Splenic Projector Training


The Ultimate Journey For Splenic Projector

We have the most subtle authority. The splenic center is softer and more quiet by nature. It can be experienced as a whisper, or a gentle impulse.

Learn how to best support and understand your powerful instinctual body, and you will access your innate superpowers. 



Understand Your Splenic Authority To Decondition And Radically Improve Your Decision-Making In Life  




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Splenic Projector Training 


Allow Charlie and Sarah (both Splenic Projectors) to take you on a journey into your true self. Training includes:

  • How to align yourself as a Splenic Projector

  • Real world strategies

  • Real transformations and activations

  • More about the Splenic Center Gates 18, 28, 32, 44, 48, 50 & 57

  • How to make decisions as a Splenic Projector

  • How to decondition as a Splenic Projector

  • Different Splenic Projector Embodiment Practices

Your Guides:


Charlie Maginness -  3/5 Splenic Projector

Bachelors in Business and Psychology. Human Design Projector Guide, and Retreat facilitator. 

"There are some who are seekers, and then there are a few who are transformers; those willing to be totally open to life's experiences, to learn and integrate new wisdom at each and every turn. To surrender what they think they know in order to discover the truth. Charlie falls into the latter category.

His sharing comes from a place of experience. His learnings come from a place of practice. His vitality came from his own transformation."

Sarah Lemmerman - 5/1 Splenic Projector

Masters Degree in East/West Psychology, Plant Medicine Researcher, Human Design Projector Guide, and Integrative Counselor


Sarah received her Master's Degree in East/West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and has spent over 5 years working with Projectors.

Her guidance and wisdom is unprecedented when it comes to guiding Projectors along their journey, as she has successfully helped many Projectors come into their power.

Sarah’s successful unique practice combines Western depth psychology, Somatic, and Earth-Based Traditions to bring a holistic approach to understanding the totality of ourselves as well as how to change behavior.

She is a highly intuitive guide and has a unique skill in speaking to your soul.


In this very special Pre-Recorded Splenic Projector Training, Charlie and Sarah (Both Splenic Projectors with 15+ years of combined deconditioning experience) will be  taking you on a journey in deepening your understand of your Splenic Authority, thus your true self. You will learn about your Splenic nature as well as different Splenic Projector Embodiment practices that will help you on your journey of deconditioning. You DO NOT want to miss out on this special 11-video training. 



Splenic Projector Training



  • Recording¬†available
  • 11 Special Videos
  • Guided by Two Splenic Projectors¬†

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