Meet The Team

Sarah Lemmerman

5/1 Splenic Projector LAX Endeavor 2
Integrative Counselor


Get to know Sarah:

Sarah grew up in Long Beach, California, and now splits her time between her hometown and the deserts of Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. After running herself into the ground as a pharmaceutical sales specialist for 10 years, Sarah went back to school in 2014 and earned her master's degree in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2016 where the primary focus of her studies was Indigenous and Earth-based somatic healing practices. After graduation, Sarah began her Integrative Counseling practice however was still finding herself burnt out and exhausted. On the brink of another health crisis, the stars and the universe miraculously aligned to guide Sarah to the Human Design System. Finding out she was a 5/1, Splenic, Projector was a life-changing moment and changed the course of her professional and personal life. After deeply diving into the deconditioning process herself, she has now spent the last 5 years of her private practice strictly working, teaching, and guiding Projectors.

Sarah is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill of tailoring an individualistic approach while speaking to the soul of each Projector she is with. Deemed the "Projector Whisperer" Sarah's guidance and wisdom are unprecedented and has successfully guided many Projectors into their power. What makes Sarah so unique is her ability to weave together the Projector Nature with Western depth psychology, Somatic, and Earth-Based Traditions bringing in a holistic approach to understanding the totality of ourselves as well as how to change behavior as a Projector.

In addition to working with Projectors, Sarah leads training through the Projector Movement and is also a healer in ceremonial containers. Her deepest passion in life is helping facilitate others in the reconnection to their truest nature, which she believes is the highest form of liberation. Aside from all things Human Design and Ceremonial healing, Sarah loves spending time in nature, cooking without following a recipe, creating music playlists, restorative yoga, and spending time with loved ones and her dog Shaggers.

Sarahs Courses:

A 4-Week Projector Total Embodiment Journey 

Guided By Sarah Lemmerman

$399 USD

4-Week LIVE Journey

Guided By Sarah Lemmerman


Unlock Your Souls Mission ↠ Success

Guided By Charlie & Sarah

$697 USD