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Alicia Keys: Journey into Her Astrology + Human Design

emotional projector human design human design projector projector human design projector movement Feb 14, 2024


Our next featured celeb for a Human Design and Astrology analysis is none other than the big-hearted, widely-loved Alicia Keys! The votes did not lie, within our Projector Community, it was loud and clear that you all wanted the astrological juice on her charts! So that is exactly what we are about to bring you! 

After her incredible Super Bowl performance the other night, we are really so excited to explore the cosmic mechanics of this beautiful songstresses.

In this article we are going to explore Alicia Key's personality and soulful expression through the lens of:

  • Human Design &
  • Astrology  

for those of you who might be wondering what the planets in the sky have to say about her.

Let’s begin with her Human Design chart and then we'll move into her Astrology chart.

Here is her Bodygraph chart...

Alicia’s Human Design: 4/1 Emotional Projector


Here's what this tells us:

Do you see what I see?? Right off the bat, she's a Projector! Which is why we are so excited to feature her in the Projector Movement. It's exciting and inspiring to see Projectors in their unique template of 'success,.

Being a Projector, Alicia carries that inherent potential to really rise as a guide for her community and her people. Projectors thrive when they can offer their refined, keen and insightful awareness to better direct the flow of energy in a situation, a problem, a group dynamic or within an operational system of any kind.

Or maybe for Alicia, it comes through in her ability to create beautiful ballads, guiding the expression of powerful melodic masterpieces. She definitely knows how to touch people's hearts with her voice and her words (we will speak more to that when we investigate her authority!)

Also, as a Projector we can imagine that Alicia is a sensitive soul, who feels the world around her immensely. It doesn't take too long, when you listen to her music, to witness how she captures the heart of the matter, and really seems to express from a place of deeply-lived experience. A Projector walking the talk. That's what we love to see.

When it comes to career as a Projector, we would say it definitely suits her design to be recognized for the genius she is. AND, she has dedicated her whole life to music. Alicia Key's taught herself how to play piano, and as she progressed in her practice, she naturally became noticed for the unique gift she had. She is an inspiration for Projectors to keep working at their magic, honing their unique genius, and trusting that with time and patience, the right opportunities and recognition will come your way.


Having an open Sacral Center: 


Being a Projector, Alicia has an undefined sacral center, meaning she doesn't generate her own enduring-energy. Where this is helpful is when she is performing, she can tap into the sacral energy of the crowd and positively channel it to deliver an incredible show. Projectors aren't necessarily supposed to be hidden away from the world, when you are living true to your design, and being authentic to your individual giftedness... you can really shine in the crowd!

If we had to guess, Alicia is someone who requires a lot of down time though in between her shows and public appearances. It's also fascinating to notice that, compared to many celebrities, Alicia definitely has more of a low-key (pardon the pun) profile. There isn't so much talk about her in the tabloids, and she seems to keep her life more private and reserved. This is perfect for her Projector-nature. And also protects her from the sacral-center getting over-worked and burnt out. 


As you may have noticed, Alicia's chart is quite dynamically lit up. She has 6 of the 9 centers defined. This makes her energy-field slightly more robust than that of a classic Projector, who has 1 or less motors. She has a definite resilience about her. and this would support her in living out her vocation of being in the public eye, up on the stage for all to see. Her defined centers give a healthy "push-back" from the conditioning of the external world, allowing her to bring through her unique Projector essence.


Emotional Projector

Now this is where it really gets good! It may not surprise many of you to hear that Miss Keys, Queen of Soul, has an emotional authority! What does this mean? It means that Alicia's clearest guidance, innermost truths, and path of alignment will always be revealed to her through the wisdom of her emotions and her capacity to feel. Take her Projector essence (making her a guide) mixed with her emotional authority (making her incredibly emotionally powerful) and you get a woman who has the capacity to be an incredible Guide of the Heart.


This girl is on fire... with a richness of spirit and emotional depth.

As an emotional authority, it's not the easiest path in life. The emotional authority move in waves, and no aspect of the spectrum is left untouched. Pain, heartache, beauty, awe, inspiration, hardship, fear and faith. People with emotional definition are here to learn how to embrace the bigness of their emotions, or the bigness of emotions that are inherently a part of life, and to master them. The gift of an emotional authority person is to rise, rooted in emotional maturity, and be able to be someone who can harness the power of feeling to make others feel something... to awaken others into the depths of their own hearts.

Alicia certainly does this. 

We don't know about the intimate details of her upbringing, but it has been shared publicly that she didn't have the 'easiest' childhood. Born in Hell's Kitchen, one of New York's toughest neighborhoods, Alicia was exposed to the grit of life from a very young age. Her mom raised her, and was scraping by financially working as a paralegal. But something so beautiful to hear in Alicia's various interviews is the faith, hope and heart-centered perspective she always seemed to carry, even amidst the challenging surroundings.

Let's talk a little more about Alicia's Projector-power of guidance.

Maybe it's a reach, but we feel like the fact that Alicia grew up exposed to such a diversity of life, seeing both the painful challenges and beauty of humanity, gifted her an inherent compassion and profound sympathy for humanity.

As a Projector, she would have been absorbing her surroundings, incredibly attentive and aware of the energy dynamics at play. And with her emotional definition, she would have been able to access a lot of emotional-materials within. This is a woman who was born to FEEL big. And what did she do? She converted it into heart-felt musical mastery. What an inspiration, and amazing example of what it means to "absorb and amplify" energy into it's highest expression.


A true shining example of what it is to be an embodied and empowered Projector.


Some Specific Aspects Of Her Chart That Jump Out At Us: 

  1. Her Personality Earth Gate, 31.4 
  2. Her North Node Gate, 33.4

Personality Earth Gate, 31.4 

Your Earth Crystal (or Gate) in Human Design links to how your unique essence translates through your personality and core expression in life. Often, someone's earth gate can illuminate what their natural talents are, and what they can really become known for... just by being their authentic self. Alicia's is gate 31 in the 4-line expression. It's pretty fascinating what this tells us...

Gate 31 is known as the gate of influence. It carries the energy of being influential, and being able to provide the vision of a new direction for ones family, tribe or community. The nature of this gate though is that this leadership must come about through election, meaning the person must be chosen and selected by the group, community, family etc to share that vision. This is very Projector-esque, touching on the strategy of 'recognition', and truly fits with the story line of Alicia's life.

Alicia began learning piano at 12 years old! And around 15 years old, she was signed with her first label. Although she was receiving attention for her gifts from a young age, it was a longer journey of her really learning how to claim the kind of music SHE wanted to be making. She began her musical journey with classical music, and she admits she did not like it. She was drawn to more of the soulful, expressive music. But her label required her to show up in a certain way.

In this music industry, this is how it seems to go. You have to be willing to follow the ways of the industry, atleast until you gain the courage or support to strike out on your own.

Now of course Alicia, powerful emotional Projector, did just this!

And it was when she struck out and pursued more of her R&B, soulful inclinations that she really started to rise to fame. This is when she truly got "recognized", or elected, by the collective... when she was being true to her genius.

It is hard for a Projector NOT to get noticed when they are doing what they were put on the Earth to do, and Alicia is a brilliant, expansive example of this.

Because gate 31 is about rising as a leader, being able to influence and impact the group, it requires an ability to empathize with people, to touch upon people's humanity. It is through connecting to the full-spectrum of feelings that Alicia is able to really rise as that influential leader, which is exactly what her music does.

Take for example her iconic song, "If I Ain't Got You". Every word and note is drenched in soulful longing, tender-hearted desire and the ache of being in such devotional love. Who hasn't felt this at some point in their life? Or wanted to feel this way about a special someone? 

Or her beautiful song, "Daffodils", which depicts the process of coming up and out of a hard, challenging time in life, waking up into the Spring and new growth. One if the lyrics is, "and if you see the clouds of your prayers, just hold me close and know better days are ahead". The song is evocative and makes you feel an unshakable faith in the goodness of Life, and a deep trust that even in the lows of life... we can trust that the brighter days will come. Alicia's natural leadership, and trustworthy aura of influence just makes you feel something, makes you believe in the truth of her guidance.

This shines with the wisdom of a mature and integrated emotional authority, and really radiates her capacity to lead and influence through her depth of capacity to connect to the hearts of all people, reminding us to keep faith in our hearts.

This gate thrives when it is in service to the upliftment of the greater good, and Alicia does this through her music. It should also be noted that since this gate is activated in a 4-line expression (31.4), there is additional emphasis on community, family and the larger collective. Alicia truly is here to see and be seen by the larger "family" that she impacts with her music, heart and soul.

She is also known to be very involved in advocacy and charity work. She co-founded "Keep a Child Alive", which is an organization that "aims to realize the end of AIDS for children and families by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV".


Now Let's Talk A Little About Her South And North Node Gates…


South Node:

South Node refers to the energy that one has already developed. Whether that be 'past life' energy, if you are into that kind of thing! Or, it can simply depict innate qualities that one already has developed, or inherited from their ancestry that reveals more about their past than their future. The south node can support one to access their innate gifts and talents, or to feel safe and comforted... but ideally, we don't overly focus on the south node energy, or we run the risk of missing out on the north node development. It is meant to be harnessed and directed as a supportive quality in moving forward in your destiny.

Let's see what placements Alicia has...

Gate 19.4 

Gate 19 is officially known as the gate of wanting, yet it has deeper, complex meaning. This gate harbors a deep sensitivity, especially a sensitivity to those around you. It can even create a certain pressure for one to engage, interact with others in order to fulfill their emotional needs. Needless to say, people with this gate in a key position will likely be fueled by connecting to others on a deep, emotional level.

When it comes to Alicia's chart, having this gate as her south node (past life) energy, we could read this in a few ways.

For one, she serisouly has a gift, likely inborn, of being able to emotionally connect and empathize with the world around her. This translates in the depth of emotion in her lyrics, and the advocacy and community-outreach work she is involved in. She really cares about people! And seems to have a soft-spot in her heart to give back to those who have less, or come from more challenging conditions.

We also could see this gate express from the neighborhood she grew up in, Hell's Kitchen, New York. From a young age, she got to witness some very tough living conditions. Through listening to her interviews, it is not hard to see how her upbringing fostered a deep empathy and compassionate curious within her.

It has a 4-line expression, again! So there is a consistent theme throughout Alicia's chart of her connection to community and the collective.

Since the south node shows, metaphorically, 'where we came from', Alicia emanates such a real, honest authenticity. You can tell she is someone who doesn't place herself above others, and deeply values a sense of equality and mutual care for all of humanity.

We believe that this may link to this sensitive, soulful and empathic gate she carries in her design.


North Node:

Opposite to the south node, the north node reveals where one is headed in the future. The north node holds the keys to our destiny, and gives us the direction to move towards so that our soul can grow and expand in ways that is has not before. We can look to the north node for clues about one's higher purpose and where one receives deep fulfillment.

Gate 33.4

Alicia's north node is in gate 33 with a 4-line expression. The 4-line means that she is here to play out her purpose, and grows the most when in connection with the larger community. She is really here to be seen, and to connect deeply with others. 

Gate 33 is known as the gate of privacy. An interesting combo, huh? How to honor one's need for privacy, whilst also showing up for the greater community.

If anyone is mastering this balance, it's Alicia. And we think she is a bit of trend-setter in this way, living true to her influential leadership.

Many people associate celebrities with always being in the spotlight, knowing what they are wearing, or eating.. or who they are dating! There seems to be little to no privacy for the lives of celebrities. Alicia does things differently. She does things her way.

She keeps a very low-profile when it comes to her personal life, but she shows up BIG when it comes to advocacy work, outreach, musical creations and inspiring performances.

In this was, we can really see how she is living out her north node expression. She is doing the 4-line thing, offering her art, heart, energy and talent to the world... but then she retreats often to enjoy the privacy of her family life and inner world in peace. 

We wonder if she knows about Human Design, because she seems to be taking excellent care of her Projector nature, making sure she gets time out of the spot light to enjoy downtime!


4/1 Profile

Lastly, let's have a glimpse at her profile, the 4/1, investigator/opportunist profile.

Alicia's conscious self is the 4-line, the opportunist, who thrives when connected to a sense of family, team and community. Her identity and destiny in society is to bring the collective together, and be a part of something bigger than herself. She has several gates in the 4-line expression as well, so we can tell this is one of the stronger themes of her chart. She embodies this so well in the heartfelt connection she shares with her listeners, the passion in her advocacy work and the love she derives from her family life. It is easy to see she shines as a beacon amongst her people.

The unconscious 1-line self highlights the importance of her alone time, her need to retreat, and the fact that she has a very strong individual path that she needs to honor and be true to. 

The 4/1 is a very rare profile, and it is said in Human Design that people with this profile have a very fixed-fate, meaning that they are on a powerful trajectory in this life time and need to follow the calling of their unique inner voice.

It's fun to listen to Alicia in interviews, because you can hear this conviction so clearly. She seems to have felt connected, from a very young age, to a sense of destiny.

She once said in an interview with Oprah, "I feel the presence of a higher power. I believe that what you give is what you get. It's universal law. I believe in the power of prayer and of words. I've learned that when you predict that negative things will happen, they do. And I pray about 75 times a day."

She's sure got some wisdom. And a bright light. We think that her 1-line unconscious self contributes to her ability to deeply listen to, and witness the magic of life and the universe speaking to her, giving her the courage to walk her path.

It amazed us to explore more of her Human Design, and to see the links and correlations. We hope you enjoyed it, too!

Now, lets tale a look at what her astrology has to say...


Alicia Key's Natal Chart

Born on January 25th, 1981 Alicia Key's natal chart can be viewed below. 



The main thing I see overall is the emphasis of the 'outer sector' of her chart. There is a lot of action going on, and there are a lot of aspects happening, between her 7th through 12th house. These houses have more to do with the external and the public, rather than the internal or private. So there is a clear indication that Alicia is here to express her life purpose through connections with others, public outreach and being seen in the world.

She has a particularly powerful 7th house, harboring her Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. This means that relationships, marriage and her close business partnerships are a very intrinsic part of her life in the form of emotional needs (moon), sense of value and expansion (Jupiter), and bigger picture priorities (Saturn).

Lastly, she has some dynamic energy going on in her 12th house, the house of the unconscious, healing, spirituality and healing arts. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all cozied up in this house, meaning her identity (sun), beauty and value (Venus), and communication style (Mercury) all take on the persona of the 'healing artist'. We can see this in her for sure! And it also provides a little more insight on her more private, reserved nature... mixed with being a globally renowned artist. The 12th house really values a sense of solitude and privacy, in fact... it needs it! 

If we had to guess, Alicia probably experiences the intense need to both have her solitude and soulful privacy, as well as emerge from that privacy in order to share her art and healing art with the larger collective.

A delicate balance, and definitely a life-long learning for us Projectors!


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And one other thing that stands out within Alicia's chart is the North Node being in her 6th house.

The 6th house is ruled by Virgo, a sign that is symbolized by the Healer archetype, very focused on service. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, a planet that metaphysically connects to our expression, our voice and communication. If you combine those, what you get is service that is offered through one's voice, message and communication.

Being her North Node, this is the astrological 'destiny path' for Alicia, to embrace her gifts as a powerful healing force in the world, who shares those gifts through her devotion to her craft.

Too beautiful!

So to sum it all up so far… Alicia has the heart, empathy creativity and devotion, as well as the magnetism and faith to be a real beacon of light for humanity.


Closing Remarks...

Her Sun sign is Aquarius, here to be the rebel-soul making her own way!

Aquarius people are known to be deeply intelligent, and courageous enough to be their authentic self.

Alicia marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn't try to fit into the boxes of the world, even if they wanted her to. Like when she started making music, and her label at the time wanted her to stick to classical-style music... she felt trapped by it and knew she needed to follow her own beat.

She broke through that and held her own in the R&B scene, capturing the hearts of humanity with her soul and depth. Her Aquarius energy supports her to go after what her heart knows is best for her, even if others couldn't see it at the time. And the beautiful thing is, Aquarian energy is largely about the greater collective, and when she struck out on her own THAT is when she was able to really give back to world and inspire people through her music.


Moon in Libra, prioritizing relationships, harmony and equality.

It's easy to tell by glimpsing at her socials, or hearing her speak in interviews, that family and her close relationships mean the world to Alicia. Her moon sign being in the harmonious, connection-seeking sign of Libra ensures that she will always prioritize love. This works so well with the prominence of her 4-line in Human Design, that is centric upon love, connection and community.


Venus in Pisces, a true empath at heart, deeply feeling and connected to the larger collective of humanity.

Venus showcases one's unique feminine essence, how one loves and what one values. Having Venus in Pisces makes someone a lover of all. Alicia, as we explored, is a sensitive soul who is very passionate about giving back to the community. We think her Venus in the altruistic, empathetic sign of Pisces contributes to this. 


There we have it!

Our destiny is written in the stars, the water always follows the path of least resistance.

The question is, do we have the courage to truly surrender to what is written for us?

Astrology and Human Design reveal this destiny to us, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. 






 Much love,

Projector Movement Team