing some of the following:

- Health challenges
- Illness,
- Low energy
- Tiredness,
- Overwhelm,
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Burn out 
- Stress
- Relationship challenges
- Feeling like something is 'off' or missing 
- Feeling like you simply don't belong


We all must learn to understand our true nature, life in alignment to what is true for us, and in doing so open up a world of possibilities, of success and wellbeing. Projectors are destined to be guides to the other. We are here to master systems and skillsets from skateboarding to nutrition. To recognise ourselves first and to trust our abilities so we can guide others. We are designed to see deeply into others and can often have intuitive hits of knowing what the other needs. Yet we are here to only share this knowing through the other asking and inviting us. While we can be amazing guides to the other, we rely on the signposts of others invitations to guide us on our path.

A message for all Projectors is we are destined to feel success. This is what we are designed to reach. Not necessarily success in the traditional western sense, but success as a deep feeling of being seen and helping the other. But many (if not all of us) have been feeling unappreciated, unseen and unheard, and it makes us bitter towards the world and others. We really want to dig home to you that you are designed mechanically to move into success. We want you to know and embody this moving forward. You are here to be seen and recognised by the right people in the right places. We’ve all just been going about it in a way which will not create those results.

We firstly need to see our uniqueness as Projectors, to accept this deeply, and then embody these differences. If you can do this, then you can truly live a fulfilling and successful life. This is what The Projector Movement is here for; to support you DEEPLY on your journey back 'home', back to your truth, to your wellbeing and to your success. When you discover YOU, and live from a process aligned to you, life begins to flow in the most magical of ways.


Discovering that you are a Human Design Projector is life offering you a personalized invitation to start learning how to live in a totally different way than you have ever known, a way that is truly harmonious to your soul. 

The journey of deconditioning starts now. Now that you know you are a Projector you will most likely feel validated and seen in a way you never have before. 

Deconditioning is simply aligning yourself to your true nature. The journey of aligning to your true self is filled with many emotions, breakthroughs (and downs) and yet is ultimately the most rewarding path to walk... a path back home. 

What Are The Different Types Of Projectors?

The Five Authorities a Projector Can Have:

So we just briefly mentioned that when you follow your Strategy and Authority, you’ll actually feel like the lucky type. The Projector strategy is to be recognized and invited. After you have been recognized and invited, it's important to know whether the invitation is correct for you. You will find the answer by tuning into your specific authority. 

Emotional Projector:

Having your inner authority classified as being "emotional" means when you’re being invited to make the big decisions in life, there is no truth in the moment. Waiting is key. The more time the better. Your emotions go up and down like a wave. So, you must ride out this “emotional wave” to know whether or not a decision is correct for you.

Splenic Projector:

This is the only Projector that can make decisions in the moment. Why? Because the Splenic center is the hub of intuitive awareness. These people have a highly evolved survival intelligence that lets them know what people, environments, and invitations are safe and/or healthy for them. Splenic Projectors are instinctive and can trust their instantaneous inner knowing.

Self-Projected Projector:

Self-Projected Projectors need to listen to their own voice and the words that are coming out of their mouth in order to find clarity. Their truth is within the G-center and there is a direct channel to the throat, so when they hear themselves speak they can know what's true for them at their core.

Ego Projector:

Projectors with this authority are very rare. Only 0.48% of the population have this inner authority. When Ego-Projectors are being invited, they need to be 'somewhat' selfish and ask,
"Is this what I really want? What's in it for me?"
If you do not respect your truth and do not have healthy boundaries, then problems may arise which can leave you feeling drained and bitter.

Mental Projector:

Also known as Environmental Projectors or having No Authority. Mental Projectors share a similar mechanism to Self-Projected Projectors, where after being invited they need to speak with a trusted advisor to use as a sounding board. But where Mental Projectors differ, is in the profound importance of what environments they put themselves in. They are so energetically open that their environment almost becomes an extension of themselves.

Embracing the Projector Journey

The world of Human Design Projectors is indeed fascinating and profound. It's a journey that may seem different, even alien at times, but it's this uniqueness that holds the key to unlocking immense potential. By understanding their open Sacral center, waiting for aligned invitations, focusing on mastery, and building authentic relationships, Projectors can transform what might feel like challenges into powerful avenues for growth and guidance.

The Projector Movement is more than just a space; it's a sanctuary where Projectors can learn, explore, and embrace their inherent wisdom. It's about realizing that being different isn't a weakness, but a strength. It's about weaving the intricate threads of Astrology, Holistic Psychology, and Earth-Based Ritual into a tapestry that empowers Projectors to be the guides for the future.

So, if you're a Projector, remember that this path is designed for you, imbued with magic, grace, and vibrational energy that resonates with your essence. And if you're not a Projector but find yourself intrigued by this extraordinary Human Design type, your exploration here might just be the start of an enlightening journey.

For Those Wanting Their Personal Human Design Chart:

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