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The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success

human design projector Sep 09, 2020

The Ultimate Projector Guide!  This 6-week training is the most in-depth training and self-discovery container there is for projectors within the human design system. 

If you want to take a deep dive into yourself and discover how your energy flows and merges with life then this is an invitation to you to join the training. 

Welcome to this projector training, which is dedicated to you and your transformation. This is an online program that will guide you on a journey back to yourself, back to your essence. Here is a very brief outline of what to expect…

Week 1: History And Where Our Society Is Going From Here

This week is dedicated to the context of the current world and what’s to come in the future. We lay out the preparation this week, and you will discover how Human Design fits into this journey of past, present, and future.

Keys for this week: awareness, awakening and sacred union.


Week 2: Deep Dive Into Projectors

Everything you want to know about projectors is packed into this week. Learn how to move from bitterness to success and how life can support you on your journey. You have such a unique path waiting for you in this lifetime and within this week you will understand how to navigate that path with more ease than ever before.


Week 3: Your Projector Uniqueness 

The focus of this week is on your specific type. Whether you’re an Emotional Projector, Splenic Projector, Ego Projector, Self-Projected Projector or Mental Projector you will finish this week with a detailed and refined understanding of yourself. Alongside this, we will go into the specific gates you have defined with your center of authority and discover how to increase the frequency and vibration of those gates.

Alone this week has over 4 hours worth of training that has the ability to cause deep catalytic transformations within you. You’ll begin to let go of old patterns and old conditioning, stepping into yourself and your design. 


Week 4: Projector Wellbeing | Mastering The Art

As a certified detoxification specialist, this week is dedicated to your projector wellbeing. I once was very ill myself with borderline chronic fatigue, my health is very different these days in the most positive of ways, hugely because of Human Design. Taking into consideration the unique aura of projectors and the subtle energetic system, I’ll be sharing tips, tools and techniques to take your health to the next level. 

We'll go into glands, the nervous system, the ideal diet for you and much more! 


Week 5: Projector Purpose | Projector Career | And The Golden Key

As a projector you need to know your value. This week we journey into your value, into how you can show up in the world and actually receive the correct recognition. Once you discover your value, the rest of the world has no choice but to listen and receive that value too. Also the golden key is revealed – this is how projectors can truly reach their full potential in this life, how you can be truly successful in all aspects of your life.


Week 6: The Relationship Journey For Projectors + A Bonus

Whether you are looking for love, already in love, or falling out of love, this week is focused on projectors within relationships. Relationships are vital for projectors, not only love relationships, although we certainly will explore them this week, but also 1-on-1 relationships with family, friends, and work colleges. All the relationships that make up your life are vital to your success. Luckily there’s a week dedicated to just this!



#1 Pre-Launch Video Training 4-Part Series

In this training we go into the current evolutionary transit we find ourselves in. Prepare to discover just how valuable projectors really are in these current times. Then we transition into some famous projectors, exploring their charts, their lives as projectors, and what we can learn from their unique stories and journey. As well as this there is a wellbeing tip that you can implement right now and experience the very large positive impact it has on your energetic system!

#2 Projector Guided Meditation

Be guided into yourself, be seen, be heard and be witnessed in your essence and then have your essence awaken to itself. This mediation will do just that.

#3: 4 X 60 Minute Recorded Group Coaching Calls

These group coaching calls will be held at the beginning of the training and towards the middle of the training, and there will be space for questions to be asked and further wisdom to be shared. 

#4: Private Facebook Group

Have a support system of projectors who are on the same journey as you. This positive, supportive environment is a great resource for you to have moving forward. 

What you will get from completing this training?

  • Begin to embody the human design wisdom. It’s one thing to know the technical aspects of a chart, to know you’re a projector, to know what that means… but it’s a whole other thing to embody the knowledge and transform it into living wisdom within yourself. This is one thing this course will assist you with!

  • The projector not-self is bitterness and the projector journey is moving from bitterness to success. Success can be in wellbeing, relationships, career, and flow. Being a truly successful projector means really mastering what it means to be alive. This training takes you on a unique journey and will open up the possibility for you to fully activate your success.

  • You will energetically understand yourself at a much deeper level. By doing this you will begin to master your own energy and manage it in a healthier way. In doing so you will bolster your energy because it will be used at the correct time and in the correct way, which will further open up opportunities for you to truly live your life the way it was supposed to be lived.

If you are feeling called to be a part of the next training you can find all the information here 

I'd love to see you there! 


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