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8 Incredible Health Tips For Human Design Projectors

human design projector human design projector health projector health human design projector human design projector movement Jan 14, 2024

Hello Projector!!

Let's begin here... Health and wellness is an industry that is perpetually in-flux. One year a certain diet or health-practice is IN, and the next, it’s not uncommon for the very same thing to be ousted! Needless to say, it can be incredibly tricky to discern what is true health, and more importantly, how to achieve it.

We (the Projector Movement) would like to expand upon the limited parameters of the health and wellness industry and bring in more of an evolutionary, energetic component, let's refer to it as 'Health by Design'!



YES! Human Design can absolutely help you on your journey of achieving greater levels of health and wellness. This blog in particular is for Projectors, with 8 specific hacks for boosting your vitality, nervous system health and overall energy.


We truly believe that learning how to not only care for your physical health, like the type of foods you consume, but also your energetic and mental health is paramount for reaching transformational and stable levels of radiant wellbeing, especially for us Projectors.

So let’s begin with a few foundations for Projector health. 

Projectors have a highly sensitive energetic makeup. With your aura-type being focused and penetrative (more externally oriented), you need to make sure that you have good health practices and routines that allow you to focus your energy back into yourself and your unique needs. Also, not having a defined Sacral center in your chart as a Projector gives you less of a “buffer’. Meaning that you may find you don't recover as easily from that ‘why not’ extra dessert, or the spontaneous “let’s pull all-nighter”. 


Projector, good systems and routines are your key to success. Now we aren’t saying you have to become a recluse who goes to bed at 8pm sharp, doesn’t enjoy themselves or have a social life… definitely not! However we do want to go over our top 8 tips and practices so that you can have a trustworthy bedrock for your health, vitality and wellbeing.

1. Eating Whole Foods


Yes, this is seemingly a very stock-standard tip, but it is even more important for Projectors. As we said, your energetic system doesn’t have as much of a buffer to metabolize highly processed or very sugary foods. Prioritizing eating a whole food diet, favoring fresh fruits, vegetables and meats (to your liking) is the first step in truly ‘deconditioning’ as a Projector. Being so open in your chart, you truly are impacted by the quality of what you consume. If this is a big switch for you, start slow! You could start by switching out any processed snacks for fresh fruits or veggies, drinking water with lemon, and trying new recipes that excite you! You will notice that clean-eating can radically transform your energy levels as a Projector.


2. Pausing

Embrace the power of, what we like to call, the ‘Projector Pause’. We Projectors are sensitive souls! Stress can deeply impact our nervous systems. Sometimes, this stress can accumulate simply from not taking a moment to integrate between the various activities and responsibilities of the day. This subtle stress can create tension in your physical body. If you notice tension in your body, (jaw, shoulders, lower-back etc) it might mean you are moving out of your 'functional range', the state of being in which you can healthfully show up for yourself AND other. So the Projector Pause, this practice is simply taking a 5-10 minute 'pause', where you stop everything you are doing, (yes everything, including any screen-time!). This powerfully supports the recalibration of your mind-body connection.


3. Shaking + Dancing


If you notice that you are feeling less-than-optimal, or are having a low energy day… another powerful embodied practice is shaking. Yes, shaking your body! Inducing natural shakes and tremors through your body is an efficient and effective way to release stuck energy, tension and stress. Remember our aura as Projectors is absorbing so we go through life picking up and absorbing energies and emotions. This practice supports us in letting go of unnecessary things within our aura. Simply focus on shaking your arms, legs or hips for 2-5 minutes. Maybe you end up having a dance-party! It may help to play some upbeat, or down-beat, music to really get into the movement. This will likely improve your mood, too ;)


4. Cold showers

Cold showers, and any kind of therapeutic cold-exposure, are highly beneficial for a Projector’s nervous system. The cold water can energetically clear any residue, or ‘stuck energy’, in your field. There are also dozens of scientifically proven health benefits of cold-exposure, including the creation of natural dopamine and the lowering of stress hormones. Good stuff! :) Start slow if you need to, run the shower at its coldest for 15 seconds before you jump out. Good luck and happy feels! 


5. Sleep

This could arguably be the most important health-protocol for Projectors; getting consistent, quality, uninterrupted sleep. Projectors need much more rest than Generators because you do not have a Sacral center that is creating your own energy. This means that not only can you get burnt-out more easily, but you also can absorb and amplify the sacral energy around you… which can tire out your Projector system. Set up supportive night-time routines like eating dinner earlier, no blue-light (screens!) after 8pm, read a book, turn down the lights, and get into bed before you are tired! When you are sleeping well, you are bound to feel much healthier and successful.


6. Sensory Experiences


When life gets overwhelming, which it tends to do, it’s helpful for Projectors to have practices for regulating their nervous systems and relieving stress. Nourishing sensory experiences are a great, and effective, option. This also brings more of a sensual, feminine energy into your day, which is so important for Projectors. By sensory experiences we mean anything that engages your senses in a grounding way, beckoning you into a state of deeper presence. Here are some examples:

Scent: slowly smelling essential oils
Sight: gazing over beautiful artwork, or a garden
Touch: holding crystals, or cooking with your hands
Sound: listening to binaural beats
Taste: slowly savoring a delicious warm drink, or fruits

The sensory system is a powerful gateway to the nervous system. Caring for the senses results in more radiant overall health.


7. Massage + Self-Massage

Self-massage is a great way to nurture ourselves as Projectors. Don’t get it twisted, we are big proponents of Projectors receiving massages! AND, there is something deeply therapeutic about the intention, love and care of your own touch. Massaging your hands, neck, belly or feet can be a way of saying, ‘I love you. You are worthy. I care about you.” to your own body. Try this as a way to boost your health and vitality-levels. And maybe even consider treating yourself with some regular form of bodywork or therapeutic care.


8. Slow Down


Last but not least, a powerful and effective way of coming back into your functional range of vitality and health as a Projector is to… SLOW DOWN. We are talking about your speed of motion. Practice moving at ‘slow motion’ pace next time you catch yourself on overdrive. Make it fun and playful if that helps. For 15 minutes commit to doing everything in slow motion (breathing, walking, talking, eating)! Slow walks, tai chi, yin yoga & gentle swimming can also be great ways to embrace a more languid rhythm.


If you want to thrive as a healthy, successful Projector, experiment with these tips for a few weeks and notice the difference for yourself. Let us know how you go!

Oh, and one last thing before we go… sometimes the healthiest thing we Projectors can do is to remember to PLAY and enjoy ourselves a bit more. Stay magical, Projector!

-Projector Movement Team