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1/3 Projector | Human Design

Aug 11, 2021

If you are a Projector with a 1/3 profile, then this is the ULTIMATE BLOG that will teach you the foundation of how life plays out for you day to day.

Whether you just found out you are a Human Design Projector with a 1/3 profile, or you’ve known this for years, this blog is going to go through the ins and outs of it all.


This blog will cover:

  • What is Human Design (HD)?
  • What is a HD Projector?
  • What is an HD Profile?
  • Line 1 and its role
  • Line 3 and its role
  • What life as a 1/3 Projector looks like
  • A famous 1/3 profile
  • A unique 1/3 offering to support your journey into your profile
  • And more!

But before we take a deep dive into the mechanics of your authority, let’s explore for a little bit what Human Design is, and what it means to be a Projector type within this beautiful system.




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What is a Projector?


Walk into a room and on average one in every five people will be a Projector (20% of the population). Projectors are here to GUIDE energy. We are here to be wise about how to do things. We’re not the rarest Type within Human Design, but we’re susceptible to being the most conditioned.


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What does it mean to be conditioned? It means to live in a way that isn’t authentic to you. As children, we are sensitive and are easily susceptible to take on what our upbringing environment was like. So you can be conditioned to act, think, and feel in a way that isn’t really you. What happens is that you grow up using your mind to make decisions instead of letting your body’s intelligence (strategy and inner authority) to do the decision making for you. Now you have to peel the layers off so you can discover your unique nature.


We live in a world where it’s normal to work 40 hours a week and to only get two weeks of vacation on average every year. On top of that, we’re told, “just do it.” Working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators and initiating is what Manifestors are here to do. So as you can see, Projectors are conditioned to believe that they have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work like everyone else.


Not the case.


Projectors are the newest Types out of the four that emerged after 1781. And until now, until the advent of the Human Design System, Projectors didn’t know that they’re unique beings that operate differently than mostly everyone else. Now, we can clearly see that the world is operating at a different rhythm than that of a Projector’s. 


To illustrate this example, via a metaphor, imagine that you (a Projector) have been running a marathon all of your life. You’ve been running a marathon, just because everyone else has been running it. Only to find out that your body doesn’t function properly in marathons. 

You discover that your body thrives in practicing yoga because your body was designed to flourish in moving itself in those ways. That’s how life is for Projectors: you’ve been operating in a way that wasn’t designed for you (running a marathon) and need to adjust your way of being (practice yoga) in order to live a life of success, fulfillment, and well-being.

This example is just a metaphor to illustrate the differences that we have with the rest of the world.


We need to first know what our uniqueness is as Projectors, then accept this deeply, and then embody these differences. If you can do this, then you can truly live a fulfilling and successful life. This is what The Projector Movement is here for: to support you DEEPLY in your journey back ‘home’, to your truth, to your core, to your uniqueness, and when you discover this and live from this place, life begins to flow in the most magical of ways.

 If there’s one thing we want you to take from Human Design, it’s this formula. By honoring this decision-making process, we start to align ourselves to our unique essence and begin to blossom into the person we were born to become.


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There are 12 different profiles within the Human Design system.

Your profile number is derived from the line number that the gate sits on in your conscious/personality sun & earth (you may resonate more with this number), and your unconscious/design sun & earth (others may see this number more in you, than you do yourself).

For example, I have Gate 43 in my conscious sun, which sits on line 3 (43.3) I then have Gate 23 in my unconscious sun, which sits on line 5 (23.5) Therefore, that makes me a 3/5 profile, as you always take the line number from your conscious sun first.

You can see what I’m talking about in the image below.  A quick note to say that when you get your chart from somewhere such as My BodyGraph, it will list your profile number for you, however this is a great way to view it also.

Your profile is how you interact with the world, it really does give us a profound look into the life themes that you will experience. This will become much clearer as you navigate through this blog and the rest of the profile series. 



The Lines:

When we look at the lines individually (line 1 for example) it means one thing in and of itself. When we pair it with it's partner (line 3 for example), it brings a whole new flavour to the table. The profile is where we can start to see big differences in people's charts. Even if you're the same type as someone else, or have other similarities, how your profile plays out in your life can really differentiate you from others.  

Here is a basic overview of each line number and each profile:

Line 1: The Investigator

It is correct for this person to gather as much information as they feel they need before 'moving on' with whatever it may be in life. Researching and self informing is high on the list for you. Situations where you are put on the spot can be energetically jarring for you, as this is not how your life plays out in it's highest alignment. 

Line 2: The Hermit

Alone time deeply replenishes you. In doing so, this helps you live out the other side to your profile (2/4 for example) and means you can really be at your best. Giving yourself an opportunity to retreat and withdraw will have a very nourishing effect on you. You may find that a lot of things come somewhat easy to you, and that you may be known as a ‘natural’ at many things. 

Line 3: The Martyr

You learn by trial and error. While this may sound negative, it truly leads you down a path that is correct for you. Carrying this energy means you are very resilient and can morph and change rather easily. The more you lean into this energy, the more powerful it becomes. While society may not be set up for those of us who are constantly trying and 'failing', it is the way forward for third lines, as you then get to share about what you've learned on your ‘travels’.

Line 4: The Opportunist

You are a brilliant networker. Friendly and very aware of others. People are drawn to your energy and want to be in your space. This is a high output frequency to have, so downtime is absolutely necessary for you to replenish. Your invitations come from being around others and letting them speak about you and your work with others.

Line 5: The Heretic

You reflect back to others what needs to be seen. This line can guide, can teach. Fifth line people can be very easily projected upon. This may be in the form of a positive view where people let you know what they like about you, or this can be in a shadow view, where expectations are placed upon you that really don't serve you. There can be a deep feeling of needing to ‘people please’ with this energy, so strong boundaries are extremely helpful, thus completing the cycle of reflecting back to others what they need to see. You have a very penetrative energy, which some people may find rather intense, it serves you well to hold back on unsolicited advice.

Line 6: The Role Model

You have three distinct phases of life as a sixth line.

Phase 1: Birth through to your Saturn Return, which is around age 28-30. There is a lot of trial and error energy contained in this phase, very much the same as what a third line person would experience.

Phase 2: 30 through to your Chiron Return, which is around age 50. There is a deep reflection of your first phase here. You may find that you are transmuting many experiences from your first phase and alchemising them, becoming wiser and wiser each time.

Phase 3: 50+, this is where you can really step into your energy as a Role Model. Of course, this can happen at any phase, but with the life experience you have gained over the last 50 years, people are drawn to how wise you are, and want to hear about your experiences.

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Let’s get into the 1/3 Profile!

In words, the 1/3 Profile is known as the Investigator/Martyr.

Line 1:

You will likely feel the line 1 aspect of your profile more than the 3rd line. This is because it’s on your conscious side. 

Building a solid foundation and leaning into your inner investigator is something I cannot stress enough to do. Researching, studying, learning, gaining deeper insight into your chosen field is half of the journey for you. Without these solid foundations, you don’t feel prepared enough to use your incredible 3rd line energy of experimenting.

Gaining knowledge through sources that feel good for you. Books, data, courses, listening, self study, education. However it is you like to learn! Remember, you are on a journey of self discovery here, so perhaps you learn through personal growth work, whether that be meditation, inner child work or peeling back the layers of yourself to reveal something new. Learning for you doesn’t have to look like sitting in a classroom for hours on end. You get to choose.

Retreating into solitude so you can research and investigate to your heart's content is absolutely nourishing for you. Through your research and learning, you continue to evolve and grow as a person, thus making you even more magnetic.

When you have these solid foundations in place, you will know when you’re ready to move. You may notice people seeking you out and inviting you into their worlds.

There is a fine line here, as in your shadow aspect, you may believe that you will never know enough and therefore miss potential opportunities because you are questioning yourself. You can be overly critical of yourself and tend to think if it’s not absolutely perfect, then it’s not worth doing. When you are at your highest frequency, you know that it’s correct to speak about what you know, what you have thoroughly researched and learned and nothing more.

Having this incredible Line 1 energy also includes researching things outside the scope of ‘formal study’. Let’s say for example that you’ve been invited to move to a new city. Now, of course, it’s imperative to follow your strategy and authority here first and foremost, but also lean into your Line 1 brilliance! Do your research into the city, what do you feel you need to know about it in order to feel safe in your decision? Do you want to look into the specific area you’ve been invited to move to? What are the people like there? What shops are in the area? Is the environment somewhere you would thrive in? What about the weather? 
And of course blend your decision with your authority! 

Many Line 1’s don’t love change, especially if it’s something that is sprung upon you. You need time to gather your resources first! The 3rd line in you might be yelling out ‘JUST GO FOR IT!!’ However, if you’re not prepared, things will likely feel really uncomfortable. This can swing the other way too, being over prepared and terrified of things not going to plan or feeling really thrown off if you planned everything down to the last minute and then things don't go that way. It’s all about finding the right energetic balance for you. Remember, you have the wildness of the 3rd line within you too, so sometimes things will definitely not go to plan! 


Line 3:

The 3rd line aspect of your profile is perhaps something you don’t feel all the time, or you may find that as you actively lean more into your Line 1, your Line 3 ‘unlocks’ more and more.

As the brilliant Richard Rudd (founder of The Gene Keys) says, 3rd line profile people will see a hole in the road, fall down that hole and then come back up saying ‘WOW, guess what I found and learnt down there!’ Whereas someone with a 2 line in their profile, may perhaps skip around the hole and carry on with their inherent naturalness in life. I think this is a brilliant depiction of someone with a 3rd line in their profile.

The 3rd line likes to experiment! They don’t know for sure which way something is going to go unless they try it. Plus, there is a real need to actually try it for themselves, no matter how many people are telling them to 'just do it this way'. You speak so beautifully from experience. A beautiful, but oftentimes, bumpy road of trial and error. Why? Because you are here to let others know what you’ve tried and if it worked or if it didn’t work. You get to guide those who seek you out (Projector magic!) into their greatness simply through all you have experienced in life.

You might be asking ‘well, if I’ve learnt all there is to learn about a certain thing through my Line 1 energy, why would I then need to experiment with it?’.
The answer is simple here really, it’s because mental knowledge is only half of the story. There is only so much you can learn without actually going forth and being willing to try out what you have already soaked up via learning. Now it’s time to learn via trying it out. Turning knowledge into wisdom! 

Part of the Line 3 magic is to learn through failure. It may not be failure as you know it though, it’s not the sort of failure that is depicted in society. For 3rd line people, failure is actually a good thing!

Growing up, what did you hear about failure? That it wasn’t an option? That if you weren’t winning there was something wrong with you? Perhaps the messaging may have been ‘just try harder!’, as a Projector, that just doesn’t serve our energy. After all, we are different to 80% of the population. How amazing!

The very nature of a 1/3 is to investigate and learn about the things that are lighting you up and then experience them, embracing the fact that sometimes the experiences end up looking a little different than what you had planned, that sometimes the experiences may end in ‘failure’. We can choose to reframe failure here, instead of believing everything we’ve been told about it. Failure gets us closer to knowing what is right for us, what we want in life. If you’ve grown up with the conditioning (other people’s beliefs and way of life) that it’s not okay to fail, then perhaps you might feel really risk averse, even in situations where the risk isn’t really ‘that risky’. If you feel like this is where you are in life, just start by bringing back the awareness that it is your nature to try things, even if they don’t go as planned.

As a 3rd line person, when you acknowledge and embrace the fact that at some stage you will definitely fail, but choose to look at it through the lens of ‘this is how I’ll truly learn and I’m not afraid to fail!’ it creates this extra drive within you that says ‘this is energetically correct for me and I welcome the experiences I will gain from this’. Each step you take is leading you closer towards what is meant for you.

The 3rd line energy is rooted in personal experience and understanding. You are designed to focus on yourself here and your own life process.

Does it seem more comfortable to know that if you shy away from the experiences, that seemingly, nothing will ‘go wrong’? Of course. But as a 3rd line person, that only keeps you away from your journey of self discovery, it blocks you from finding your path. It silently creates a restlessness within you that will one day explode and you’ll find yourself questioning WHY you ever lived like that. As a 3rd line person, it’s great to get familiar with being uncomfortable and still being able to back yourself to give it a go. The outcome will be exactly what you need. 

Let’s put the 1st line and the 3rd line together:


It is so important to know that the 1/3 profile is in what we call the ‘lower trigram’ (or as mentioned below as having personal karma). What this means is that you are here to be self focused. This does not mean selfish in any way, it means that you thrive when you allow yourself to go inward and connect with yourself. You are allowed to make your journey all about you, whilst still having space and compassion for those around you. 

First, the foundations are laid. The very thing that is going to ‘uphold’ the experimental phase. Taking the time to learn what you need to learn before moving into the ‘trial and error’ part. Rushing into something will likely not serve you. From the outside looking in, it may appear that you’re ‘taking too long’ to make a move. This is simply untrue for you. Your alone time and need to learn, plan and feel ready is absolutely necessary. Just the same as your need to try out different ways of executing the very plan you’ve come up with. Others might say ‘do it once and do it right’, again though, this is simply untrue for a 1/3. 


Let's add in the Projector essence into the 1/3 profile: 

Let’s start with the obvious here. For all Projectors, our strategy (not downfall, a literal strategy to guide us in life!!) is to wait for the invitation. So how does this tie into the 1/3 profile?

As a 1st line, you are a knowledgeable person, so it is important to wait to be invited to share the knowledge you have gained. I’m sure you’ve experienced times where you’ve shared something you’ve been researching because you’re so excited about it but the timing has been off (due to not being invited in!) and you feel ignored.

It’s also really important to bring in your Projector boundaries with the 1/3 profile. These can be especially helpful in situations where someone may spring something on you such as sharing with your work team what you know about the project you’ve just started. Letting people know that if they would like you to talk about something, or present something that you need ample notice time before being able to do so confidently.

As a Projector with this profile it is even more imperative that you allow yourself to retreat and study/learn as well as recalibrate from any 3rd line experiences you may have just had. 

Honour your need for rest here too and bring in a grounding practice. As Projectors, we are naturally ‘in our heads’ a lot of the time, even more so for Line 1 people as you take in so much mental knowledge. Time in nature is brilliant, so is introducing an embodiment practice that connects you in with your body and allows your mind time to rest.

As we mentioned below, you have what is known as 'Personal Karma' as you are the only Profile to have both numbers in what Human Design calls the 'lower trigram'. You are truly on a journey of self discovery. It's not only okay to focus on yourself, it's energetically correct for you to do so! As a Projector, you may crave even more alone time due to this and that's also okay. You really do radiate outwards and draw people in when you do the deep work on yourself. Society likes to tell us to 'put others first' whereas you naturally SHOW others the importance of self introspection just by doing it. 

This is a big part of your 1/3 Projector journey. Learn about yourself. Study yourself. Really get to know yourself. Time alone is a huge catalyst for this. Then when you're ready, you can come out and experiment with life.




Personal Experience as a 1/3 Projector:

We have a special guest sharing her experience as a 1/3 Projector! Please welcome, Hope Champion. Hope is a 1/3 Self Projected Projector.

Hope also features in an incredible one on one conversation with Charlie in the 1/3 Projector Profiles offering.

I find her chart fascinating, as she has a completely open Solar Plexus, Sacral and Spleen! A lot of fear can live in the Spleen and as a 1/3, you might often feel like you're too scared to jump in and share about everything wonderful you've been learning through your Line 1 energy, so pushing through any of that fear and using your 3rd line energy to experiment feels scary, but is a great thing to do!

Take a look at Hope's chart below:


Hello! Hope here, I’m going to share my experience of starting my own business and I'll go into a bit about what I've learned so far about life as a 1/3 Projector. 



I’m in the beauty industry and have a great love for skin and eyebrows.

Where I worked 3 months ago, I made great money but I knew that I was a more intimate 1-on-1 kind of gal. The business I worked for was growing in staff which was so awesome to see and be a part of… but I grew to learn I enjoy small, quiet spaces with my clients to really be in my flow state.

I investigated all of my options quietly. Found a studio that really felt right. I took a leap of faith in hopes that my clients would drive to a location that was further away to see me. 

Today I sit on the other side of it all, in my own studio feeling exhilarated. Feeling fully supported by my 10 years of clientele I’ve grown without being needy or pushy. 

I did the investigative work. I set myself up legally with liability forms, created booking systems, logos, and created a space that radiates my energetic vibe. I took a leap of faith and made a deal with myself to not make any fear based decisions. 

I knew that if this move wasn’t successful, I’m meant to be redirected with work and I was ready for either outcome. Trial and error. I was completely ready for where life was ready to take me. I am now three months into my new space that is completely mine and I created my own new reality. Investigated to set myself up, took a risk and here I am. So happy in my new chapter. 

I’ve always found myself to be extremely curious too. Not highly influenced or affected by others but always curious to listen to every angle. I'm also a Gemini. When I studied my 1/3 and realized 1 is the investigator it made a lot of sense. Finding truth and looking for a sturdy base to stand on for whatever the case may be. Like a detective. Investigators can smell untruths from a mile away (so true for me), and society pushing things on me has never worked. 

I studied that having 1 as my first number also meant I’m here primarily for the inner journey vs outer. “Learning for myself”. This hit home because I’ve always been in my own little world even as a child. I find that when I am living for myself I help others to be more authentic just by leading by example. A “safe space” to be real.

Studying the Line 3 aspect part of my profile was epic because it gave me a sense of relief. 

I’ve never had a problem jumping into something new, it excites me. I found that this also ties into being a Gemini because of the air element. Air keeps moving forward. I am meant to experiment. I’m meant to try new things. I’m here to stretch the current knowledge.

I’ve never been a hesitant person, ready to roll with the punches but younger me would get hung up on an experience when it didn’t work out so well. When studying this part of my chart (line 3) my takeaway was self compassion in those “error” moments. 

I’m here to learn and be kind to myself through experiencing the ups and the downs. I've learned to be open to all outcomes and take everything as a growth opportunity. To not get down on myself when things don’t “work out”. 

The cool part is I’m the one who actually goes out and tries! Being the person who rolls the dice over playing it safe! I’ve had a lot more compassion for myself knowing this aspect of my chart. I will continue to embrace these parts of me and know it’s all part of the human experience to assist my evolution. 


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A few tips for 1/3 Human Design Projectors:

  • Allow yourself time to retreat into solitude to empty out from other people's projections and simultaneously study your passion
  • Time in nature is powerful for all Projectors
  • Recognise where you DO feel ready and then go for it, striving for perfection may keep you from ever taking that first step
  • A grounding or embodiment practice can give you time away from your mind. As a 1/3, you can spend a lot of time in your mind. The voice of the mind is much louder than any other part of you, so having awareness around the difference is great. This will help you when you know deep down you're ready to share what you've learned and you can override that voice in your mind that tells you you're not ready or you don't know enough. Recognise the pull of your Line 3 energy.
  • Embrace your 3rd line energy and know that it’s the finishing piece in gaining knowledge (experience). Turning knowledge into embodied wisdom. You learn from both mental knowledge as well as experiencing what you’ve learnt in the world.


A Famous 1/3 Projector:

Looking at someone who spends their life in the public eye can really help us see how things play out. Even looking at friends/family who have a particular energy really helps give us a deeper understanding into the 1/3 Projector. 

Kanye West

Kanye is a BRILLIANT example of a 1/3 Projector. Rather often, we can see the ‘unconscious’ part of someone’s profile playing out loud and clear, whereas they may not notice it so much. We see Kanye live out his 3rd line rather often. He tries things that sometimes really, really work for him, then other times it may appear to us (the public) that he’s failing miserably.

You can see his 1st line shine through in his music, he goes into solitude and plans out how he wants things to sound and feel, gets into the zone and then when he’s ready to share it just bubbles over and he puts it all out there to the world.

I also recently listened to a podcast of Kanye talking with Joe Rogan and I got an deeper insight into Kanye's mind. Lets just say it's definitely a line 1 mind ;) very intricate and a lot of thought goes into his beliefs and understands of the world. 


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Some questions from the community about being a 1/3 Projector:

We always love the questions we get asked in these particular posts from Instagram. The 1/3  questions all had a very similar theme, which you’ll see in the questions below. 


@aubreejeanne: I’m a 1/3 projector and I feel like the investigating side of me stops me from stepping into what I know with true authority because it’s never enough. How do I get past this?


Line 1 is very mental. You spend a lot of time in your head with this energy as you’re processing all of this wonderful knowledge.

It’s so important to know that the Line 1 investigator in you is truly only half of your process. Your 3rd line energy is itching to TRY things out and ‘get its hands dirty’ so to speak.

It may feel terrifying to step out and put your knowledge out there because your mind is saying ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ENOUGH’ but the only way for you to truly know, is to get out there and experiment with life. This is what the 3rd line is for. Will everything work out as you had meticulously planned in your head? Maybe, maybe not! But you simply can’t know until you try it in different ways and start to feel unafraid to ‘fail’.

No matter what you learn, that voice of ‘you don’t know enough’ will always be there if you don’t utilise your Line 3 energy. You’ll know deep down that what you have learned thus far IS enough, so ground yourself (literally, put your feet on the earth and face in the sun!) then move into your Line 3 energy and soak up the trial and error phase that beautifully accompanies all you have investigated this far. 


@erica_idholistics: Feels like Investigation and exploration keep me from making decisions, which lead me to be a perfectionist / procrastinator. Is this common in a 1/3 profile? How can I be more decisive and know when I have enough information to take action? 


This is common in Projectors as a whole and even more deeply in 1/3 Projectors. We procrastinate sometimes because there is a core belief somewhere that what we have to offer isn’t good enough. Maybe you grew up in an environment that had the messaging of ‘just get out there and make it happen’, which is not only jarring to a Projector (hello, that doesn’t work for us!) and that really doesn’t work for your brilliant Line 1 energy. 

A great thing to do here is check in with your authority and let that guide you alongside your profile. I would ask yourself how you’re viewing perfectionism. Is it coming from fear? Is there an underlying message there of ‘if I haven’t perfected it, I don’t have to put it out into the world’? As you carry that 3rd line energy, perfection of something can happen over time through lots of trial and error, however in the process of trying new things and ‘failing’, so many doors open and the desire for perfectionism can seem to fall away because you really start to trust in the process. 

As a 1/3 Projector, you’ll forever be in an ebb and flow of life. Learning, trialling, retreating and then starting the cycle all over again. Each new cycle you’ll come to know when it feels right for you to share/take action on what you’re learning as invitations will start to come in when you’re really aligning yourself with this process. As a 1/3 you need to activate both parts of your profile to see it work as a whole. Don’t be afraid to get out there and use your Line 3 energy to figure out what works (and what doesn’t work!) in order to move forward.


@thefocusin: I am a 1/3 projector and I feel I know so much though I never feel I know enough so I don’t launch it, also like to do so many things, I don’t like to niche down. Yet I’ll be sharing so much of my work and over time people will take what they learn from me and not really acknowledge me on who taught them and build a successful business from that. And it makes me feel like I was ahead of the trend and now it catches and I missed the train.


Firstly, you don’t have to niche down! If you’re called to explore lots of different things and that feels good for you, then explore that. Use your brilliant Line 3 energy there and try things out to find out what works and what doesn’t work.

There is A LOT of marketing narrative out there that says ‘find your niche in order to be successful’. Sure, that might work for someone else, but if it’s not working for you and more to the point doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it. As a Projector you are unique. You get to do things your way, it absolutely does not have to look like anyone else's way. 

I’d love to speak to your point about sharing your work and then not being acknowledged. Are the people who you’re sharing with YOUR people? Are you being invited in specifically to share your gifts with them to help them move forward?

Know that as a 1/3, your energy radiates out when you’re doing the deep work on yourself, your inner journey is so very important. Societal narrative says that we must put others first and serve others in order to grow. The thing with what we call ‘personal karma’ is that you are magnetic to people when you’re honouring this journey and people will be drawn to you...they’ll value your knowledge (Line 1) and experience (Line 3).

This can be much easier said than done, but allow yourself to focus on yourself and let the rest follow. Use that 3rd line energy and trial this out! Lean into your authority and keep learning what you love to learn about while you’re at it.


There were so many brilliant questions that we have also answered some of them in our 1/3 in-depth offering!

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Profile overview:

1/3: Investigator/Martyr 14.57%

Building solid foundations through research and knowledge before heading out into the world and trying it for yourself to see what works/what doesn't work.

1/4: Investigator/Opportunist 2.3%

Building solid foundations through research and knowledge before heading out into the world and sharing it with your community and close circles.

2/4: Hermit/Opportunist 14.26%

Deep replenishment to restore your energy and have time for your hobbies before heading out into the world and interacting with your community and close circles.

2/5: Hermit/Heretic 2.27%

Deep replenishment to restore your energy and have time for your passions before heading out into the world and sharing what you have learnt in your downtime with others.

3/5: Martyr/Heretic 14.15%

Experimenting with life and learning about what works and what doesn't so you can share it with others when they ask you for your advice. Guiding people through life experiences as no doubt you will have tasted a little bit of everything.

3/6: Martyr/Role Model 2.25% (See Line 6 above for Phases)

Your focus is more inward, really take that time to correct your own personal karma. While this may feel intense in your first phase, it really starts to shine through in your second and third phase.

Phase 1: (see above 'Line 6' for phases) Deep trial and error. No need to force yourself to 'have it all together' as this is where you are figuring things out. You can find peace knowing that things may bloom for you a bit later in life.

Phase 2: The trial and error phase starts to calm down over these next few years, you start to alchemise your experiences and look at things in a different light.

Phase 3: Sharing your profound experiences with those who seek you out and sharing your wisdom about what these experiences have taught you.

4/1: Opportunist/Investigator 2.42%

Lighting yourself up by being with your community (in a way that feels good for you) for periods of time before retreating away to break down the 'how and why' of things you are curious to learn more about.

4/6: Opportunist/Role Model 14.25% (See Line 6 above for Phases)

Being with your community for periods of time to light yourself up whilst going through periods of trial and error (Phase 1 for Line 6) then deep reflection (Phase 2 for Line 6) before sharing your wisdom and experiences with your community in your later years (Phase 3 for Line 6)

5/1: Heretic/Investigator 14.42%

Learning to navigate the projections of others through beautiful boundaries whilst nourishing yourself with research of whatever it is that is lighting you up so you can help to guide those who seek you out.

5/2: Heretic/Hermit 2.3%

Learning to navigate the projections of others through having boundaries and guiding others that seek you out before retreating away to nourish yourself for periods of time.

6/2: Role Model/Hermit 14.42% (see Line 6 above for Phases)

Lots of experimenting with life through trial and error (Phase 1 for Line 6) before retreating away to nourish yourself by being in your own energy. Deep reflection of your first phase through alchemising and transmuting what you have experienced (Phase 2 for Line 6) for periods of time before retreating away to nourish yourself with alone time and your passions. Sharing your wisdom and life experiences with those who seek you out (Phase 3 for Line 6) before retreating away to nourish yourself with alone time and your hobbies.

6/3: Role Model/Martyr 2.4%

Your focus is more outwardly focused, wanting to help others correct their personal karma while experiencing the three phases below. 

Phase 1: (see above 'Line 6' for phases) Deep trial and error. No need to force yourself to 'have it all together' as this is where you are figuring things out. You can find peace knowing that things may bloom for you a bit later in life.

Phase 2: The trial and error phase starts to calm down over these next few years, you start to alchemise your experiences and look at things in a different light.

Phase 3: Sharing your profound experiences with those who seek you out and sharing your wisdom about what these experiences have taught you.


As you can see, the profiles bring a huge flavour to our Human Design charts. I embrace my profile as I know it's something that will be with me throughout my life. It's very freeing to work with your specific profile, instead of against it, even if that feels frustrating at the start.


Before we go any further, it is very important to state that there are so many factors in our individual charts that can see the 'generalisations' of Human Design types/profiles/authority change. Not everything we read/learn/hear about our particular charts will always resonate. Our charts don't take into account our life experiences, so there is no way anyone could possibly determine exactly who you are and what makes you tick simply by looking at your chart. Human Design is a beautiful guide, an amazing snapshot of the sky at the very time you were born that can absolutely tell us a lot, but not everything. We here at The Projector Movement honour everyone as individuals whilst using Human Design as a tool to dive deeper. We are not here to fit ourselves into our chart because that is what 'someone told us about ourselves'. Our charts are a guide to our life and when we choose to embody our qualities, not just mentally take note of what our chart says, life gets to unfold as it intended. 


Each profile comes with a personal, transpersonal or juxtaposition karma in this lifetime. 

I would like to preface this point by saying that I'm using the word karma with this meaning:

'The opportunity to heal and balance in the present and to shine a light on past consequences/actions in order to grow'

It is not there to punish us, it is there to show us where we have space to grow. It may or may not involve experiences with other people. If it does involve other people, it is of no coincidence that the people in your life right now are there for a reason.  

You can see this when you view karma in it's wonderful state, when amazing things start happening to you because you've done amazing things for others, with no sense of expectation.

Whichever you are, personal/transpersonal karma or juxtaposition, you are here to always make your way back to your truth. Sometimes it takes 'going off on a tangent' to realise that you're off track. No need to judge yourself, just bring it back to what serves you most. 

Personal Karma:

If you have a small number in your profile first (3/5 for example), you are here to correct your own personal karma, you have a more inward journey. Everything else that is meant for you will happen naturally when you correct your own karma first. Inner work is powerful for you, as it acts as a catalyst for everything you may be calling in. Things like impact, abundance, influence, success. This is not to say that you ignore everyone and everything around you and make your life all about yourself, however the deep need to move through your 'stuff' is so that you can step into a very discerning and fortified version of yourself.

Transpersonal Karma:

If you have the larger number in your profile first (5/1 for example), then you are here to help others correct their own karma. This does not mean that you forget about yourself and put everyone else first, it means that when you have a beautiful balance of helping others, whilst living within your own fortified boundaries,  you can start to swim in the slipstream of impact, influence, success and abundance. You may find that this has been playing out for you in your life without you even realising. There can be an energy here of 'projection', as people see you as the 'teacher/helper/guide' and come to subconsciously expect this from you. You are not here JUST to help others, so it's up to you to be discerning when you are in these situations. Are you helping out of obligation? 

If so, then this is where you can step into your power and let the other person know that it's not serving you anymore to be interacting in this way, thus bringing in the lesson to the other to help them look inward and correct their karma, all while correcting your own by putting that healthy boundary in place. Just another reason to clear out your aura and energy field each day. 


This applies to the 4/1 profile only and is something we will dive into when we reach that particular profile in this series.





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What is Human Design?


In 1987, a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience where he was guided and given instruction by what he termed as “The Voice” to combine the ancient teachings of Astrology, The I’Ching, The Kabbalah, and The Chakras alongside modern science of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. The synthesis of these ancient teachings from different parts of the world combined with contemporary science created Human Design, a powerful, accurate, and beautiful system that lays out the blueprint on how to navigate YOUR life.


What I like about Human Design is that it’s not a belief system. You don’t have to believe in how the system was birthed. The founder, Ra, simply said to apply the knowledge that pertains to you and simply see if it works. More importantly, this system is specific to you. This is because of how Human Design works. What this system does is it takes the time, date, and place of your birth and produces a chart (known as a BodyGraph) that looks like the one below. In other words, you were imprinted with specific energy at the moment of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth.

If you want to learn about how to read your BodyGraph, then click on the image below (or here) to watch the video we created that guides you step by step, so you can understand how to navigate your own chart. 

So, there is no one person that has the same BodyGraph. But this system does categorize humans into 4 main types. These 4 types are Generators (which includes Manifesting Generators), Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Generators have an open and enveloping aura. Projectors have an absorbing and focused aura. Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura. And Reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura.


The most important gift Human Design has to offer humanity is our decision-making strategy. Based on what type you are, will determine how you best make decisions. So if you’re a Projector, this means you have to wait to be recognized and invited for the big opportunities in life (e.g., home, career, love, and relationships). Waiting to be recognized and invited is the first step in knowing how to move forward in life. 

Until next time,

Charlie + Aimee