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What is a Human Design Projector | The Ultimate Guide

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Hello, fellow Projector or fellow Human Design enthusiast!

This blog post is for YOU. We’ll be going into what a Projector is, the Projector’s aura, the Projector’s Strategy and Authorities, what 'Deconditioning means', The Projector’s Signature and Not-Self Theme, what constitutes a person being the Projector type within the Human Design System, can Projectors manifest, why Projectors are the newest type (out of the four), and what to do if you’re a Projector.

All Projectors need to know this information! If you have friends or family that are Projectors, please share this blog with them!

So, strap on your seat-belts and get ready to take a Human Design journey!


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What is a Projector? 


Well, Human Design Projectors make up 20% of the population, which means 1 in every 5 people you will meet in a day, is a Projector. Yes, that’s right! There are different types of people in this world, we are all unique, and by finding out your specific type you can greatly enhance the quality of your life!

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Projectors are natural-born leaders, mentors, and GUIDES because we have a keen ability to see and to sense others. This is because our energy field is so attuned and penetrative, taking in and merging with our surroundings. This is a gift. And if you are a Projector yourself, you know just as well that it can be a source of energy-drain, too! In my eyes and experience, the gifts far out way the burden, it just takes the practice and self-knowledge to truly embrace and nurture your uniqueness.



The Projector’s Aura


The term aura, through the lends of Human Design, refers to the kind of energy you emanate into the world.  The Projector’s aura is focused, penetrative, and absorbing; centered on what is going on outside of ourselves, in others, and in our environment.⁣ We have very strong external-vision, and our aura is designed to energetically observe the energy of others. Projectors have the innate wisdom to see the big picture, guide (manage, lead) others, and see the gifts in others.

Here are the 3 key aspects of a Projector's aura:

FOCUSED - Our natural ability to be in deep presence with ONE person and focused externally to really SEE.⁣

PENETRATIVE - Our natural ability to be direct and intimately see another and their inner workings. ⁣To literally FEEL and TASTE the energy in our environment. To cut through the haze and get to the heart of the matter.

ABSORBING - Our natural ability to merge and receive the information from the environment/people around us, gifting us vast wisdom and understanding of life that is here to be shared with the right people at the right time.

Our aura is actually the magnetic force that is pulling our lives to us from moment to moment. The Projector Aura does the work for us, so the more we let it do its thing and follow our strategy and authority, the more success we will naturally encounter and receive.



The Projector’s Strategy and Authorities
and What it Means to be Conditioned


As Projectors, our strategy is to wait to be recognized and invited. This is mainly for more formal, long-term invitations like career, relationships, love, and living situations.

Projectors are designed to be seen by waiting quietly because their aura is so magnetic that it draws invitations from others. However, that’s not how most Projectors operate. Projectors have been conditioned to function like Generators and Manifestors. To drive, to initiate to try and make things happen. Yet, as a Projector, you will know the feeling of pushing and forcing things and them just not working out for you. This is a sign that you need to tune back into your natural rhythm and the projector strategy and your specific authority. 

And what does conditioning mean?

It means living in a way that isn’t authentic to you. As children, we are sensitive and are easily susceptible to take on what our upbringing environment was like. So you can be conditioned to act, think, and feel in a way that isn’t really you. What happens is that you grow up using your mind to make decisions instead of letting your body’s intelligence (strategy and authority) do the decision making for you. Now, you have to peel the layers off so you can discover your unique nature.

 We live in a world where it’s normal to work 40 hours a week and to only get two weeks of vacation per year. On top of that, we’re told, “just do it.” Working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators and initiating is what Manifestors are here to do. So as you can see, Projectors are conditioned to believe that they have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work like everyone else.

Not the case.

We’ve been conditioned to operate in a way that is not natural to us. We’ve been working long hours and we’ve been poking our heads in situations where we haven’t been invited to. Therefore, a lot of Projectors have run into health problems because they have burnt themselves out and will also end up feeling so discouraged because they try to force themselves into situations where their wisdom goes unnoticed.

This is where your body’s (and design's!) intelligence comes into play!

By waiting quietly, by having fun, and by studying your passion and trusting in the process of surrendering any need to 'initiate'... you’re going to get invitations. BUT, we also have to be selective about which invitations we move forward with.

In comes your specific authority ꜜ 

Authorities are the unique types of 'inner guidance' one can have, depending on their Human Design chart. There are 5 different authorities you as a Projector can have:


We will go deeper into the authorities in future posts.

By measuring the level of resistance you have to the invitation you will know whether an invitation is right for you or not. The key here is to be patient and observant. If you’re letting your mind run your life (like most people), then you’ll be accepting invitations that often end up making you feel drained, bitter, and unsuccessful.


The Projector’s Signature and Not-Self Theme


As we just mentioned, if you’re not mindful of the invitations that you’re receiving or you’re forcing yourself into life, then you will end up feeling bitter and your actions will be unsuccessful.

The “not-self theme” for Projectors is feeling bitter. The not-self is when you’re working against your natural energy. As Projectors, our natural energy is to wait for life to draw us into the right invitations where we are rewarded with success. Letting your mind be the decision-making authority is what’s going to continually make you feel bitter and find yourself in situations that are not healthy for you.

What’s the opposite of bitterness?


Projectors are designed to be successful. This also includes experience the feeling of success within your own wellbeing and general life-satisfaction. So it's important to inquire within your own heart first, "What does a successful life look like for me? What do I deeply value and wish to feel fulfilled in in my life?"

This is the quality of life you are built for, Projector. But so many struggle to do so because they’ve been conditioned to act in ways that aren’t natural to them. The journey of deconditioning chips away at this build-up and allows your inherent, authentic essence to shine through. Once again, the formula for a Projector is:



Even though the formula is easy, it’s not always simple to follow. That’s why it’s vital for Projectors to begin the deconditioning process.


Some methods Projectors can start implementing to decondition are:

Sleeping by themselves for a few days (this is if you sleep with a partner because even though you’re sleeping, your body is still absorbing your partner’s energy)

  • Spending time in nature
  • Submerging in water (e.g., rivers, lakes, ocean, bathtub at home with salts in it, Epsom or magnesium flakes are good)
  • Begin to be self-aware of the invitations you’re receiving
  • Take multiple breaks throughout the day
  • Spend time ' doing nothing '! It sounds silly, but let yourself get 'bored' and see what unique impulses can blossom from there!
  • Start asking for fewer hours at work (if possible)
  • And taking our online courses of course which take you deeper into your truth ;)


As you begin to decondition and embody your unique energetic blueprint, bitterness will be dispelled because of the amount of success you will have achieved!


What constitutes a person to be the Projector type within the Human Design System?


Projectors are classified as a “non-energy“ type (along with Reflectors).

Why is that?

It’s because we have an undefined, or open, sacral center, and no motor to the throat. The sacral center is about sensuality, it's about joy, and it's about life force. So a whole lot of energy is generated within this center but Projectors have it undefined. This means we're actually a non-energy type. We also do not have a motor center (sacral, root, solar plexus, or heart) connected to our throat center. So we don't have direct manifestation power because everything leads to the throat. This is where manifestation takes place.

We do not have a consistent or reliable source of energy. We do not have the capacity or the inbuilt resources to tap into an internal energy source. Instead, we are energized by living in alignment and being recognized for our ability to support, see, and guide others, and this often happens via an invitation.

So, what do you do when you’re a non-energy type?

Well, that can be answered in many different ways but in short, it’s really helpful for Projectors to get a decent amount of REST!


And wait for the right timing,


And in the meantime, have fun!

Projectors need lots and lots of rest & believe it or not… it actually gives us MORE energy and attracts the correct lifestyle!



Can Projectors Manifest?


You’re probably wondering, “Well if I can’t work long hours and can’t initiate, how am I supposed to get stuff done, create my life, and ultimately manifest?”

It’s not that we don’t have the ability to manifest, it just needs to be done in a more feminine way. ⁣

If you want to manifest things from your MIND right now, then yes, that’s probably not a good thing anyway and we can thank ourselves for being Projectors because most likely it will be met with resistance, for good reason.

It’s important for Projectors to tune into the energetics of life, because of our energetic sensitivity and our aura, so intention and listening to life is very important. The opposite of listening is forcing. Manifestors, for example, can initiate, and in that initiation, there is an element of force because it’s like, “I’m going to do it no matter what,” they don’t have to listen so much. So in order for Projectors to manifest, there has to be this deep listening and subtlety to the energetics of life, and then that’s when we can flow with the strategy of the recognition, invitation, and authority.

We will go deeper into manifestation through our YouTube channel and further blog posts, so please stay tuned.



Why are Projectors the newest type
(out of the four) within Human Design?


What many people don’t actually know about Projectors is that they are the newest type on this planet. We actually “recently” came about a few hundred years ago.

Why would a new type, YOU, be born at this time?

It’s because we have a very specific mission, a specific calling. You’re here to awaken within yourself and awaken within humanity.

1781 was the specific time when projectors were born. Up until that time, we were 7-centered beings, so the mind was totally in control; rightfully so, the mind was evolving. This was a time in history where life wanted the mind to develop. At that point, in 1781, everything changed: Projectors were born, we went from 7-centered to 9-centered beings and our inner authorities became really important, specifically our emotions. There was a big shift in our awareness of our emotions.

So if you’re a Projector born during these times, there’s a reason why you’re here. The planet needs you! Your unique and sensitive energetic system is needed to help guide the energy of the planet. We make others feel seen and heard. We have a more feminine essence which is much needed because most of the world for a very long time has been operating in a more masculine way, from the mind. Projectors are here to show the world that there can be a different way of being. One that is more efficient and healthier for humans and the rest of the world!


Once again, if you’re a Projector and you’re reading this,
you were born at this time for a reason!


If we look out into the world at the moment, you're beginning to see these progressive companies that are starting to change, where they are bringing in mindfulness, bringing in yoga, where maybe the leadership is slightly changing, where it's no more dominating, it's no more top-down, it’s more inclusive, it's more wholesome, it’s more community-based. The leadership within these companies is shifting, where it’s no longer someone at the top, speaking down to people below saying, “This is what needs to happen.”

This is where Projectors come in because we're actually here to guide energy. We guide energy by helping people discover themselves at a deeper level, having others know where to focus, where to place their energy, but have them come about that in their own timing.

So you're sitting there as a Projector going, “What’s my role?” Well, your role is to guide energy, and in the meantime, you play, you level up your vibration, you have fun, you study things that you're really interested in, and you get out into nature. And then when the timing comes, you’re here to guide.

The world is shifting from more leadership to more guidance. Projectors can guide in very deliberate and profound ways just by asking the right question, just by sharing an insight that's not dictating, because your aura is already very penetrative, very direct! So then, if we have these really direct words it can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Therefore, it’s imperative that you honor your body’s intelligence (Strategy and Authority) so you know where and when to come in and guide. Because if you come in and speak when you’re not invited, your words may come off very direct and intense!

Come 2027, this is when we’re gonna go through a massive shift--and we’re already seeing this in real-time! We want to be ready for this. This is our time as Projectors to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

There’s a handful of years before our consciousness will radically take another shift. It’s like an arrow is being pulled back and in 2027, the arrow fires. So any work that can be done, any deep inquiry to awaken your true essence will have a profound impact on the direction that your arrow--your spirit--launches.

How are you using this radical time in history to prepare for 2027?



What do you do then if you’re a Projector?


So as a Projector, you're here to guide. In the meantime, you have fun, you play, you study your passions, and then you wait for recognition and invitations. And hopefully, through our offerings, you can understand your guidance at a deeper level, where you’ll be able to answer questions like these: 


  • How can I really be sensing into my aura? 
  • How can I sense into when the recognitions are there; when the invitations are there?
  • When does life want me to offer my guidance; when doesn't it?
  • How can I create true health and wellbeing? 
  • How can I create true success?


And when you do this--when you start to become aware of your aura and you know whether an invitation is correct for you or not because you’ve listened to your strategy and authority--you start to become a master of your life, a master of reality.

If you have a family or friend that is a Projector, share them this gift so they can understand how unique they are and they can get started on their Human Design journey!

One final reminder, the Projector flow is very similar to the flow of nature, the feminine softness, the ease, and yet at times it penetrates. 

Us here at the Projector Movement recommend getting out into nature and listening, truly listening to the flow of life, away from humans, away from the conditioning so you can begin to tap back into YOUR truth, your Projector aura, and live from this place and flow. 


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We wish you the very best on your journey of self-discovery.


With love, 

Charlie & Andre @ The Projector Movement


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