Projector Success

In this stage you are living your life wider than what you could even dream of. You can literally feel the resonance of success both internally and externally. You become the creator of ‘your’ reality whilst experientially knowing who ‘you’ are. Gratitude opens up as well as your heart as you become a true Projector guide for the new world.
At the beginning of your journey it felt like you were swimming up stream and no matter what you did the stream and tide just pushed against you harder. Now it feels like you have a tsunami behind you, working with you and guiding you and magical and powerful ways.
Statements That Resonate With Me


  • You are living a life that is flowing and feels aligned.
  • You are connected to the vibrational frequency of the ‘truth’.
  • Invitations flow to you.
  • You are working and living your purpose in a way that is in balance with your sensitive nature.
  • You are being recognized for your unique gifts and are in surrenderment with life.
  • You know how to resource yourself and feel light in your physical body and mind.
  • You feel at ease and ready for more.
  • You both feel successful within and you are also receiving success in the world.
Step Six:

'Projector Success'

Stepping into my uniqueness. Feeling success. Surrendering to the mechanics.

 1. Living Life


Living Life

There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “I am feeling aligned.”
  • “I feel as though I am on an aligned path and can recognise the feeling of Projector success.”
  • “I feel grateful and expansive, fulfilled and powerful.”
  • “I feel I have stepped into my uniqueness and I’m not the only one who can see it - everyone else can too.”
  • “I am riding the waves of life with relative ease. That’s not to say it is always easy. I still experiencing life; but I am flowing with life rather than against it. Oh what a huge difference that is.”
  • “I am listening to the mind yet only entrusting my authority to navigate my life.”
  • “I have been experimenting for nearly (or more than) one full cycle of my deconditioning – 7 years.”
  • “I’ve received invitations to new places, I’ve had new people enter my world and had invitations to use my skills in ways you couldn’t have fathomed, created or predicted myself.”
  • “I feel strong, courageous, self-assured and respected by yourself and others.”