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Taylor Swift: Journey Into Her Astrology And Human Design

taylor swift astrology taylor swift human design Sep 27, 2023
Taylor Swift Astrology


Taylor Swift's life, both public and personal, plays out like a celestial symphony, each note resonating with her Astrology and Human Design. Her choices in love, her stand on social issues, her connection with family, and her career path are all melodies played to the tune of her unique celestial blueprint.


Taylor Swift, a name synonymous with mesmerizing music, resonating lyrics, and a voice that can melt hearts. Whether you fancy her or not, her music career and persona is a beautiful embodiment of a 5/1 Human Design Projector.

As she continues to grace stages around the world on her current Eras tour, we've decided to write an overview on both Taylor’s:

  • Astrology &
  • Human Design 

For those of you who might be wondering what the planets in the sky have to say about her.

And as a 5/1 Splenic Projector, there's no better place than the Projector Movement to do a deep dive.

Let’s begin with her Human Design chart and then we'll move into her Astrology chart and then also dive into her destiny as we peep into her transits…


Taylor’s Human Design: 5/1 Splenic Projector


Here's what this tells us:

Being a Projector, Swift has fine tuned her craft, focusing on mastery and guidance, obviously through her voice. Not only that, she has truly embodied the Projector energy by completely following her own path, embracing new ways to put herself out to the world as an artist, including being completely vulnerable. Her role as a guide is not just limited to music but extends to mentoring and inspiring young artists and fans alike. 

Like a true Projector, she has revolutionized the music industry as a young woman who fearlessly speaks her truth within in her lyrics. From divulging vulnerable details of her romantic relationships to being an activist and speaking out against hate and inequality, she truly is a trailblazer from the south and a light for a new generation.

Her unique communication style, a blend of wisdom and intuition, resonates deeply with her listeners, making her songs more than just melodies; they become anthems and stories that guide and inspire.


Having an open Sacral Center: Being a Projector, Taylor's energy dynamics are characterized by the open Sacral center. This leads her to manage her energy wisely, often relying on bursts of creativity and intuitive guidance rather than a consistent energy drive. I’m sure she has burnt out many times and remember this current tour in 2023 is her first in 5 years! She really is riding that burst of energy!!!

She has a 5/1 Profile: The 5/1 profile combines the characteristics of the Heretic (Line 5) with the Investigator (Line 1). The Heretic aspect drives her to universalize her experiences through her music, reaching out and resonating with a wide audience. The Investigator part fuels her drive for depth and foundation, often seen in her meticulously crafted albums.

If there was ever prototype to illustrate the life of a 5/1 Projector, Taylor Swift would be up at the top. The 5/1 profile acts as a double projection line for the the Projector and if there ever was someone who stirred up controversy, adversaires, enemies, as well as a fierce loyal “Swiftie” following it would be Taylor Swift.  What wraps the 5/1 up, in a nutshell, is pretty much in the eye of each person there is a different projection .

You can see this in the path of her music. Taylor’s self proclaimed “Bad Reputation” could sum up how a 5/1 Projector can feel during their life path as they pursue their truth. The 5/1 profile carries such high expectations and projections that when those expectations are not met, the response is to literally run that person out of town.

Many times in Taylor’s career the media and public have turned their back on her calling her every name in the book including a “snake,” which is the exact response a 5/1 can receive when people have turned their backs on them. However for Taylor, these momentary setbacks have only motivated her more. Over the course of her career, when she was experiencing a roadblock, Taylor would often retreat into her cocoon to only come out bigger and better than ever.

Taylor’s career has been a roller coaster of projections and yet her conviction to her truth and the confidence in her walk are a testament to the “success” Projectors are predetermined to have. Her current Eras Tour is expected to boost the US economy by over 3 Billion Dollars. Talk about a revolutionary heretic, a true 5/1 Projector Trailblazer.


Splenic Projector

In addition to being a 5/1 Profile, Taylor has a Splenic Authority: As a Splenic Projector, Taylor relies on her instincts, intuition, and what feels right in the moment. This can be seen in her spontaneous creativity and the intuitive connection she shares with her audience.



Some Specific Aspects Of Her Chart That Jump Out At Us:


  1. Gate 6 (The Peacemaker) is in the position of her Subconscious Mars (this points to a core wound). Therefore Taylor may cause friction or be pushed into situations for her to feel this wound of not being able to be the peacemaker. Remember the time Kanye West got on stage and took the mic from her. Hello friction!!! This was back in 2009, astrologically Taylor was going through a transit known as Pluto opposite her Moon (Gate 15: The Gate of Extremes). Completely taking her outside her emotional comfort zone for over a year! 
  2. North node (Gate 13: The Natural Listener) and South node (Gate 7: The Gate of the Role of the Self) positions - Taylor is moving from having it all be about her to really listening to what others have to say. This will be an interesting journey as she is already so big and well known. She really is the STAR of the show, but her soul is really here to put humanity first, to guide from behind, to make change in a deep and lasting way.

As I will mention in a little bit, some of her transits that are coming up in her life will guide her in this direction no doubt:

But First Let's Talk A Little About Her South And North Node Gates…


South Node:

Gate 7: The Guide (The Gate of the Role of the Self) 

Being in the south node position shows us that this energy held within this gate comes natural to Taylor, she already has this energy deep within, most likely from past lifetimes, yet we always want to aim to move towards our north node, this is what life is wanting for us for this lifetime. 

Anyway, back to Gate 7. This gate wants to lead, and this gate has the ability to do just that. 

No one wants to be bossed around. Taylor has the ability to offer direction and guidance to those around her to truly empower others. This can bring order and team work to a group or organization in order to achieve a common goal. If she leads from a place of love and giving then she's on the right track. Yet, she will truly be on the right track when she moves with the energy of her north node...


North Node:

Gate 13: The Gate of the Listener

This gate is about listening deeply to life. If she is NOT listening to life then she will find herself in the same patterns, the same loopholes, the same struggles over and over again.

As Taylor develops emotionally she will begin to listen to life more as well as her emotions. Over time she will increase her ability to listen with more awareness and learn the lesson that are being offered.

Ideally Taylor starts to see all situations as opportunities to learn and develop spiritually. From what she receives by truly listening, she can then alchemize this through her Projector being and create magic for the world from this place, with the intention to truly lift humanity up! Sounds like a big soul's journey to me!! 


Taylor Swift's Natal Chart

Born on December 13, 1989, Taylor Swift's natal chart can be viewed below. 

The main thing I see overall is this heavy opposition of planets completely opposite each other. With huge planets in the second house (the earthly house) in Capricorn, she obviously has the drive and commitment to see her mission through. Yet at the same time it's opposing her moon, Jupiter and Chiron giving her soul an extra emotional challenge. There is an emotional wound that she is to overcome to fully reach her soul's potential. Jupiter directly opposes mercury gives an expansion to her voice and communication. This obviously makes total sense. 


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And one other thing that stands out within Taylors chart is the depth she carries within her spirituality, having Scorpio representing a HUGE part of her chart as well as the 8th house (Scorpio as well), she is a deep one. 

The Scorpio energy typically represents intensity, depth, transformation, secrecy, power, and rebirth. It's a sign that doesn't shy away from the darker aspects of life and often seeks to uncover hidden truths.

With Taylor’s Scorpio placements this manifests most likely through her transformative musical career, her ability to evolve and reinvent herself, and the intense emotional depth in her lyrics. Scorpio energy could also be seen in her drive and determination in her career and her desire to control her narrative, especially in her business endeavors and struggles with record labels.


So to sum it all up so far… Taylor has the drive, commitment, as well as the depth and passion to to be a very fiery soul for the humanity. Remember she is only 33 years old right now!!


Her Sun sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign known for its adventurous and expansive nature. This aligns perfectly with her relentless pursuit of growth and the endless boundaries she pushes in her career. Taylor's involvement in social causes, political activism, and philanthropy aligns with her Sun in Sagittarius, reflecting a broader perspective and desire to expand horizons. This fiery energy ignites her passion for speaking out on issues she believes in.

Moon in Cancer: Her emotional nature is deeply nurturing and empathetic, contributing to the emotional depth in her music. Her close-knit relationship with her family and her role as a loving daughter and sister could be traced back to her Moon in Cancer. This sign emphasizes nurturing and emotional connections, explaining her deep family bonds.

Venus in Aquarius: This placement lends a unique perspective on love and relationships, often reflecting non-conformist views on romance.


Now To A Little About Her Astrological Transits:


The biggest transformation and energetics that are running through Taylor’s chart and life from now until the end of 2025 (so 2+ years), is 2 specific transits:

  1. Pluto conjunct Venus
  2. Uranus opposite Mars 

Both these transits highlight relationships and also her own relationship with her feminine and masculine within. 

Pluto conjunct Venus is completely breaking down and redefining her relationship to the feminine energy. 

Uranus opposite Mars is going to completely break down and redefine her relationship to the masculine energy. 


It looks like Taylor is in for a masculine / feminine upgrade. It’s going to be deep, most likely challenging, yet it's all for her soul to come out more clear and connected to truth than she was before entering these big transits. 

Don't be surprised if the destiny that awaits Taylor over the next few years challenges her relationships as well as brings a total rebirth within herself to emerge uniquely different in 2025 and beyond. Only time will tell. 


Our destiny is written in the stars, the water always follows the path of least resistance.

The question is, do we have the courage to truly surrender to what is written for us?

Astrology and Human Design reveal this destiny to us, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. 


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Conclusion: The Symphony Continues...


Taylor Swift's life, both public and personal, plays out like a celestial symphony, each note resonating with her Astrology and Human Design. Her choices in love, her stand on social issues, her connection with family, and her career path are all melodies played to the tune of her unique celestial blueprint.

Her current tour is not just a showcase of her musical talent; it's a manifestation of her life's harmony with the stars and her design. As a 5/1 Splenic Projector, she continues to guide, resonate, and inspire, both on and off the stage.

The melody of Taylor Swift's life invites us all to dance to our rhythms, align with our planets/stars, and embrace our unique design. It's a song of authenticity, wisdom, and alignment. Her life is not just a story but a guiding light, a resonating harmony in this vast cosmic dance. And she found her success.

Join the rhythm, feel the vibrations, and let yourself be guided by the melody of Taylor Swift's celestial symphony. The stars, your design, and your music await you.