Meet The Team

Rebecca - 1/3 Mental Projector RAX Unexpected 2

Rebecca is an Official IHDS Human Design Guide from London, United Kingdom.

Rebecca went through the formal training to become a Living Your Design Guide whilst being trained by multiple amazing Human Design teachers who were original students of Ra Uru Hu - the Founder of the Human Design System.

Her grounded presence blended with her incredible knowledge for Human Design will give you an opportunity of a life time.

Rebecca is a 1/3 Mental Projector. Her unique chart reveals that she has the ability to see deeply into individuals for the purpose of guiding and helping others when invited to do so. She's here to lead when invited and has an incredibly unique way of understanding the world around her.

Rebeccas Trainings:

Welcome to The Projector Movement's answer to Human Design Overviews.

$250 USD

An Official Living Your Design Workshop Hosted With IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide Rebecca