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How To Read Your Human Design Chart | Step By Step Guide

human design chart Dec 21, 2020



A big welcome to Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors! This blog is for everyone, so we are excited that you've landed here.


In this blog we’re going to cover:

  • What is Human Design?
  • What is a BodyGraph?
  • Human Design software
  • What do the planets mean?
  • What do the gates do?
  • What are the channels?
  • How to read your chart
    • The powerful 5-step guide
  • And much more!


After reading this blog you will have an understanding of the most important elements within a Human Design chart. 

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Charlie here - Let me take you back 6 years to when I was living in Bali. 

I was on the northern coast in the jungle staying in a hut. Drinking fresh coconuts, eating traditional Balinese food and swimming in the ocean. A healing adventure would be an understatement. 

Many people have shared that where I was is a powerful spiritual place, like an energetic vortex, and it is here that I was first introduced to Human Design. 

When I found out about Human Design, I wished I had known what I was looking at, with all the numbers, symbols, lines, centers, and terms, my mind was blown!

There was so much curiosity and yet at the same time so much overwhelm. My mind tried to understand it in one go and then quickly realised there was not a chance, it was a totally new world I was diving into, and one that was out of my depth at the time.

It would’ve been nice if I had an all-encompassing resource that could guide me through my BodyGraph. Well, in this blog, I'm going to cover the powerful 5-step process of reading your chart, but before I get into the steps, let’s cover some basics.

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So let's begin...

Human Design is a system that was synthesized by a man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987. He got a message from what he termed as the voice and the voice guided him to combine four ancient teachings: Western Astrology, Kabbalah, The I Ching, and The Chakras.


The idea of being guided by a voice might seem far-fetched, but what we like about Ra is that he said not to blindly believe him, and instead experiment with what Human Design has to offer you and see if it actually works. Well, it’s worked very well for us, and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to teach others about what this amazing system can do for you. 


What’s so special about Human Design?


Well, the four teachings that Human Design is composed of are amazing on their own. But when you combine them, Human Design offers us its most important gift: our decision-making process known as the Strategy and Authority. We’re designed to make decisions in a way that is unique to how we were born. We say this is the greatest gift that this system has to offer humanity because making the correct decision will get us closer to where we want to go, whereas making incorrect decisions gets us further away. 


When you type in your information using specialized software, you're going to get a BodyGraph that looks like this:



What is a BodyGraph?


The BodyGraph is likened to a user manual and if you know how to read it, you'll be able to operate correctly in life, meaning you'll be living in alignment with your mind and body; you'll be living a life with less resistance and more flow.


Human Design is a beautiful system, a life-changing and transformative system that has helped us out tremendously. We're excited to guide you through your BodyGraph, so you too can reap its gifts.







In order to retrieve your BodyGraph, you’re going to want to head on over to and click on “Free BodyGraph” on the top bar, then click “Get Started” and enter your birth data. 



When you were born, you were imprinted with the energy of the location, date, and time of your birth and Human Design condensed this data to help you understand how to operate correctly in this life through the BodyGraph. Even then, this simplification process still takes some learning and time to understand the uniqueness of your Human Design chart.


So once you’ve created your free profile and have your BodyGraph, come back to read the rest of the blog.




If you’re looking at your chart, you’re going to notice that there are black symbols on the right and red symbols on the left. These represent the celestial bodies in our solar system and are called planets within Human Design (and Astrology). Even though our Sun is a star and our moon is Earth’s natural satellite, they’re still called planets.


Here are the names of the planets and a short description of what they represent. By the way, the planets are listed in order from how you see them in your BodyGraph from the top down:




  • Personality + Fullest Expression + Power



  • Grounding + Balance + Fertility


North Node

  • Future Direction + Environment


South Node

  • Past Direction + Environment



  • Feelings + Emotional Needs + Instincts



  • Communication + Intelligence



  • Relationships + Values + Aesthetics



  • Energy + Assertion + Aggression + Action + Courage



  • Expansion + Luck + Opportunity + Optimism + Faith



  • Discipline + Challenge + Limitations



  • Individuality + Revolution + Change + Innovation



  • Intuition + Illusion + Psychic Phenomena



  • Transformation + Regeneration + Renewal + Truth


The black planets on the right represent your conscious/personality/mind side and are based on when you were born. The red planets on the left represent your unconscious/design/body side and were imprinted in you three months before you were born. Each planet, whether on the personality side or design side, will activate a specific gate.





In Astrology, the sky is split into twelve sections, which represent one of the twelve zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.). In Human Design, the sky is split into 64 slices, and depending on where a particular planet was positioned both when you were born and three months prior to when your birth, will activate a specific gate.


So for example, in this BodyGraph, we see the personality (black) sun is activating gate 57.


The gates come from the ancient Chinese divination text known as the I Ching. There are 64 gates and each one of them represents an energetic theme that provides further understanding of who you are. We’ve actually distilled them into short descriptions within the 50+ page manual that’s included when you purchase our more in-depth course “Unlock Your Human Design BodyGraph.” 

For now, you can read this blog to get an introduction to the basics of reading your Human Design chart, but afterward, if you feel called, you can click here to learn more advanced techniques of reading your BodyGraph.




When two gates (whether conscious or unconscious) connect, you get what is called a channel. A channel is what connects one center to another and it establishes a communication between these two hubs of energy. Bunell in “The Definitive Book of Human Design” describes the channel as a “life force because it carries the potential for growth and evolution within the form.”



The channels come from the Kabbalah, which is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought in Jewish mysticism meant to explain the relationship between the unchanging, eternal God (the mysterious) and the mortal, finite universe (God's creation).


You can have 1 channel, you can have 4 channels, even 6 or more! Or in rare cases (if you’re a Reflector) you have none. Just like what we did with the gates, we've also distilled the channels that are included in our 50+ page manual. The channels are important areas in your chart because they represent a big theme of who you are and it’s also what composes your mechanics--your Type, Strategy, and Authority--which we’re going to get into below.


 The impact of learning about Human Design Charts:

It's Aimee here (just a quick cameo appearance from me in this blog!) as I wanted to share with you the impact learning about my Human Design chart and that of friends and family has had in my life.

Just over two years ago, I had no idea what Human Design was. I came across it on a whim and my life changed in an instant. Sure, I got my chart and looked at it and thought 'what on earth is this!?' but after going into overdrive mode to learn everything I possibly could about my own chart, my entire life made sense. It was like finding that coveted pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! All of my trials, tribulations, so called 'failures', they all came to light. I wasn't so weird after all, this was how I was designed and now I happily lean into that, instead of push against it. Aaaahhh that amazing life flow. What a relief!

I actually chose to invest in a course that was over $2,000 (Australian dollars!) because I couldn't find anything that was all encompassing and that flowed in a way that I could decipher. I especially wanted to learn about 'The Variables' (those arrows you see around your head in your Human Design chart) and seeking out this information was like finding a needle in a haystack. If I did find that needle...I could not understand it for the life of me.

Knowing how my partner operates correctly through reading his chart and my close friends and family has been a game changer. It seems to have awarded me an extra level of patience and understanding, we are all so different and being able to read someones chart brings a certain harmony to the relationships in my life that just wasn't there before.

This is why I will shout from the rooftops about this particular online course at The Projector Movement, it contains all of the information you need to dive deep into your own chart and really gain an understanding of Human Design. It's an absolute steal for $297 USD. 

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In order to get a great grasp of the transformative knowledge instilled within your BodyGraph, we’ve simplified the process of reading your chart into 5 steps. Human Design is a complex system filled with rich and transformational wisdom but can get overwhelming and you can get lost and not know where to start. Our intention is to create a tutorial that will take you through all the important steps you need to know so you can begin embodying your uniqueness TODAY. You can definitely go deeper, and if you’re curious to see what else Human Design has to offer, then head on over to our “Unlock Your Human Design BodyGraph” course, but for now, the following 5 steps are the essentials you need to begin your Human Design journey.


Let’s begin!





In traditional Hinduism, there are 7 chakras, however, after the year 1781, there was a major evolutionary shift where humans transformed to being 9-centered beings.


Your BodyGraph reflects these 9 centers which are hubs of energy within the body that represent different aspects of us. This graphic below illustrates the names of each one and what they represent within us.



Take a look at your chart. How many centers do you have defined? Do you have 2 centers defined, all 9 centers defined, or none at all? When a center is colored in, this means it's defined and has a fixed way of expressing the frequency of that particular center. If a center is white, this means that it is undefined or open and is where we are vulnerable to conditioning, but is also where we experience, reflect, and amplify what we receive from others. Another way to explain the difference between defined and undefined centers are: defined centers are where we transmit energy and the undefined/open centers are where we receive energy.


The white centers are where we’re vulnerable to conditioning. And what does conditioning mean? In Human Design, conditioning means the areas within us (white centers) where we are influenced by the energy fields of others. Being conditioned isn’t something that can be avoided; it is the way we are designed to interact with another. 



Ra, in his ebook Never Mind, speaks on these white centers and refers to them as openness, "Understand something about this openness. It is not about being empty, it’s not about being broken and it doesn’t need to be fixed. This is where you have receptors. These are the aspects of your nature that are always looking for that thing that is not you. This is what is opened to all of that difference. Again, this is not about good or bad. There is no morality here in the mechanics. The fact is, if you live your life being controlled by your openness, you’re lost. But if you live your life aware of your openness, you become wise. Your Design is the student. Those activations that you have represents who you are. And what is open in your life is the school that you go to in this life, what you’re here to learn, what you’re here to be wise about. Not about what you’re here to be trapped by. The openness that is here is all receptors."


Since your defined centers are what is fixed within you, your white centers are the areas where you get to experience specific frequencies within another. What I mean by this, is if you have a white Solar Plexus Center, then this means you will be able to have a better attunement to the FEELINGS within those who have a defined Solar Plexus. Or if you have a white Splenic Center, then this means you will have greater awareness of who is HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY. So whatever center you have white, you will have a greater attunement to the centers’ characteristics in others.


To further break down the white centers, we say a center is undefined when it’s white but has at least one dormant gate within it; we say a center is completely open when the white center has no gates within it. The difference between the two is that in the undefined center there is at least one dormant gate that filters incoming energy, making the frequency of that particular center more apparent within us.


As an example, let’s take Andre’s BodyGraph into consideration. He only has two defined centers, the G and the Throat, but if you look at his Root Center, you can see there is a lot of action going on there with multiple conscious and unconscious gates. This can result, and has, in Andre not handling pressure very well. In his own words, “I sometimes tend to put unnecessary pressure on myself to get work or tasks done immediately so I don’t have to worry about them and can ‘relax’.” One of the things his undefined Root Center is here to teach him is how to not only manage his own pressure, but also the pressure that comes from others (e.g., meeting work deadlines) with ease and grace. If he manages his time wisely and understands that the work that has to be done will get accomplished in its own timing, then he can enjoy his day by living mindfully and not put unnecessary stress on himself.



Below is a list of what each center represents. Look to see in your chart which hub of energy are you transmitting (colored) and which are you receiving (white); which center is more reliable and consistent (defined) or which center is more open to conditioning, magnifying, and reflecting (undefined/open)?:



Type of Center: Pressure

Function: Inspiration; mental pressure to think



Type of Center: Awareness

Function: Conceptualizing: mental awareness



Type of Center: Expression

Function: Communication and manifestation



Type of Center: Identity

Function: Identity, love, direction



Type of Center: Motor (Energy)

Function: Willpower; ego



Type of Center: Motor (Energy)

Function: Life force energy, vitality, sexuality, fertility



Type of Center: Awareness

Function: Intuition, instincts, body consciousness, health



Type of Center: Awareness, Motor (Energy)

Function: Emotional awareness, desires, depth



Type of Center: Pressure, Motor (Energy)

Function: Pressure, drive


If there are no gates in the white center, then this means this center is completely open. For example, the graphic below shows a completely open Sacral Center. Open centers share most of the characteristics of undefined centers except that completely open centers are more open to conditioning. Because there is no gate to filter the incoming energy, the open center will amplify the frequency of the particular defined center within the other person even more, which can create challenges for us, if we're not self-aware, by influencing us to act in a way that isn’t us--known as the Not-Self.



In this example, when the individual is around Generators, he/she is going to amplify life force energy (a Sacral Center characteristic), which is great for getting work done. However, if not mindful, the individual will not know when to stop. They won't know when enough is enough before they burn out. This is the story of many non-sacral beings (Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors) because the world is filled with Sacral energy (70% of the population are Generators/Manifesting Generators), so we're always surrounded by this incredible source of energy. We have to be careful though to not carried away or we can confuse ourselves in believing we're Generators and run into health problems because our bodies aren't designed to work for extended periods of time.


In Human Design, when we’ve been conditioned and didn’t properly manage it (by deconditioning) we say we’re in our Not-Self. Deconditioning is having the self-awareness to know that the shift in your vibration was influenced by being around the presence of others’ auras and taking time to be by yourself to release all that is not you. If you’re a Projector and want to deepen your knowledge, we have a FREE Projector Masterclass (Valued at $99). Click This Link To Learn More


So let’s go back to looking at your chart.

Let’s say you have most of your centers defined. This implies that you are someone who is here to know who you are and what motivates you to grow and expand. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has two centers defined or is completely open (a Reflector), then you are someone who is equipped with the attunement to pick up on the frequencies of the defined centers within others--you are here to learn about others. Your white centers are where, metaphorically speaking, you’re going to school, and therein lies a great potential of wisdom.


As you can see, there is a benefit to having white centers, however, if unchecked, this advantage can quickly turn into a burden. For example, if you are someone who has many white centers and when you’re around different types of people, then you’re going to be conditioned by their defined centers. If you don’t have self-awareness in knowing that whatever frequencies you have been influenced by those around you aren’t yours, then you can believe that you are the conditioning, which causes you to be your Not-Self.


The key to mastering your centers is having the self-awareness that you can be conditioned by the energy of others; that how you’re feeling could’ve been influenced by who you were spending time with. Therefore, it’s vital to one’s wellbeing to take some time to be by yourself to release the energy that you might’ve picked up.



Regardless of how you’re defined, whether you have most centers defined or you have none at all, there is no chart that is better than another. Having centers defined doesn’t mean it’s better than having white centers, they’re just different ways humans are meant to express themselves. 


Human Design is known as “The Science of Differentiation” because it shows how different we are. What is defined within us (centers, channels, and gates) is who we are; these are the ways we are designed to express ourselves. The centers, channels, and gates that aren’t defined are the areas where we are going to experience life in. In other words, we’re going to attract people who have those definitions we’re missing.


Depending on what centers you have defined or undefined, is what’s going to determine what Type you are within Human Design. This leads us to the second step.



Now that you know what centers are defined versus undefined, you’re going to see what Type you are. The easiest way to find what your Type is is to look on the panel on the right and see what term comes after “Type.” There are four different Types that you can be and each has its accompanying Strategies, Auras, Signatures, and Not-Self Themes. Let’s define these terms before jumping into each Type.




Encapsulates our energetic mechanics: how we’re designed to operate and create in a way that is healthy, fulfilling, exciting, and empowering through our Aura, Strategy, Signature, and Not-Self Theme.



How each Type is designed to make decisions. This is the first step in our decision-making process.



The electromagnetic energy field that is vibrating from within us, extending outwardly about two arm lengths in every direction. Our Auras does the communication for us.



Every Type has a life theme and their signature is what informs them if they are living in alignment with their Design.



If you’re not adhering to your Strategy and Authority, then you’re not living in alignment with your Design and you will feel what is your specific “Not-Self Theme.”


Now that we’ve covered these important terms, let’s dive into the Types.





- Aura: Closed and Repelling

- Strategy: To Inform

- Signature: Peace

- Not-Self Theme: Anger


If you don’t have your Sacral defined, and have at least one motor (the energetic centers: Heart, Solar Plexus, Root, [Sacral Center is the most energetic center out of all them, but cannot be defined to be a Manifestor]) connected to the Throat, then you are a Manifestor.


Manifestors makeup 9% of the population and are here to initiate, to act independently, and to have an impact on others. Since their aura is closed and repellent, this can create some challenges when trying to connect with others. This is not to say they aren’t capable of love, but this is an important aspect to be aware of if you are one or have a Manifestor in your life. For example, if you’re a mom who has a Manifestor child, understand that it may be more difficult to connect with your child because of their unique aura. Connecting to your child is most definitely possible, just don’t take it personally when it feels like your Manifestor isn’t opening up to you. Manifestors are either on a mission (hence the 'repelling' aura) which is their way of saying 'move out of my way' or they are recouping from initiating that very mission, such a brilliant balance.


You, out of the 4 Types, are the only ones who can act independently. Meaning, when you want to do something, you don’t need to wait to respond or wait for an invitation to move forward. However, the only thing you do need to do is you need to let the people who are going to be impacted by your decision know about what you’re going to do. This act of INFORMING others about your actions is your Strategy and is what allows you to manifest in peace--and that’s all you want.


When you’re manifesting in peace, you will know that you’re living in alignment with your Design because PEACE is your Signature. On the contrary, if you’re making moves without telling those who are going to be impacted by your decision, you’re going to create resistance because those people weren’t anticipating your actions which is going to slow down your manifesting and will anger you. When you’re ANGRY, because you didn’t follow your Strategy, then that is a signpost that you’re not living in alignment with your Design.


You are a force of nature that can accomplish great things, just remember to INFORM others so you can manifest in PEACE.





- Aura: Open and Enveloping

- Strategy: To Respond

- Signature: Satisfaction

- Not-Self Theme: Frustration


Generators are the life force of this planet composing 70% of the world’s population. When you see a BodyGraph with the Sacral defined, that automatically makes them a Generator. However, a fascinating distinction of this Type is that it’s the only one that has two different configurations: Generator and Manifesting Generator (MG). Both have their Sacral defined, but the only difference is that the Manifesting Generator has one of their motors (Sacral, Heart, Solar Plexus, and/or Root) connected to their Throat.


Since both Generators and the MGs have their Sacral defined, this means they have creative life-force energy to work. The key difference between the two is how they go about working. Generators perfect each step of the work process, whereas MGs are more efficient and know which steps can be skipped. How they know what to work on depends on their Strategy.


The Generator’s Strategy is to RESPOND. Respond to what you may ask? Respond to anything: a dog barking, a bird singing, an inspiring song, a conversation, etc. Generators are here to wait to respond and what’s responding is their Sacral Center. Your Sacral response can play out two ways: it can be a tonal sound such as “uh-huh” (yes) or “uh uh” (no), or it can be a silent response such as a feeling inside or movement toward or away from something.


If you’re a Generator, your signature is SATISFACTION and your not-self theme is FRUSTRATION. These are signposts that help you know if you are living in alignment or not. So when you as a Generator are living in alignment, are responding to life, and listening to your inner authority, then you will feel deep satisfaction. On the other hand, if you are out of alignment, which could look like forcing things to happen, then you may feel deep levels of frustration within your physical and emotional body. 


Generators are the true life force of the planet, and it’s imperative for them to find a job that they can invest their abundant energy into that they really enjoy. This is key. They really do need to find work that they LOVE. Having the right work actually transforms their life and slows the degeneration process of their bodies (pretty important!). 


Human Design: Projectors (Start Here) All You Need To Know



- Aura: Focused and Absorbing

- Strategy: Wait for the Invitation

- Signature: Success

- Not-Self Theme: Bitterness


If the Sacral isn’t defined, and there isn’t a motor center connected to the throat, then you have yourself a Projector. Projectors have an absorbing and focused aura, which enables them to deeply know their environments as well as the people within those environments. 20% of the population are Projectors and they’re here to GUIDE, mainly the Generators, in how to best use their abundant energy.


The Projector’s strategy is to wait to be INVITED. It’s very important for Projectors to give themselves space and time to relax into themselves. This can look like a walk, reading a book, meditating, yoga, etc. This is because Projectors don’t have a consistent source of energy to keep going and going. This looks like a rhythm where you work, only when the right invitation comes, and then allow yourself to rest and relax in between invitations.


While you as a Projector are flowing and waiting for those invitations, there are three main things we recommend here:  






We have already talked about rest. Due to Projectors having an open Sacral Center, Projectors don’t have a consistent source of energy, so that calls for rest and relaxation to nourish and support the energy.  


Studying is important because Projectors are here to be masters of some system and to be a master you must study, so in between invitations it’s a good idea to study something you’re truly passionate about.    


Play is in alignment with the Projector aura, the Projector sensitivity, and the Projector energy. If you’re a Projector and you’re reading these words, we invite you to write down things in your life that feel like PLAY to you and then increase that in your life. Trust us, this will change everything for you. It will align you to your purpose when you choose to play and feel joy.  


The not-self theme for Projector is BITTERNESS. Do you want to know how to resolve that feeling? SUCCESS, which is the Projector’s signature theme. Projectors are designed to be successful, but many don’t feel that way because they’ve been conditioned to initiate (which is what Manifestors are here to do) and to work for extended periods of time (which is how Generators and Manifesting Generators are designed to live). Projectors are designed to live in a more feminine rhythm. When Projectors learn to slow down, to play more, to study their passions, then life will bring them the correct invitations for them which will lead to success.   


Another thing to note if you are a Projector is that you are constantly absorbing the energies around you. This means it’s good to be careful about the environments and people you surround yourself with. Find people (family and friends) that nourish you, that support you, and choose in this moment to really nurture those connections.    


Projectors, especially coming into 2027 and beyond, are here to become the natural managers and leaders of the world. As we’ve already said, Projectors do not carry a consistent source of energy in their own personal energy field, but instead, take in the energies of others and manage it. 


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How YOU can get into alignment as a Projector! Video here !

When you move more into alignment, the invitations, the recognition, the success and most importantly the feeling that is birthed within you is drastically different when you are living out of alignment. Join me to become more aligned.

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- Aura: Resistant and Sampling

- Strategy: Wait a Lunar Cycle

- Signature: Surprise

- Not-Self Theme: Disappointment


If you have all of the centers white, then you are a Reflector. Reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura, which enables them to engage and transform the energy within environments. Reflectors only make up roughly 1% of the population so they are a very rare type of being. Ideally, Reflectors are connected to the lunar cycles (moon cycles) and are able to reflect and contemplate while taking their time.    


The strategy that Reflectors are here to follow is to wait through a whole moon-cycle (28 days) before making any medium to large decisions. Examples of this could be work, partnerships (both business and relationships), moving locations, and investments.    


Two things we recommend you doing. The first one is to study the moon and its phases so you can connect to it. A great book on the moon is The Book of the Moon: Discovering Astrology's Lost Dimension by Steven Forrest. The second one is to deeply get in touch with the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, water) if you are a Reflector. Jump in the ocean, take deep breaths, slow down, lay down on the ground, and light a candle. The elements assist you in balancing your finely tuned energy and aura.    


The not-self theme of a Reflector is DISAPPOINTMENT. This could happen if Reflectors, for example, decide to initiate while not following their strategy and authority. On the other hand, when in alignment, Reflectors will end up being delighted in life’s SURPRISES (the Reflector signature).      


If you are a Reflector, you are actually designed to be a judge for humanity, reflecting back the injustices humanity inflicts on itself; your gift is your ability to clearly discern. During these times we find ourselves in, may cause some difficulties for you because it seems like humanity and its shadow is rising up to the surface to be seen, felt, and heard for all, but especially for YOU.    


A strength of Reflectors is their ability to enliven and lift up the energy of others, as well as mirroring back to people their energy as a reflection. It’s important that you connect to your truth, the elements, and your design and not allow the collective conditioning to imprint you. Stand subtly, yet powerfully in your own aura.




As you can see, each Type has a special role to play in life. In a perfect world, the Manifestors initiate the projects, the Generator (MGs) build the projects, the Projectors guide the Generators, and the Reflectors let them know how they’re doing.


Knowing your Type is one of the most important aspects to grasp about Human Design because you will know your aura (how your energetic field communicates), you will know when you’re living in alignment (Signature) or not (Not-Self Theme), but the most significant key that your Type reveals is the way you’re designed to interact with life, your Strategy.


Each Type has its own unique Strategy and if you want to unlock the wisdom that this system has to offer, this is the aspect you truly want to start integrating into your life in order to live out your Type’s Signature. The second most important aspect to grasp is your Authority.




The greatest gift Human Design has to offer humanity is our decision-making process. I mean, how amazing is that?! If we know how to make decisions that will get us closer to where we want to go, we will be able to go through life with more flow and less resistance. It would’ve been amazing if we would’ve been raised by knowing our inner-navigational system because it would’ve saved us from all the unnecessary stress we put ourselves through. There’s still challenges that we would’ve had to work through in order to evolve and grow, but if we knew how to say NO to decisions that weren’t correct for us, we would’ve saved ourselves time, energy, and tears...(lots of tears)


So, Step 3 in reading your Human Design chart is to find out what your authority is. You will find it a couple of rows below your Type. 



Your Strategy is how you're designed to interact with the world and your and then your Authority is how you decide if a decision is correct for you or not. Your Authority is like your body’s internal navigational system.


There are 8 different authorities within the system. 


Let’s explore them:


EMOTIONAL Authority 

  • If a BodyGraph has the Solar Plexus Center defined, this automatically makes the person have an Emotional authority
  • Wait (time and patience) for clarity
  • Let your emotions settle, then listen
  • *Manifestors with an Emotional Authority are the only ones whose Authority goes first and then Strategy second. So if you are an Emotional Manifestor, you have to wait some time to gain clarity about a decision before you inform those who will be impacted by your decision.



  • When the Sacral Center is defined without the Solar Plexus
    • Pertains only to the Generator Type
  • Ah-huh (yes) or uhn-un (no)
  • Listen to your sacral/gut response
  • Are you feeling like you want to move towards or away?


  • When the individual has the Splenic Center defined, without the Solar Plexus or the Sacral Center
  • Decisions made in the moment
  • Intuition



  • When the Heart Center is connected to the Throat
    • Unique to Manifestors only
  • Will power
  • Listen to what you say in order to know your truth



  • When the Heart connects to the G Center
    • Unique to Projectors only
  • Ask yourself, “Will this fulfill me?”
  • Ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”



  • When the G Center is connected to the Throat
    • Unique to Projectors only
  • Listen to your own voice
  • Clarity comes through the voice (tone and words)
  • Trust your spontaneous utterances



  • Any combination of a defined Head, Ajna or Throat, but no definition below the Throat Center
    • Unique to Projectors only
  • Have trusted advisors to use as sounding boards in order to hear your own voice
  • Put yourself in environments that feel good



  • No centers are defined--Reflector
  • Spend one lunar cycle (28 days) contemplating and discussing the decision (major decisions)
  • Connect with the lunar cycle


Human Design has so much to offer us, but the most important aspect we want you to embody is your decision-making process: your Strategy and Authority. So thus far, you know that based on how your centers are configured, will determine your Type and Authority. Your Type represents how you're mechanically designed to manage energy. Based on your Type, you’ll know what’s your way of engaging with life (your Strategy). Then, in order to know if what life has presented you with is something that is correct for you, you check-in with your Authority. If your Authority approves and you go on to fulfill that desire, then you will experience your Type’s Signature (Peace, Satisfaction, Success, or Surprise).


STRATEGY + AUTHORITY = YOUR SIGNATURE  (Peace, Satisfaction, Success, or Surprise)


What we just covered are the main things to know about Human Design because by adhering to your Strategy and Authority, everything else will align for you. We, at The Projector Movement, have done our job if you walk away knowing nothing else but your decision-making process, but we know that you’re hungry for more, so let’s continue with the next step.







Now, that you have a better understanding of how you're designed to go about operating correctly with your vehicle (your mind and body), let’s take a look at what’s referred to as the costume of your purpose. Your Profile is a costume that we grow into and it’s composed of two numbers known as lines: the first number being the one after your Personality Sun gate (e.g., 4) and the second number being the one after Design Sun gate (e.g., 6). So the person below has a 4/6 profile (The Opportunistic Role Model).



The first number in your Profile is something that you’re more conscious of, whereas the second number is something you’re more unconscious of. Even though the second number is unconscious, once you discover this aspect about yourself, you can work with it to make the most out of its gifts.


The 12 Profiles:


1 / 3 Investigator / Martyr

  • You build solid foundations through deep investigations in order to feel secure in your trial and error process.


1 / 4 Investigator / Opportunist

  • You want to understand things at a deep level, and then you look for ways (mainly through a network of friends) to share that knowledge.


2 / 4 Hermit / Opportunist

  • You’re naturally gifted, but at times unaware of the gifts. When you’re doing what you love, you are recognized and called out to share your natural talents.


2 / 5 Hermit / Heretic

  • You have a seductive projection field that attracts people to you (who recognize your gifts and talents) who need your support.


3 / 5 Martyr / Heretic

  • You know what works and what doesn’t based on their trial and error process, so when people call upon you, you can often provide both practical and wise solutions.


3 / 6 Martyr / Role Model

  • You will discover what works and what doesn’t work based on your trial and error process and will be someone who evolves into a wise role model who people seek for guidance. Wisdom often comes with age.


4 / 6 Opportunist / Role Model

  • You have a genuine ability in developing relationships and can influence your network. You will also grow into having and modeling a visionary perspective.


4 / 1 Opportunist / Investigator

  • You are here to build a solid foundation of knowledge in something that lights you up, which will then be shared with your network.


5 / 1 Heretic / Investigator

  • You are here to guide. When it’s the right time, you will be sought after to help others. You have both the wisdom and practical ability to do so.


5 / 2 Heretic / Hermit

  • You are someone who is sought after for help, and when it’s the right timing, you are here to support them with your natural talents and gifts.


6 / 2 Role Model / Hermit

  • You are here to be called out for your natural genius and innate talents that will help you embody your visionary power. Your influence will grow over time.


6 / 3 Role Model / Martyr

  • You will gain a tremendous amount of wisdom through bumping into life via your trial and error process that will make you someone who is sought after.



In the previous step, we mentioned that our Profile is how we go about living our purpose. Well, that purpose in Human Design is known as the incarnation cross.


Our incarnation cross isn’t something that is inevitable or something that is entitled to us. So it doesn’t happen automatically by us just living our lives the way we want to. It takes a whole lifetime of deconditioning and making the correct choices for us to fulfill our incarnation cross. As Lynda Bunell in The Definitive Book of Human Design says, “We don’t awaken to our cross, we awaken in it. Our cross embodies the full expression of our awareness potential and our process of living awake.”


The incarnation crosses are listed in short descriptions in the book just mentioned and also in the website below.


Even though our incarnation cross is our purpose, it isn’t something that we should try to fulfill with our minds, or even worse, force it to happen. Instead, focus on living correctly by following your Strategy and Authority and you will awaken in your incarnation cross.





This is our powerful 5-step process on how to read your Human Design chart. Let’s recap what each step was:


Step 1: Centers

  • Take in what centers you have defined versus which ones are white (undefined and/or open)


Step 2: Type

  • What is your Type?
    • As well as, what is the accompanying Strategy, Aura, Signature, and Not-Self Theme?


Step 3: Authority

  • What is your inner-navigational system?


Step 4: Profile

  • What is the costume of your purpose?


Step 5: Incarnation Cross

  • What is your purpose?


We’ve simplified reading your BodyGraph into this 5-step process to help you understand the main aspects of Human Design. As we’ve mentioned earlier in the blog, we could’ve just told you about your Type, Strategy, and Authority and that would’ve been enough in order to embody the wisdom that Human Design has to offer. However, we went a little further and spoke on the Profile and Incarnation Cross because they do add great value.


There are other amazing topics we didn’t cover like the four arrows you see in the BodyGraph. Known as the variables, these arrows help us understand how we take in food/life, the environment we best thrive in, how we perceive the world, and how we’re motivated.


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We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to read your Human Design chart. Please share this resource to any of your family and friends who are starting out on their Human Design journey and need help in understanding their BodyGraph.


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