Into The Body

In this stage you are now trying to draw your attention inside your body, into the present moment.

As Projectors our energetic sensitivity is our super power and we can only access this when we turn inwards.

For good or for bad, our aura is focused outwards so we can get lost in our environment and/or in others.

It’s therefore very important we reclaim our embodiment and empowerment within the present moment and draw ourselves (our awareness) back inside.

Statements That Resonate With Me


  • You are becoming present each day.
  • You are giving more time to your body and emotions than you have done before.
  • You are slowing down and are on the lookout for the invitations.
  • You are starting to prove the theory to your mind by using your signposts as a measuring tool; bitterness vs success.
  • You are really in your deconditioning journey now!
Step Four:

'Into The Body'

The offerings in Step 4 are here to support you.

Proving the theory to the mind. Slowing down and being present. Trying to connect more deeply with your emotions.

1. Embody Your Projectorness Training

Offerings to Support You Through Step 4:

Embody Your Projectorness Training

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There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “I feel a mental resistance to slowing down.”
  • “I know I must slow down, but I’m worried that by slowing down I won’t be able to support myself financially.”
  • “My body hurts and I feel uncomfortable”
  • “I don’t even know what I really feel at times.”
  • “Oh yeah, I actually feel some anger and sadness at times, but I don’t want to feel that.”
  • “I feel really tired and frustrated when I go into my body, I don’t like it at times.”
  • “Wow this is interesting taking my attention into my body”

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