Into your Strategy and Authority

In this stage you are trying to experiment with your authority and move away from decision making with the mind.

You are now trying to move from living totally in your mind and being busy to having the ability to feel inside your body and slow the pace of your life down.

Projectors are here to find their unique rhythm and that rhythm is slower than the current pace of the world.

Statements That Resonate With Me


  • You’re bringing some of the theory into your everyday life.
  • You’re observing your mind and listening to it, yet not allowing it to make every decision for you.
  • You are using and experimenting with your authority.
Step Three:

'Into your strategy and authority'

The offerings are here to support you.

Help getting started on your experiment. Assistance while you get started.
Proving the theory to the mind. Slowing down and being present. Trying to connect with your strategy and authority.

1. The Ultimate Projector Guide Course
2. Living Your Design Workshop

Offerings to Support You Through Step 3:

The Ultimate Projector Guide

Projector Guide

Living Your Design Workshop

Living Your Design
There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “I’ve been studying and filling my mind with lots of information. The gates, the channels, incarnation crosses, profiles, my chart, my friends charts, my partners chart, the Human Design system etc etc etc.”
  • “I feel so spookily seen and understood. It is as though the guides within The Projector Movement (and beyond) can see me as clearly as some of my best friends.”
  • “But I’ve come to a point where I’ve realized no matter how much I learn and feed my mind, the only way to change my life and see if this will work for me is to try.”
  • “All of the theory leads back to experimenting with it.”
  • “It feels freeing and exciting to try BUT oh so scary.”
  • “I’m questioning whether it is actually realistic to live as an aligned Projector in the world we are currently in.”
  • “I know experimenting means I must remove the mind as my decision-making authority, but that does feel like a foreign concept.”
  • “How do I know which way to go… or what I will be recognised for?”
  • “I know I must wait for the invitation, but what do I do in the meantime? It sounds so disempowering. And, my inner authority… how do I actually use it?”
  • “How does this apply to business and marketing?”
  • “I’m ready to dip my toe in and try some of the theory out…”

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