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Top 4 Tips for your Deconditioning Journey

Dec 19, 2023

Welcome to this blog! We are guessing that if you made it here, you are likely a Projector in Human Design. Or who knows, maybe you are reading for a projector you care about? If so, how sweet of you!


Whatever it is that brings you here, we’ve got a hot topic to delve into; deconditioning. 


This is a crucial element of learning Human Design, because it we are honest… ALL of us are conditioned. Every person comes into this world and is in some way or another drawn astray from their true nature. A form of homogenization, it becomes the normal and virtuous thing to do to try to be like everyone else. This makes you more likely to ‘fit it’ or ‘belong' , but the ironic thing is… it doesn’t! Thus... the journey of deconditioning begins...


Projectors, being somewhat of a minority, making up only 20% of the population… we definitely don’t ‘fit in’. We are astrologically wired to be a bit ‘left of field’, with our own specific strategy and authority, aura type and life-theme to live by (follow @projectormovement to learn all the deets!). Learning to walk our own walk, and find the inherent joy in that, is what it's all about.


So how do Projectors best go about their deconditioning journey, the journey of returning home to their authentic self? We sped up the process for you, keep reading to discover our top 3 tips for success.

#1: The Greatest Changes will Come from your Embodiment 

Yes, we want to supply you will all of the potent deconditioning information (see tip#2) , but the first step really is coming back to the wisdom of the body. Because our aura is oriented to be externally focused, it is more important for us Human Design Projectors to have the tools and practice of coming back to our own center, again and again and again!

With our open Sacral center and absorbing aura, from the moment we are born all of us in many ways have taken on our environment and others around us, which has caused us in more ways than one to 'lose' ourselves, our true selves. From there what can happen is we 'run' up into our minds for safety and protection, but this causes a disconnection between our truth that lies within the body.   

We suggest that when you start your day, you do something that grounds you into your body. It could be standing barefoot in your garden with a cup of tea, or a yoga flow, or a walk, or a meditation. Take a few moments in privacy, with as little distraction as possible, to simply BE with yourself. Throughout the day, carve out ‘mini-moments’ to embrace this pause and presence. When you are consistently doing this, your body has a natural way of starting the deconditioning process on it’s own.



#2: Learn your Authority Type and Practice Living by it

There are several authority types in the Human Design system, think of them like internal guidance systems. As projectors, there are 5 possible authorities we can have, (we just did an informative post about this on our IG). Knowing your authority and practicing living it makes all of the difference for coming back to your true nature. It makes deconditioning a lot easier when we have a sense of what we are trying to reorient to.


Take for example the emotional authority; when conditioned, one with this authority type likely has a disruptive relationship to their emotions, maybe even burying or shaming them!


When this person goes on the deconditioning journey, they then practice listening to, being more present with, unpacking and more intentionally riding out the intense wave of their emotional cycle. This would then change them in such a positive, drastic way… because they are learning to come back to their true authority.


Learn your authority type and start experimenting with living it. Let it be perfectly imperfect, it’s a journey worth pursuing.

Have no fear, though. You are not doomed with exhaustion and burn-out as a life sentence. Every Projector has the ability to work –with- their design by adopting an alternate template that better suits your needs. And luckily, this is exactly what Human Design provides. 

Don't worry, we wouldn't leave the other authorities hanging ;) Here is a small description for teach of the other types:

Splenic: Your authority is the instinctual, subtle messaging-system that lives within you. This messaging-system is linked to your primal biology, not your mind or emotions. It is very quiet, revealing it's guidance in spontaneous moments. Learn to listen keenly. The more space you create for quiet in your life, and in your mind, the more accurate these splenic 'hits' will become.

G-Center / Self-Projected: Your authority comes from a place of self-identity and resonance. You have such a strong embodiment and individuation to your design, honoring this and doing what you love is absolutely vital. Your guidance-system then becomes based upon, "Will this lead me closer to my true direction?", "Does this resonate with who I am, and does it expand my capacity for love?" You have a magnetic-pulse on what is or is not for you, trust it.

Ego: Your Authority is all about personal power, and desire. It is really important that you allow yourself to carve out a healthy 'ego' for yourself. What does healthy mean? You allow yourself to become defined by, identified with and reputable for a worthy cause, hobby, skillset, lifestyle, passion or role. Your authority is an internal guidance that will steer you towards this healthy empowered reputation, and away from what minimize your passion/power.

Mental: You are the most rare breed of Human Design Projectors, making up only 2-3% of the worlds population! You are also the only 'outer authority', meaning that your direction does not come from within like the previous 4 authority types, rather it comes from outside of you. You find your guidance through being able to talk things out. It is great for you to have trusted people that you can sound-board with, where you get to speak freely, and through the speaking, find your way into clarity. The way it works for this type of Human Design Projector is that you have to talk and hear your voice into your own clarity. Sounds a little strange, but again, you are such a rare type! Try it out and see how you go :)




#3: Refine your Social Circles

Don’t worry! We are not saying you need to ditch your friends and become a hermit in the woods (although nothing wrong with a nice, secluded cottage!). What we ARE saying is that when you commit to the journey of deconditioning who you have been taught to be… it’s likely going to require you to remove yourself, distance yourself, or shift the connections or environments that perpetuate your conditioning.

This can be done with grace, and love… it’s a good play-ground for learning healthy boundaries, self-care and energy management. Maybe go to that social circle gathering monthly, instead of weekly. Maybe you have the catch up with a more energy-intensive family member on the phone, with good time-blocking, rather than in person.


Another easy way to create these boundaries, and re-align your energy is simply to prioritize spending more time with people who embody qualities that you admire, and that you wouldn't be necessarily upset by those qualities rubbing off on you (eh-erm, open center super-power)! Who do you admire? What qualities do you need more of in your life? Follow the lead of those insights. This will support your deconditioning, nourishment, and releasing of old ways.


Overall, when it comes to being a Human Design Projector on the deconditioning journey, shedding who you are not, to become who you are… it’s okay to take the breathing room you need to allow that transformation. It's okay to be where you WANT to be, not where you feel you NEED to be. You are allowed to speak for your needs and desire, do it with love and care, and the aligned people will understand, or learn how to!


#4: Food

The fourth area of life that you can begin to look into and make any necessary shifts for your deconditioning journey is to focus on the food you are consuming. As a Projector, as I've already mentioned, we're taking in a lot of energy, information and emotions from our environment; this also includes food.

Food can actually have a big impact on our system. The Projector system is often more sensitive than others. So if you're around a lot of Generators and they are eating for their pleasure, wanting that muffin and wanting that other sweet dessert, and you're like, “Yeah, I want that as well.” You're the one that's gonna pay the price more than the Generator. 70% of the population can do that. Generators can burn a lot of fuel very quickly (hello Sacral center). In this example, if you go for the desserts, you'll be left with the same pleasure and probably having more because your Sacral Center has been amplified by the sacral centers of the Generators. And then you'll be the one that is way more affected than everyone else.


Being really aware that your digestive system is a lot more sensitive than most people is vital to your wellbeing. So you enter your Human Design experiment of finding out what works for your system and what doesn't. The best way to do that is you actually feeling and sensing into the foods you eat, asking yourself, “How are my energy levels? How's my digestion? How do I feel right now?” Test your body. Does it like grains? Does it like dairy? Does it like sugar? Does it like proteins? Does it like fats?


So test certain foods for yourself. One week have more of a particular food, the next week have more of a different food. See how you feel internally, feel how your energy levels are, see how your digestive system feels. This is a very practical way to begin the deconditioning process because diet is a major way that you can be conditioned... by trying to eat similarly or the same to everyone else. Yet we are very different remember! Specifically notice if you feel more tired after eating certain meals, this is a clear indication that potentially your body is working a bit to hard to digest that food type... we want food to energize us... so listen. 


Getting accustomed to what works for your digestive system will help the deconditioning process deepen, and will support you to further align to what is authentically supportive and true for your Projector system. 

So there we have it! These are some core deconditioning strategies we would highly recommend as you are beginning, or continuing the journey of coming home to your Projector essence.


Hope to catch you next time,
The Projector Movement