Live Projector Success: "Business & Prosperity"

This 5 week training held this July will offer live coaching, guidance, as well as the Projector Blueprint for Business.  

Guided by Charlie Maginness & Sarah Lemmerman

An Invitation

Join me in discovering how to be truly successful as a Projector. This is a 5-week training, held this July, specifically for Projectors, where we’ll be outlining the exact blueprint for Projector Success, for those who are wanting to radically up-level their ability to move into abundance.


Projector Success 

As many are aware, the Projector strategy and system operates very differently than 80% of the rest of world.  Without the proper guidance and understanding, creating a thriving business with an open sacral can come with potential challenges and setbacks. 

This training will give you your Projector blueprint. This blueprint will be used to align yourself, more specifically, your business and how you make money as a Projector.

Who Is This Training For?

This training is for Projectors who want to create more freedom through abundance and prosperity. Whether you have your own business or not, this training aims to both rewire your frequency and create the necessary structures in alignment with your truth… SUCCESS. 

Through a recalibration and understanding of your unique self, this training will change your life and set you on a path to receive the abundance which is your birthright, allowing you to create the life you have always wanted. 

"Thank you for the incredible information over the last month; I'm grateful that I was able to participate in the Success training. In just 4 weeks, I raised my rates and closed an additional $7500 in new business. Aside from the financial manifestations, I also shifted into greater alignment with regard to making overall business decisions and I can already see the momentum building in a transformational way - for myself and my clients. You and Sarah are gifts - I cannot thank you enough!"

Bryn Brown - Business Mentor
From Success Training

“Sarah is one of the best, if not the best soul to guide any Projector on their journey at this time. I’m honored to be able to offer this experience alongside her within the Projector Movement”

Charlie Maginness


Your Experience Includes:

   - 5 X 90+ minute training calls

 - BONUS Q&A Call


- Tools to take into business

- Energetic activations 

* Projector Specific 


What you can expect:

A total uplevel in your abundance
Aligned Success
Awaken to your souls purpose


Week 1 Call - 07/03/2022 (Sunday 10am PST)

Week 2 Call - 07/10/2022 (Sunday 10am PST)

Week 3 Call - 07/17/2022 (Sunday 10am PST)

Week 4 Call - 07/24/2022 (Sunday 10am PST)

Week 5 Call - 07/31/2022 (Sunday 10am PST)


Your Investment:

Business LIVE Training





Business LIVE Training








The Projector Business Blueprint

The Details:

This training is designed to help you as a Projector live your life with greater success in business. Specialized guidance, practical application, and support from Sarah Lemmerman, a Human Design Projector expert who has studied the Projector psyche for the past 5 years. Alongside Sarah, Charlie Maginness will be guiding and supporting from his intuitive and focused business lens. 

This training is not only for business owners and entrepreneurs. This is also for those who want to align themselves with the frequency of success and abundance. 

A big part of this reality is built on economics and business. For us Projectors it's vital to know how to function in a way that specifically suits us as well as allows our gifts to shine through. 

Ultimately Projector success is when there is ease and flow internally as well as externally. This can be distilled down to GRACE. 
We are here to move gracefully through this world, tending to our refined system, while also providing powerful truth and wisdom to others.  
Does having a lot of money mean I'm successful?
Money is often a part of this, as money is simply energy, an agreed amount of energy used for exchange. Naturally if you have more money, you have more 'energy' and resources to create internally and external ease. This isn't a given but it provides us more opportunity to do so.
A successful Projector will have a present aura, sharp wisdom and a deep intuitive capacity. They will be seen and recognised in a way that stands out, a star quality in a way. 
The more we tune into our original frequency, the more our ’success’ will flourish. 
Unfortunately, the business world is set up very differently to what really works for us. 
Let us show you how we can unwind this conditioning and in doing so we remember who we really are...
Thus Projector burn out, we’re simply running the wrong race. 

Charlie is the founder of the Projector Movement and comes with over 7 years of Human Design Study. Prior to creating the Projector Movement, Charlie has successfully run 3 businesses over the last 10 years and has studied Business and Financial studies at the University of Melbourne. He has been investing and studying financial markets since the age of 12. Charlie is an example of a Projector who has built success as well as fulfillment, while following his passions and alignment as a Projector. 


Sarah is a 5/1 Splenic Projector who received her Master’s Degree in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She has spent the last 5 years studying Human Design, working specifically with Projectors, as well leading powerful healing ceremonies. Her guidance and wisdom is unprecedented when it comes to guiding Projectors along their journey and has helped many Projectors come into their power. Prior to Sarah receiving her Master’s Degree, Sarah had a successful 10 year corporate career as a pharmaceutical sales specialist. Despite being ranked number one in her company, Sarah followed her passion, intuition and walked away from her career to pursue a life that felt more aligned with her soul’s purpose. Switching careers while aligning to being a Projector comes with challenges and is not always an easy process. Sarah knows first hand what that path can feel and look like. By following her inner and outer guidance, Sarah now has a successful aligned life she did not know was even possible. 

$1295 or 3 monthly payments of $495.


The calls are recorded and uploaded for viewing in your own time.

Yes the price of the training is an investment, and for those of you who have taken any of my other courses or training will know that the quality and energy that is put in to these experiences is well worth it, and I’ve heard many many times ‘life changing’.

What I can tell you is if you truly show up and receive what will be given to you throughout this training, the price of the training is a grain of sand compared to the ocean of success that wants to open up to you when you’re in alignment. 

The way I create my trainings, I endeavor to give 10+ times the amount of value that is the exchange. I hold myself to a very high standard, and this training has been birthing for many years now. February 2022 is its time! 

This training is totally fresh, it’s was birthed in 2022 and this July will be the second time it has been held. 

The knowledge, the wisdom, the activations and the alignment that will be shared throughout this training is new. This training will not be like any other ‘business’ training or ‘Projector’ training you have imagined or have partaken in prior. 

What you will have the opportunity to grasp and activate within your own life throughout the month of February is going to be life changing.

Private Projector Business Facebook Group

Have a support system of projectors who are on the same journey as you. 

This positive, supportive environment is a great resource for you to have as you move through this transformation experience. 

Projector Success Meditation

Totally rewire your frequency for success as a Projector. 

Allow this meditation to take your into a state of deep relaxation and from this place allow your subconscious mind to realign to its original Projector blueprint of success.




Charlie Maginness:

Bachelors in Business and Psychology. Human Design Projector Guide, and Retreat facilitator. Founded 4 businesses.

Charlie Maginness

3/5 Splenic Projector

"There are some who are seekers, and then there are a few who are transformers; those willing to be totally open to life's experiences, to learn and integrate new wisdom at each and every turn. To surrender what they think they know in order to discover the truth. Charlie falls into the latter category.

His sharing comes from a place of experience. His learnings come from a place of practice. His vitality came from his own transformation. 

Fueled by growth and inspiration, Charlie takes those who work with him on a journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. His personal journey into the depths of his mind, emotions and spirit has enabled him to discover patterns, rhythms, imprints that are within us all - and then use his intuition and wisdom to guide others on their own personal journeys.  

A joy to be with, and a powerful coach that will genuinely transform your world. He's one of the very few that understands how your uniqueness is so vitally important."

Sarah Lemmerman:

Masters Degree in East/West Psychology, Plant Medicine Researcher, Human Design Projector Guide, and Integrative Counselor  

Sarah Lemmerman

5/1 Splenic Projector

Sarah received her Master's Degree in East/West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and has spent over 5 years working with Projectors. 

Her guidance and wisdom is unprecedented when it comes to guiding Projectors along their journey, as she has successfully helped many Projectors come into their power. 

Sarah’s successful unique practice combines Western depth psychology, Somatic, and Earth-Based Traditions to bring a holistic approach to understanding the totality of ourselves as well as how to change behavior. 

She is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill in tailoring an individualistic approach in speaking to the soul of each person. 

"I truly loved my experience in the Success Projector Training with Charlie and Sarah. I am a Self Projected 2/4 projector and have been doing business for 9 years. But the way I was doing everything was totally not projector friendly. I was like a mani generator. I kept getting resentful and burned out and I never truly understood why, and with this training I got lot's of clarity and reprogramming. I am doing and being in a different way and I can feel many shifts. As I was in the training I brought in $18,870 cash. And the best thing about this was that it was all in alignment with my Projector essence - without having to work 'hard' or 'long', being in alignment has been a game changer. Also to be in Charlie and Sarah's presence made a huge shift as well.. Recommended!!!"

- Sherina
From Success Live Training