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Words From My Heart - Honouring The Projector Women Of The World

Oct 15, 2023

I Wanted To Share From My Heart.


With everything that's going on in the world at the moment I wanted to take a moment to let you into my world. A world that began to shift when I was 18 years old as I traveled to Poland for a year, where my eyes began to open.


This was 14 years ago.


From that moment, I have dived in and explored many cultures worldwide, giving me a glimpse, a perspective of another way of living.


See, I grew up in Australia, went to a private school and the University of Melbourne. I was given all the opportunities one could want to become successful and achieve one's dreams, and I am truly grateful for this. It is true that, as a white man, doors have opened up for me easier... most likely a lot easier than most.


As well as living in Poland for a year, I have lived in Bali for a year, India for almost half a year and America for over 4 years. A huge part of this has been because I was given the education and privileges to do so.



On April 19th 1770, Captain Cook discovered the land of the First Australians, who many know as Aboriginals. From my understanding, The Native People of the Australian Land referred to the world and creation as the dream time.' The Aboriginals understood life in ways that are unimaginable for us these days; a connection to nature, creation, and each other. They saw themselves as one.


Upon being invaded by Captain Cook and his army, the shock they must have been riddled with when met with the level of violence, brutality, and control would have been insurmountable, and as a result over the hundreds of years an entire culture has been suppressed and almost wiped out.


As a white man, to know I come from this lineage, I feel it's my responsibility to look under the covers of what society has painted in front of my eyes and seek the truth.


With what is happening in this world right now, the same energy that ran through the blood of Captain Cook's men is also running through much of humanity, whether consciously or unconsciously.


With our own eyes we are witnessing our fellow humans do things to each other that are quite unimaginable. This is not about taking sides, this is about bringing light to our own shadows, to our own darkness.


Over the years I have felt a resonance with the Hebrew language through its music and learning songs on my guitar.

The Jewish religion (which speaks Hebrew) 's most ancient and holy praver is known as the Sh'ma: Sh'ma Yisra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad. Which, in essence, refers to ONE God; it points to the truth of humanity, that we all come from the same place, birthed from one God, one energy composed of both masculine and feminine elements.


Everyone likes to talk about love, feel love, write songs about love...

Yet what is love?

The purity of love is unity, union, oneness. Love is when you welcome another as yourself; that is true love.

Love is not just a feeling you get from another to get your needs met so you feel good.

True love is union. 


The opposite of love is fear.

People think fear is being scared of something, being afraid, yes that's an effect of fear. 

The truth of fear is separation. It's when we see ourselves as separate from the whole, separate from others, from nature, from life. Fear is the destined feeling because, within this view, we are separate, alone, and isolated.

Yet fear is an illusion for we all come from the same place, made up of the same essential ingredients, connected by being humans. We are one.

Much like a drop in the ocean, it comes from the ocean; imagine drops from the one ocean fighting...


I bet they would feel pretty silly when they return to the ocean and realize that they were one all along.


So, we need to understand where this separation comes from. Where does this fear come from and from this understanding we can then move to bringing wholeness to oneself, others around you, and then to the world?


We experience separation within relationships

We experience separation within families

We experience separation within communities

We experience separation with countries

We experience separation within religions


But why? Where does this stem from?

Until we address the root, the energy will continue


My belief is that the original separation is being a male or a female. From oneness, we come into this world as either a male or female (and yes some people may identify differently); it's even hidden within our DNA, down to the X and Y chromosomes.


The story of Adam and Eve explains that both were living in paradise, in oneness, in innocence, and then something happened, and they fell.

Where did they fall? They fell into separation.


And what has been shown to me is ultimately the male energy got jealous of the differences within the physical, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of the feminine. Most likely jealous of Eve's body, that Eve could create a baby within her, that Eve had a unique connection to God that was sacred and intuitive, different from Adam yet not better. The feminine energy dreams the dreams and the masculine energy helps manifest the dreams. Both energies are equally potent yet show up differently in the respective bodies.


There is a lot of power within the feminine vessel, mind, emotions and soul.

But what did the masculine energy do when it got jealous of this inner power held within the woman?


It tried to overcompensate by using force, physical strength, and the mind to feel MORE powerful than the woman.

For the last thousands and thousands of years, this distortion within the masculine has caused immense pain and suffering through:


  •  Education systems that emphasize the mind, learning through repetition... over creativity and intuition
  •  Healthcare that is more about fixing (masculine) the symptom than understanding (feminine) the cause
  •  Men changed the meaning of certain historical feminine archtypes and words casting 'spells and shifting the meaning from powerful feminine things to masculine things
    •  Isis was originally one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt, considered the mother of all Gods, yet a 'spell' was cast on her to now have people think of ISIS as a terrorist organization.
    •  The astrology sign to represent the energy of the mother, emotions, the feminine is Cancer, and yet now, when we hear this word, we think of death & disease.
    •  And even in Business: where the word profit exchanged the original word 'prophet', yet the '(spell)ing' changed and a spell was cast over this energy
    •  Eris, a Greek Goddess and female warrior is interestingly the name of the new Covid variant


  •  A world where the mind (masculine) rules over emotion (feminine)
  •  Competition: all about who is the BEST
  •  Wars
  •  Our calendar was created by Julius Caesar (a man), away from the moon or lunar (feminine) calendar (the moons & nature's rhythms) that was previously used
  •  Religion often refers to God as Father, ie. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, removing any inclination about the feminine energy. Guess who wrote this... Men.
  •  Many women historically and still to this day cannot:
    •  Vote
    •  Pray in many religions
    •  Have no rights
    •  Have to cover up
    •  Owned by men in many religions


The original wound that causes wars, power over, jealousy, separation, pain and suffering in the world is this original separation.

If we want peace for the world, we need to find peace within our own inner masculine and feminine energies.

If you want peace in the world, find peace within your relationships.

If you want peace in the world, see within yourself how you create this separation.

Another proposed OPPOSITE to love is indifference, for when we say nothing we are siding with the oppressor. Not using my voice as a man to speak to this, would make me complicit and allow this energy that we have 'swum' in for thousands of years to continue. We must bring the shadow to the light. This is true alchemy. A man's alchemy is to turn lead into gold. God's alchemy is to turn fear into love.


We argue about the left wing, the right wing, the Republicans, the Democrats, yet they are two wings of the same bird, and that bird is patriarchy.


There was a prophecy spoken by Natives around the world over 500 years ago. It's the EAGLE and CONDOR prophecy. It is said that when the Eagle and Condor fly as one, there will be peace on earth.

The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the masculine, while the path of the Condor is the path of the heart, of intuition, and of the feminine.


Only when these two energies come together will there be peace on earth.


What we have done as the masculine, and men, is disconnected women, but not only women, we have disconnected ourselves from a part of us and God.


Much like a tree, let's say the branches are masculine and the roots are feminine.

It's like the branches are jealous of the roots because they are within the earth, so the branches decide to cut off the roots. To stop watering the roots, to ignore the roots...

And what does that do, brings the whole tree down, both the masculine and feminine, to the ground

On this day of my 32nd birthday I want to say:


To the women of the world: I'm sorry for my ignorance, I'm sorry for the current state of the world, I'm sorry for what men have done and where we currently find ourselves as humanity.


To the men: I ask, as I ask of myself, to humble oneself enough to see with clear eves how we continue to perpetuate a world that suppresses the power of the feminine. To then take a step 'down' so we can be in unity, and plant 'seeds of peace within our own heart, within our own mind, and within all our relations.


From these seeds, may the Eagle and Condor prophecy be realized and may we get to feel what it is like to live in peace and harmony within our lifetime.


Thank you for reading,

Ps. I am not claiming to be a teacher or expert, I am simply speaking from my heart and choosing to walk humbly and continue to understand at deeper levels and ultimately walk my prayers

Pps. during me writing this, two Hawks circled above, nature is always talking to us

Charlie Maginness