Into The Vibration

In this stage you are becoming an alchemist of your vibration. You begin to feel the magic of creation, rather than the victim.

As Projectors we are more connected to the vibrational nature of life rather than the physicality of life. You are beginning to understand the Projector strategy and your own authority in a whole new way.

You’re starting to see what waiting for an invitation truly means… to vibrationally connect to the ‘truth’ and then the ‘truth’ invites you into your purpose and direction.

You begin to resource - provide energetic nourishment - to yourself rather than needing another to do that for you.

You begin to feel more fulfillment of energy within. You start to put yourself first and understand that as a Projector your most valuable resource is your energy.

Knowing this you start to value yourself.

Statements That Resonate With Me


  • You’re fully into your experiment.
  • Day-by-day you are surrendering to the mechanics.
  • You are seeing how you feel after you initiate vs wait.
  • You are using your strategy and authority and it is beginning to make sense.
  • You are feeling calmer within yourself and are riding the waves of life with more ease.
  • You begin to notice when you are out of your ‘functional range’ and consciously move yourself back into your ‘functional range’.
  • You are choosing to put you and your energy first.
  • You are spotting synchronicities and messages around you.
Step Five:

'Vibrationally Aligning'


You’re taking the leap into radical experimenting but want to be held accountable and also feel supported.
Strategy and Authority is the way! First steps to complete surrenderment.

1. Projector Success Training

2. Daily and moment to moment practise from what you have received from previous trainings.

Offerings to Support You Through Step 5:

Projector Success Training

Success Training
There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “Things are changing for me.”
  • “The biggest change has been my perspective and my inner world.”
  • “As I have moved through my experiment, the theory that I learnt is proving itself and my mind is starting to notice and relax.”
  • “I have noticed a shift in me.”
  • “I feel empowered and connected to something bigger than myself.”
  • “While it’s just the beginning, I feel carrying on can only lead to more success.”
  • “My feelings of bitterness, resentment and feeling misunderstood have reduced dramatically and, when I do notice those feelings arise, I can shift it. I forgive myself and continue.”
  • “I am experiencing less or no burnouts.”
  • “I am feeling more seen and recognised by those around me.”
  • “I have become more empathetic to others and understand why they are the way they are.”
  • “I am slowly but surely surrendering with each day and feeling great.”
  • “Although it is scary, I’m starting to believe and see that there is something there to catch me and I just need to trust and keep going.”

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