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5 Tips To Thrive as a Human Design Projector

human design projector Nov 19, 2023

So you’ve found out you’re a Projector in Human Design. You’ve probably read that this is one of the more rare “energy-types”, to be within this esoteric profiling system. You may have even heard that you have natural, in-born qualities of being a powerful guide in the world. But what does this really mean? How can you utilize this newfound knowledge to enhance your life?


Let’s lay some ground rules before we dive into the 5 powerful ‘Projector Pointers’.  


In Human Design everyone is born with a unique blueprint that is called a ‘body graph’ (fancy terms for a birth chart). This body graph contains 9 centers, linked to the ancient Kabbalah and the Indian Chakra system- throw into the mix the I-Ching and astrology and you’ll start to get the ingredients that make up this magic system known as Human Design. Back to the centers… Each of these centers is allocated to an area of your life experience. For example, there is one center for how you think and conceptualize, then there is another for how you uniquely experience and process emotions. These centers offer powerful and clarifying windows into how energy, how life, uniquely moves through you.


The center of utmost importance when it comes to understanding your projector-nature is called the sacral center.


The sacral center is linked to the sacral chakra, which in Vedic spirituality is known as the energy center in our body that is responsible for creativity, sexuality, physical activity and the endurance to see something through to completion.


Now here is the important part, Projectors as a whole have this powerful energy center empty, or in HD lingo, ‘undefined’ in their body graph. When a center is undefined in a chart, it renders the expressions of that center dormant. You can’t force the energy, or force that center to perform like everyone else, or like those who have it defined (eh-erhm 70% of the population). 


Having an undefined sacral center means that inherently as a Projector you are working with far less self-created and physically generative energy than the majority of the population.


Maybe you at times feel perpetually exhausted? Or that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get ahead? We hope this explanation so far has given you more of an idea as to what that might be! 


Have no fear, though. You are not doomed with exhaustion and burn-out as a life sentence. Every Projector has the ability to work –with- their design by adopting an alternate template that better suits your needs. And luckily, this is exactly what Human Design provides. 


So let’s dive into it… or dive into you. Let’s explore 5 powerful tips for how you can work with your design as a Human Design Projector to thrive in your life.


Immediately, As Much As Humanly Possible, Release Yourself From The Comparison Trap.

There is no comparing you, Projector., especially when most of the time you are comparing yourself to Generators and the rest of the world, that really have no business in how you are meant to function correctly. As we said above, you are a part of a mere 20% of the population. You are built different! The way you receive, process and work with information is a journey all on your own. This can be incredibly liberating when you realize that most of the things society prescribes are, simply put, NOT FOR YOU. So if you find yourself consistently getting stuck in patterns of comparing yourself to others, keep reading.


The key to freeing yourself from comparison can be found when you go on the journey of understanding yourself and discovering what YOU truly value, not what the majority deems as ‘valuable’. 


If you choose to keep comparing, forcing and replicating others, then you will most likely end up with flavours of: 

  • Sickness 
  • Exhaustion 
  • Bitterness 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 

We don’t want that!! On the other hand when you learn your true nature and live aligned to your authentic make up you are hear to be magical, successful, recognized and deeply in tune and flow with life. 


That is where the magic awaits you. As a Projector you have the capacity to understand what true success is, more than most. And through aligning your life with those values in a way that supports you, you get to show others what is possible.


Next time you feel the grip of “why don’t I have more energy?” (non-sacral being) instead, sink into the question of,


 “What if I let myself relax into my current energy-levels, and trust that the more I give myself space to rest my body and mind… the more I will be available for powerful inspiration or invitations to come my way?”


Embrace your natural rhythm, go on the journey of understanding your design and allow yourself the space to celebrate what makes you different! 


And you, Projector, like the beauty of the zebra, are here to shine in your unique essence.



Adopt A Powerful, And Consistent, Self-Care Routine.

We know, we know. Everyone is talking about self-care and the importance of ‘putting yourself first’… yet truly, Projectors might need to hear this the most. And why that is, is because, by design, you may be the last to truly prioritize yourself.


As a Projector you have what’s called a “penetrative and absorbing” aura type, which tends to be more focused on the world around you. This is an amazing super power you carry, but one that needs to be trained and tempered (read tip #5). 


Projectors can experience burnout when their focus is being directed externally for extended periods of time. Most of the time, you might not even notice that you are not focusing on yourself, because you are in the default of your aura type. Although it may be tricky at first, learn to focus on yourself. Take the time to learn how to be healthfully selfish. It will change your world, and improve every area of your life,


Having a consistent daily self-care practice could be a great way to do this, and the good news is, it could be anything! 


How about taking a daily bath? Or picking up a gua-sha practice? Or meditating as you watch the sunset? Or committing to sitting down for atleast one nourishing meal everyday? Take yourself for a massage once a week? Read a book? 


Start small. All that matters is that it’s all for you. This will truly help your thrive as a Projector. Trust us. 



Begin To Notice And Hunt For Your Threads Of ‘Genius’

As a projector you shine not for what you can create or make happen, but rather for your BEINGNESS.


You can see and guide others into the correct use of their own energy, and from this successful guidance, you receive the recognition and sense of fulfillment that most Projectors deeply long for. 


This guidance is not something you need to force or tire yourself endlessly for. Each and every Projector is born with their own unique gifted quality that effortlessly emanates from the depth of your being.


As you embark on the treasure hunt of uncovering and remembering this gift, you will feel more fulfillment in who you are, and align with the right people and experiences that are correct for you.


An effective way to understand what your unique gift is, is to consult those whom are nearest and dearest to you. This could be your family, or it could be people who are your chosen family… friends, partners, mentors or colleagues who you feel a genuine connection with. Next time you are having a conversation, ask if they feel open to sharing one of their favorite things about you, or if they have a reflection of something they perceive you to be really good at.


It can feel uncomfortable to ask and receive feedback like that. That's ok, lean in a little bit and step out of your comfort zone and ask someone you trust in your life… there is no safer way to truly explore the positive impact you have on the world. And who knows, you might receive a reflection that really allows you to tap into your latent genius!



Work Smarter, Not Harder 

A must-do for all Human Design Projectors. As we said above, with having an undefined Sacral center, you are not here to be continuously burning through your energy resources. Think of it like working in spurts. You thrive when you work efficiently, creating good systems and structures, and then having ample time to recover and recharge.


A phrase that is used to describe this process, that works incredibly for Projectors, is called ‘sequencing’. Sequencing is when you leave a little wiggle-room in between your various tasks of the day, as much as possible. Do you currently wake up and feel like you need to sprint into GO-mode? Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can have some moments to yourself meditating, or putting your feet on the grass, before getting into the daily grind. Really, grind is a word that Projectors shouldn’t even have in their vocabulary. 


Schedule micro-breaks, 5 minute ‘pauses’ in between your work tasks and use that time to ground, rest and take a moment to be present.


When it comes to working, use the ‘one thing’ approach, where instead of having a huge to-do list that you are fighting to tackle, pick the one big thing that would be most successful for you to accomplish over the day.


Be Strategic. Be Efficient. 


By design, this is truly how you thrive. 



Practice Pulling Back Your Energy In Social Dynamics

I know this can feel counter-intuitive, “don’t I want to be seen and recognized?”, but keep reading.


Remember how we said that Projectors have a penetrative and absorbing aura? Well this means that you can often experience a little bit of ‘pull back’ in social dynamics. People may naturally feel a resistance to recognizing and engaging with you because they probably have not felt that level of intensity before.


When you practice pulling your awareness back into yourself  you are not as exposed and vulnerable to ‘losing yourself, into the other, OR feeling bitter about their lack of recognition.


Another benefit of actively pulling your energy and awareness back into yourself is that it creates a more magnetic energy about you, meaning that you will be more likely to have people (and the correct people!) leaning in to you, and inviting you into engagement… which is the ideal scenario!


Try this out and notice how it goes for you. 


So there you have it! Our 5 top tips to thrive as a Human Design Projector. If you want to understand more about your design, and be a part of a thriving collective of thousands of projectors all around the world, come find us @projectormovement

Take care, Projector!

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