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The Importance of Grounding & Earthing for Human Design Projectors

deconditioning Sep 09, 2020

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It might seem obvious, simple, common sense or even pointless. But what I want to share a little about is the act of physically touching the ground, the earth with our bare skin. That moment where our skin touches the grass, the sand, the ocean, rocks. 

This moment is called grounding or earthing. 

First of all, what does “being grounded” mean?

Being grounded means, being electrically connected to the earth.Most of us is not aware that the earth is mobilised with free anti-oxidant electrons.  Those electrons pour into our body at the speed of light, the minute we touch the earth barefoot. And the benefits of this continually blow my mind. 

To put it simply - the earth is negatively charged (which is a good thing). And our bodies can often build up a positive charge which can cause stress, tension, unease, discomfort, pain etc. 

When we touch the earth there is literally an influx of free electrons from the Earth's surface which help to neutralize free radicals and reduce both acute and chronic inflammation.

It's crazy how disconnected from the earth we have become. Some people I imagine will go weeks on end without touching the earth with their skin. No wonder there is so much tension, stress, pain within many human bodies - we have simply become disconnected from where we originate. 

We need to return to the earth, walk barefoot, get into nature, get close to the ground and feel the soothing effects on our system. 

When we touch the ground, immediately the left hemisphere of the brain goes calm / quiet. 

The Earth is full of electrons and these electrons work like antioxidants, disarming the free radicals that age us. There are many benefits to touching the earth. 

A few years ago I tested the effect on my body that my environment was having on me. I bought a simple volt meter and tested how many volts was running through my body when I was in my house. There was about 2.5 volts, this was probably due to the lights, TV, wifi etc. 

Then I touched my computer and the voltage slightly increased. 

But then I decided to plug my laptop in to charge, proceeding to test the voltage. To my shock 140 volts was running through my body. I was literally plugging into the power outlet. 

So as you can imagine I rarely use my computer when its charging. I simply charge it, then use it. Then charge it again. 

If you use your computer when its charging and you find you experience a headache or foggy mind or tension in your body, this is most likely why. 

By touching the earth more and more you will discharge this build up positive charge within your body. Your cells will relax and you will reap the benefits. 

"A group of scientists and a team of doctors have been looking at every biological marker known to man, the major ones in medicine - they include cortisol levels, bilirubin levels, heart rate levels, heart rate variability, respiration levels, white blood cell levels etc. - then they tried determining if there is a difference between being grounded (meaning standing directly on the earth barefoot or touching the earth someway with our bare skin) and not being grounded (meaning wearing rubber soled sneakers, or something).  The answer is yes.  There is a massive difference in ALL biological markers between being grounded and being ungrounded."

One of the best way to ground yourself is in water. In a lake, river or the ocean. I'll speak from personal experience. For me the number 1 thing to do if I'm feeling physically, emotionally or mentally 'off' is to jump into the ocean. Within minutes everything calms, everything clears and relaxation enters my body. 

Earthing or Grounding resets our bodies. Get barefoot and get your hands into the earth.  Get to the beach, get in the ocean or jump in a lake, and feel the difference for yourself.