Connection Chart Sessions:


We Projectors learn about ourselves through the other.
It’s only natural for us to want to understand other people and the way in which our mechanics talk to one another.


In this Connection Chart session, we overlay your chart one-by-one with another person’s (up to three combinations).


Guided By Rebecca
*Certified Human Design Guide*.



The Session:

We look at how your energy types and auras interact with one another as well as diving deep into mechanics of this combination chart; the four types of connection chart channels.

These reveal;

  •  where we create sparks between one another (both positively and for potential friction),
  •  where we experience compromise,
  •  where we can easily relate to each other, and
  •  where we can see them clearly for who they are and vice versa.

What You Will Gain:

We can also see what lessons you are both teaching one other as well as highlight areas of tension and conflict or admiration and love.

In this Connection Chart session, the aim is always to help increase understanding of the other and ourselves so we can show more empathy to those who are or were important in our lives... so we can break blame into understanding, and ultimately improve our relationship dynamics.

Whose Charts Do I Bring?

You can bring up to three people’s birth information with you for Rebecca to overlay with yours. These people can be your parents or caregivers from when you were growing up, your children, your partner, your business partner or your best friends.

You have the choice to focus on the people around you now or people from your past. By choosing charts from your past, you can see where you may have received your conditioning and why you would have felt the way you did around them at the time.



"I had my very Human Design session through my reading with Rebecca. There is A LOT to know and Rebecca is clear in her delivery and answers any questions. She is clearly very passionate about Human Design and she demonstrates great knowledge on the subject already. I feel as though I’ve only dipped my toe in the learnings but I’ve already found myself referring back to my personal chart a lot. I love the way it slots in with other things I’ve studied and learnt about myself over the years. Highly recommend a reading with Rebecca."


"I was buzzing with new information and a deep curiosity for what this experiment will look like in my life. I was all in and hungry to know more! The consistent reminders from Rebecca to stay within my strategy and authority have been like little permission hugs along the way. I feel a sense of clarity and direction for my daily practice. It’s such an honor to learn from someone who is living within their own strategy and authority and is sincerely connected to her practice. Thank you so very much Rebecca! I deeply appreciate your kind guidance and enthusiasm for this work!"


Your Investment:

Connection Chart Sessions


One Time Payment

LIVE Connection Chart Readings


Your Guide

Rebecca -  1/3 Mental Projector

Official IHDS Human Design Guide from London, United Kingdom.

Rebecca went through the formal training to become a Living Your Design Guide whilst being trained by multiple amazing Human Design teachers who were original students of Ra Uru Hu - the Founder of the Human Design System.

Her grounded presence blended with her incredible knowledge for Human Design will give you an opportunity of a life time.

Rebecca is a 1/3 Mental Projector. Her unique chart reveals that she has the ability to see deeply into individuals for the purpose of guiding and helping others when invited to do so. She's here to lead when invited and has an incredibly unique way of understanding the world around her.

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What People Are Saying:


"I found it SO interesting and it really hit home. It was really accurate which made me believe it even more. I think what I love most is how Rebecca took the time to teach me about Human Design first and then dive into the personal stuff. Rebecca was so knowledgeable on the topic and what I loved is she seemed really passionate about it. Rebecca was really interested in my chart and was able to answer any question I had. I didn't once feel like she was trying to convince me of something and it was very very eye opening. I really think people should start looking into it because it was just SO accurate and it just explains a lot about who you are as a person."


"If you’re looking to work towards becoming more aligned with your true self and trusting your own inner authority to make decisions reliably and accurately for yourself, I'd really recommend Rebecca’s Human Design sessions. Ultimately you gain a deep understanding of your own unique inner workings. Rebecca intricately explained what Human Design is and then taught me how to implement the findings from my chart and the roles of each centre. I feel as though I have gained a whole new perspective on myself. I can’t wait to continue using what I have learnt for my own experiment and seeing where it takes me."


"I can honestly say I’m completely amazed by the amount of personal insight I’ve gained. Rebecca walked me through the history of Human Design before diving into my personal chart highlighting my natural characteristics and behaviours - all of which totally aligned! Rebecca was great at making all the insights clear and digestible and looking at practical ways that this knowledge could support in every day life.Since my session, I’m regularly catching myself referring back to the learnings and making better choices that are more aligned to me, not based on what I think I should do. If you’re interested in learning more about yourself, I fully recommend you try a session with Rebecca. Looking forward to getting another session booked in soon"