Into the mind:

In this stage your curiosity has peaked. You have started to learn about what it means to be a Human Design Projector. You have heard about the Projector strategy (to wait for an invitation and recognition) and you have heard about your specific authority.

Statements That Resonate With Me


  • Soaking up the theory. You are essentially speaking to and diving in with the mind.
  • You’re learning about your own chart, other people’s charts and the Human Design system.
  • You are allowing the knowledge to reach your conscious mind, to really hear the information on offer and then to see whether you can make sense of the system.
Step two:

Mental Discovery

The following offerings are here to support you through Step 2.

Diving into the theory of Human Design and the specifics your own chart as well as others.

Teaching it to the mind.

  1. Deep dive into the Projector Type: The Ultimate Projector Guide Course
  2. Personal Human Design Chart Reading with introduction to the Human Design system

Offerings to Support You Through Step 2:

The Ultimate Projector Guide

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Human Design Chart Reading

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There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “I’ve heard some initial information about Human Design and the Projector energy type, and so far, I’m intrigued.”
  • “I see Human Design has very different information and advice for me than what I have been taught most of my life. While it sounds counterintuitive to what society says, there’s something inside me that feels so seen and that wants to try living a different way according to this knowledge.”
  • “I’m curious, excited and feel seen and understood, BUT I am overwhelmed – there’s so much information!”
  • “I need to know how this all works. I really want to learn what specific advice Human Design has for me. What does my chart reveal about me? Can it tell me what I’m here to be doing? Does it know my purpose? How deeply can it see me? But also… How did the system even come about?”
  • “I’m so ready and open to learning more.”
  • “What are all the numbers and shapes and colors on my chart?”
  • “What about my gates”

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