Seeking A New Path

In this stage you are most likely just finding out you are a Projector and are new to Human Design.
You’re wondering what it all means and if it holds any answers for you.
Statements That Resonate With Me


  • You’ve discovered Human Design.
  • You’re curious to know more about this system known as the science of differentiation.
  • You’ve already run your chart and know you are a Projector. You have started to discover what this means.
  • You resonate and know you are one of the rarer energy types of the world and want to know more about that.
Step One:

'Seeking A New Path'

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Discovering why things haven’t felt right for you. Why you felt different than the majority.

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There is a high likelihood that you’ll resonate with all or some of these statements:
  • “I have been trying to live up to societal expectations and thrive, but something hasn’t been feeling right about that for me… and I don’t feel as though I am thriving.”
  • “I’m finding that the more I try, I feel more burnt, more tired, and less understood by other people.”
  • “I feel that the people around me in my personal life and/or work life take me and what I do for granted, and it makes me feel bitter and resentful.”
  • “Why is it that the more I try to do life like everyone else around me, the worse I feel… and no one else around me seems to understand that.”
  • “I am constantly asked, “why are you so tired?” and yet still being piled with more workload both at home and at work. It feels overwhelming.”
  • “I’m told that I’m probably tired because I’m not doing enough and I’m sleeping too much.”
  • “I’m also finding my tiredness and bitterness is manifesting in terms of physical pain and ailments.”
  • “I have been looking for something to help me understand myself and why I feel this way.”
  • “I want to find a way to help myself get to a position where I am thriving and feel successful.”
  • “I don’t feel completely seen and understood within any of the systems that I’ve found. They are too generalized. They haven’t been able to give me all the answers I’ve been seeking.”
  • “I find I’m left with more answers… Where am I going? How do I get there? Who am I? Who sees my worth? Why can’t I keep up with everyone else?”

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