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The Great Mutation - 2027 (Human Design)

Nov 24, 2022


Since 1781, The Great Mutation, has been building. It has been building all the way up to 2027.

In 2027, the mutation will take place, but we have and we are experiencing a lot of change to get us up to that point. It’s not like in one moment we change who we are, but it is more of a gradual increase of transformation that’s got to happen within our bodies which is going to be reflected back in the external world in a pretty profound way. We are currently living through a time of unprecedented global mutation.


In the year 1781 Uranus was discovered by William Herschel.

A full revolution of Pluto takes around 248 years. Therefor a full Pluto revolution from 1781 takes us pretty much smack on to 2027. Pluto is connected to the soul. It is a very spiritual planet and is known for profound transformational qualities.


The specific date where the mutation will occur is February 28, 2027, but it’s most likely gonna be building all the way up until that date. 

Can you feel this tension that seems to be building on the planet? The friction between old paradigm and also new wave, a new Generation standing up and wanting something different?

A simple example could be if we go back 40 years when everyone had a full-time job. These days maybe it is 70-80% of people. People are wanting to do something different, they are wanting to share their gifts, wanting to live their lives and this is a big change. Its like there is some sort of tension that is building where the old paradigm is in some ways colliding with the new paradigm. 


1781 to 2027 is a time of deep healing. Deep purging and it’s ramping up until 2027. It’s like we’re going to squeeze everything that we haven’t dealt with up until now out and we have to let it go. We have to transform and we have to transmute it before 2027. Each year that we move forward the old generation is going to loose power. The old paradigm is falling in front of our eyes and the younger generations are coming more and more into power. It’s really quite a profound time to be alive.


Pluto in Scorpio 

Between November 1983 November 1995 Pluto lands in the astrological sign Scorpio. So anyone born between this date has Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio's all about the underworld, bring it to the light, feeling the depths, the pain. This is the power and duty of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. Even if you weren’t born in that time period, there’s this huge energy that’s building now that people who were born in 1983 to 1995 started to gain more power simply because they’re getting older and older. As we often age, life gives us more power because we develop, we mature. This generation is here to heal the wounds for the coming generation. To bring the darkness to the light. We are here to usher in the death of structures that work to keep us disconnected. Exploited powered and suffering. We’re here to heal the pain and ones of our energy, our ancestors and so healing from our own trauma we are painting the parts of the coming generation. We are planting the seeds for generations to come. We are currently the reclaiming our selves, our history, our humanity and our truths.



Pre 2027

Kids are going to school and being taught by teachers. Teachers are so important but the system that teachers have had to work in hasn’t given them much freedom, it hasn’t supported the emotional development and the spiritual development of young children and this has been a problem. It’s been all about the mind and mental development. It’s more so been about the left hemisphere of the brain which is about focus, about structure, about systems, numbers, mathematics and the masculine. This is what it’s been, up until now and will probably continue to be for a few more years, up until 2027. But things begin to shift after 2027, and we are already beginning to see the shifts take place now. In most schools there is more awareness right now around the emotional development, around spiritual development, around yoga and mindfulness. So things are beginning to seep in and once the younger generation, the children and their children’s children come through with mutation, everything is going to change!


The Specific Mutation

This mutation takes into consideration and is activated by some specific gates. Gate 55: The Gate of Spirit, Gate 59: The Gate of Sexuality, Gate 39: The Gate of Provocation, The Solar Plexus centre mutation and Gate 22: The Gate of Openness.

There are more gates than this and if you don’t have these gates you are still fully in the mutation because it’s going to happen globally. But it is these main frequencies through these gates that the mutational will initially occur. The mutation will be triggered by Gate 55 and is related to the amino acid Histidine. Histidine helps maintain PH of the body.

Gate 55 is going to open and release very high-level frequencies throughout our bodies and the planet. As mentioned before, even if you don’t have this gate, you cannot escape this mutation, it is going to happen globally.

Two other gates are strongly linked to Gate 55. That is Gate 59, The gate of sexuality and Gate 39, The gate of provocation. Both these gates point towards the Solar Plexus Emotional Centre, which is where this mutation is going to occur, mainly in the emotional Solar Plexus Centre.

Gate 59 is about transparency and will take no prisoners. The more you try to hide yourself from others during this time, the more suffering you will bring upon yourself. All shadows and secrets must be brought to the surface. Cleanse transmuted for this mutation to take place. If you flow with it, this mutations transformation could be the most beautiful experience. If you resist, it may be quite painful and confusing at times. The choice is totally yours. To ensure this transition is a smooth as possible for you, feel free to check out our Projector training, 'The Projector Guide'.

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The mutation is going to fundamentally take place within the Solar Plexus Centre. Currently many people are victims to their emotional state. Neediness is one thing people experience and there are many other shadow aspects that this centre can play out. These can be viewed as the 'not self' expressions of the Solar Plexus Centre.

The mutation is within the awareness of Solar Plexus Centre and in essence is the individuality and discovery of one’s true self that is going to awaken. Many people will begin to be quite self focused on their own needs. This personal focus intern, develops a strong healthy state of individuality, that is meant to foster one’s unique contribution to society, whilst causing a healthy sense of self with strong boundaries. Have you realised that you’re really pulling yourself away and doing things that you want to do? Having boundaries? Having the ability to say no? Choosing your life because you want to do that not because you’re told to do that and this is going to be a reclamation of people‘s individuality, peoples uniqueness. Once you come into your uniqueness, which is what this mutation is wanting you to do, then you can engage in social situations and contribute collectively from yourself because you’re bringing your uniqueness into the collective.


At this level, one is lead into a gradual opening and stimulation of the heart chakra, the G Centre. Once the heart chakra opens, everything changes dramatically in how your body operates. 

Gate 22, The Gate of Openness. The shadow frequency of this gate is not understanding responsibility and how deep it travels, not understanding that we are swimming in infinite intelligence and that every thought, every feeling, every act, every word is recorded in the akashic records and we are continually created karma for ourselves on a very deep unconscious level that always comes back to us no matter what. Without this awareness, this is how we’re not taking responsibility of the lives and keep finding ourselves in karmic cycles and karmic loops going back and back and back.

To open up the potential of this gate and what this 2027 transmutation is bringing to us, is a total reclamation of our responsibility for how we are true creators of our worlds. Creators of our experience and to ultimately take full responsibility for the energy that passes through you on a moment to moment basis.

Going back to Gate 55, The Gate of Spirit. This gate will have the most to say when it comes to 2027 and the great change! Up until now, the majority have been in a state of victimisation. What makes one a victim? It’s how one responds to what happens to them. Most people react from their wounds, their pain, their shadows.


If we can move from reaction to response, consciously choosing to respond from an aware place within, everything will change for you. And this is what Gate 55 wants for all of us. I want you to ask yourself a question right now. Are you responsible for where you are currently in your life? Have you created your situation? Have you created this moment right now? Have you created the challenges in your life right now or do you find yourself playing things outside of yourself? Whenever there is blame there’s always a victim right there with it. Our Projector Guide Training Guides you through this process to make 2027's transition as smooth as possible for you. So take some time and journal. Ask yourself, am I taking full responsibility for what’s going on? Every thought, every action, every word, every emotion that comes through you, we go into and discuss about how it’s not about controlling these things, it’s about having awareness and responding rather than unconsciously reacting, that’s the key.

Gate 55 is located in the Solar Plexus Centre and it’s all about emotions. The great change has such a profound connection to our emotions and more specifically how we are reacting or responding to our emotions. 


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Post 2027

Once the mutation occurs, once the Solar Plexus opens up and purges out that victimisation, that neediness, that codependence and we take full responsibility, everything will change! It’s mainly based on trust, also intention and there’s going to be more awareness in the right hemisphere of the brain, the creativity, the feminine, the flow state. On top of this, there will be development in the pre-frontal cortex. There’s four main sections of the brain. The first is the brainstem and this is like the reptilian brain, the instinctive brain, this is fight, flight, freeze. It’s where our instincts and survival is really hard wired into us.

Then we’ve got the limbic system which is to do with emotions, learning, emotional memory, and this is the feeling brain and then we’ve got the neo cortex, which is more of the thinking brain, conscious thought, intellectual memory, lots of mental learning in this section, but it’s the pre frontal Cortex that really distinguishes human beings from the rest of species or life, because we have the most developed prefrontal cortex and this is going to further develop as we move into the future. What does the prefrontal cortex have to bring to the table? Attuned communication, emotional balance, flexible response, rather than reaction, empathy, insight, awareness and intuition. So these things are really going to open up moving forward.

To learn more about the some specifics of what might change in our external world and in our external environment follow the link below.


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