Why Are Relationships Often So Challenging For Projectors, And What Can We Do About It?


Projector Relationships and Boundaries

Guided By Sarah Lemmerman



An Invitation

Join “Projector-Whisperer” Sarah Lemmerman on this 4-week deep-dive into Projector Relationships and Boundaries. Give us 4 weeks to transform your relationships through both open and direct guidance… because as Projectors we are here to do things totally differently.


You’ll discover relationship pitfalls, common relationship patterns that show up, as well as potential boundary issues.


You’ll then learn how to embody your design, your wisdom, and yourself as you relate to others, allowing you to thrive in your life, love and self-esteem.


+ Grounding Projector-specific wisdom
+ Personalized guidance
+ In-depth support on relationships and boundaries

Weekly Call Breakdown:

Call 1
Challenges in relationships as Projectors:

Generators are built for relationships. Projectors not so much. Therefore we need to learn, play to our strengths and discover what truly makes our relationships tick.

Call 2
Uncovering what the true Projector nature is and knowing how to meet YOUR needs within relationships:

Your true Projector nature is the essence of who are you. It is the space where the answers for all you need are found. When you live from this place, your authentic nature, your life begins to harmonise.

Call 3
Common Projector boundary issues:

Projectors are designed to be boundary crossers, energetically, our sacral is designed to feel into the other person.

Our makeup is literally designed to guide others. Yet this can cause issues within our relationships. In this week we’ll discover how to use boundaries and wizardry skills to connect with those around you.

Call 4
Developing healthy relationships with knowing ourselves, boundaries/overview/wrap-up: 

Discover how our Projector energy flows with each of the other types and how to increase the connection with each specific type.


Personalized tips for looking at your own bodygraph to dig deeper on where relationships fit into your design. Each week, you receive a bonus tutorial on where to look into your own chart for wisdom on relationships, according to your own design. We will walk you through where to look in your chart to learn:

  • How important are relationships to you in your life purpose
  • Self-care techniques specific to your design
  • Your own energy dynamics around emotions and safety in relationships
  • Deeper insight into the relationship channels

Key Dates:


Week 1 - 22nd of February, 2023 (Wednesday 12pm PST)

Week 2 - 1st of March, 2023 (Wednesday 12pm PST)

Week 3 - 8th of March, 2023 (Wednesday 12pm PST)

Week 4 - 15th of March, 2023 (Wednesday 12pm PST)





"The value of your knowledge is incredible. The words you choose & the way you structure the message is mellifluous to the projector soul. This is one of the best investments I've made. So happy to meet you"


Sarah is so intuitive and listens deep. She feels the open questions. She explains things in so much detail. Sarah's words are healing for me. Thank you Sarah"


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Projector Relationships and Boundaries


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Projector Relationships and Boundaries


Guided by Sarah Lemmerman

Your Guide:

Sarah Lemmerman - 5/1 Splenic Projector

Masters Degree in East/West Psychology, Plant Medicine Researcher, Human Design Projector Guide, and Integrative Counselor


Sarah received her Master's Degree in East/West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and has spent over 5 years working with Projectors.

Her guidance and wisdom is unprecedented when it comes to guiding Projectors along their journey, as she has successfully helped many Projectors come into their power.

Sarah’s successful unique practice combines Western depth psychology, Somatic, and Earth-Based Traditions to bring a holistic approach to understanding the totality of ourselves as well as how to change behavior.

She is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill in tailoring an individualistic approach in speaking to the soul of each person.

Sarah currently runs a very successful business and has created a life of freedom and joy.

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Join Projector Guide and relationship expert Sarah Lemmerman for this 4-week live journey into Projector Relationships and Boundaries!