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If you are a Projector with a 3/5 profile, then this is the ULTIMATE BLOG for YOU that will teach you the foundation of how things play out for you in your day to day life.

Whether you just found out you’re a Human Design Projector with a 3/5 profile, or you’ve known this for years, this blog is going to go through the ins and outs of it all.


This blog will cover:

• What is Human Design?

• What is a Human Design Projector?

• What is a Profile in Human Design?

• Line 3 and how it's role

• Line 5 and it's role

• How life as a 3/5 looks specifically to you as a Projector

• A famous 3/5 Projector

• And more!


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But before we take a deep dive into the mechanics of your profile, let’s explore for a little bit about what it means to be a Projector type within this beautiful system.


What is a Projector?

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Walk into a room and on average one in every five people will be a Projector (20% of the population). Projectors are here to GUIDE energy. We are here to be wise about how to do things. We’re not the rarest Type within Human Design, but we’re susceptible to being the most conditioned.


What does it mean to be conditioned? It means to live in a way that isn’t authentic to you. As children, we are sensitive and are easily susceptible to take on what our upbringing environment was like. So you can be conditioned to act, think, and feel in a way that isn’t really you. What happens is that you grow up using your mind to make decisions instead of letting your body’s intelligence (strategy and inner authority) to do the decision making for you. Now you have to peel the layers off so you can discover your unique nature.


We live in a world where it’s normal to work 40 hours a week and to only get two weeks of vacation on average every year. On top of that, we’re told, “just do it.” Working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators and initiating is what Manifestors are here to do. So as you can see, Projectors are conditioned to believe that they have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work like everyone else.


Not the case.


Projectors are the newest Types out of the four that emerged after 1781. And until now, until the advent of the Human Design System, Projectors didn’t know that they’re unique beings that operate differently than mostly everyone else. Now, we can clearly see that the world is operating at a different rhythm than that of a Projector’s. 


To illustrate this example, via a metaphor, imagine that you (a Projector) have been running a marathon all of your life. You’ve been running a marathon, just because everyone else has been running it. Only to find out that your body doesn’t function properly in marathons. 

You discover that your body thrives in practicing yoga because your body was designed to flourish in moving itself in those ways. That’s how life is for Projectors: you’ve been operating in a way that wasn’t designed for you (running a marathon) and need to adjust your way of being (practice yoga) in order to live a life of success, fulfillment, and well-being.

This example is just a metaphor to illustrate the differences that we have with the rest of the world.


We need to first know what our uniqueness is as Projectors, then accept this deeply, and then embody these differences. If you can do this, then you can truly live a fulfilling and successful life. This is what The Projector Movement is here for: to support you DEEPLY in your journey back ‘home’, to your truth, to your core, to your uniqueness, and when you discover this and live from this place, life begins to flow in the most magical of ways.




Introducing, The Profiles.

A series of webinars that go deep into the lived experience of the profiles in Human Design. Each webinar includes a special guest who has that particular profile, a meditation for you as a Projector with that specific profile, a set of mantras that you can download and repeat throughout your day and so much more.

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We hope you’ve loved the first of this series on the Profiles. You can also head over to our YouTube channel to watch the video that Charlie has done on the 3/5 profile. 


What is your profile in Human Design?

It’s Aimee here, the Managing Director at The Projector Movement. Before we dive into things, I thought I’d give you a bit of background into myself, as it’s always great to have. 

I myself am a 3/5 Emotional Projector, so it’s pretty safe to say I have a lot of lived experience from my 35 years on the planet so far.

I discovered Human Design over two years ago now and so many things made sense to me. Especially my profile! I’ve always been more than willing to take a risk...sometimes this ‘worked’, other times it failed. However, upon diving deeper into what it means to be a 3/5, I learnt that there really is no such thing as failure. It’s all just pieces of the puzzle that either fit, or don’t. If they don’t fit, I don’t use them again. It can take a few goes to realise that some of the pieces don’t fit though and that, my fellow 3/5‘s, is all part of it.

Honestly, some of the risks I’ve taken in life were so frowned upon by others, I was urged not to take them, but when I get that feeling that I just know deep down that I have to try it for myself, I just go for it. Each of those risks have taught me invaluable lessons. Was it really hard sometimes to deal with things not working out? Absolutely. But that is where I learn the deep lessons that I need to, in order to keep correcting my own personal karma and then sharing about it.

Let’s dive in!

There are 12 different profiles within the Human Design system.

Your profile number is derived from the line number that the gate sits on in your conscious/personality sun & earth (you may resonate more with this number), and your unconscious/design sun & earth (others may see this number more in you, than you do yourself).

For example, I have Gate 43 in my conscious sun, which sits on line 3 (43.3), I then have Gate 4 in my unconscious sun, which sits on line 5 (4.5).

Therefore, that makes me a 3/5 profile, as you always take the line number from your conscious sun first. You can see what I’m talking about in the image below.  A quick note to say that when you get your chart from somewhere such as My BodyGraph, it will list your profile number for you, however this is great way to view it also.

Your profile is how you interact with the world, it really does give us a profound look into the life themes that you will experience. This will become much clearer as you navigate through this blog and the rest of the profile series. 



The Lines:

When we look at the lines individually (line 3 for example) it means one thing in and of itself. When we pair it with it's partner (line 5 for example), it brings a whole new flavour to the table. The profile is where we can start to see big differences in people's charts. Even if you're the same type as someone else, or have other similarities, how your profile plays out in your life can really differentiate you from others.  

Here is a basic overview of each line number and each profile:

Line 1: The Investigator

It is correct for this person to gather as much information as they feel they need before 'moving on' with whatever it may be in life. Researching and self informing is high on the list for you. Situations where you are put on the spot can be energetically jarring for you, as this is not how your life plays out in it's highest alignment. 

Line 2: The Hermit

Alone time deeply replenishes you. In doing so, this helps you live out the other side to your profile (2/4 for example) and means you can really be at your best. Giving yourself an opportunity to retreat and withdraw will have a very nourishing effect on you. You may find that a lot of things come somewhat easy to you, and that you may be known as a ‘natural’ at many things. 

Line 3: The Martyr

You learn by trial and error. While this may sound negative, it truly leads you down a path that is correct for you. Carrying this energy means you are very resilient and can morph and change rather easily. The more you lean into this energy, the more powerful it becomes. While society may not be set up for those of us who are constantly trying and 'failing', it is the way forward for third lines, as you then get to share about what you've learned on your ‘travels’.

Line 4: The Opportunist

You are a brilliant networker. Friendly and very aware of others. People are drawn to your energy and want to be in your space. This is a high output frequency to have, so downtime is absolutely necessary for you to replenish. Your invitations come from being around others and letting them speak about you and your work with others.

Line 5: The Heretic

You reflect back to others what needs to be seen. This line can guide, can teach. Fifth line people can be very easily projected upon. This may be in the form of a positive view where people let you know what they like about you, or this can be in a shadow view, where expectations are placed upon you that really don't serve you. There can be a deep feeling of needing to ‘people please’ with this energy, so strong boundaries are extremely helpful, thus completing the cycle of reflecting back to others what they need to see. You have a very penetrative energy, which some people may find rather intense, it serves you well to hold back on unsolicited advice.

Line 6: The Role Model

You have three distinct phases of life as a sixth line.

Phase 1: Birth through to your Saturn Return, which is around age 28-30. There is a lot of trial and error energy contained in this phase, very much the same as what a third line person would experience.

Phase 2: 30 through to your Chiron Return, which is around age 50. There is a deep reflection of your first phase here. You may find that you are transmuting many experiences from your first phase and alchemising them, becoming wiser and wiser each time.

Phase 3: 50+, this is where you can really step into your energy as a Role Model. Of course, this can happen at any phase, but with the life experience you have gained over the last 50 years, people are drawn to how wise you are, and want to hear about your experiences.


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 Let's get into the 3/5 Profile!

There is so much magic contained within the 3/5 profile. I say magic, because when you truly embrace these energies, life unfolds in a way that you’re able to embrace, instead of push against, sometimes even laugh at!

If you’re a fellow 3/5, have you ever felt like you’ve naturally glided through life not hitting any metaphorical brick walls? No? Me neither. I’ll let you in on a little secret..I love it.


Line 3:

In words, the 3/5 profile is known as Martyr/Heretic. However, sometimes these words may leave you feeling a bit flat if you take them at face value, so another way to look at the 3/5 profile is through the lens of an experimenter or a seeker! 

As the brilliant Richard Rudd (founder of The Gene Keys) says, 3rd line profile people will see a hole in the road, fall down that hole and then come back up saying ‘WOW, guess what I found and learnt down there!’ Whereas someone with a 2 line in their profile, may perhaps skip around the hole and carry on with their inherent naturalness in life. I think this is a brilliant depiction of someone with a 3rd line in their profile.

The 3/5 really learns through experience. They don’t know for sure which way something is going to go unless they try it. Plus, there is a real need to actually try it for themselves, no matter how many people are telling them to 'just do it this way'. We speak so beautifully from experience. A beautiful, but oftentimes, bumpy road of trial and error. Why? Because we are here to let others know what we’ve tried, if it worked or if it didn’t work. We get to guide those who seek us out (Projector magic!) into their greatness simply through all we have experienced in life.

Growing up, what did you hear about failure? That it wasn’t an option? That if you weren’t winning there was something wrong with you? Perhaps the messaging may have been ‘just try harder!’, as a Projector, that just doesn’t serve our energy. After all, we are different to 80% of the population. How amazing!

The very nature of a 3/5 is to learn great lessons from failure. We can choose to reframe failure here, instead of believing everything we’ve been told about it. Failure gets us closer to knowing what is right for us, what we want in life. If you’ve grown up with the conditioning (other people’s beliefs and way of life) that it’s not okay to fail, then perhaps you might feel really risk averse, even in situations where the risk isn’t really ‘that risky’. If you feel like this is where you are in life, just start by bringing back the awareness that it is your nature to try things, even if they don’t go as planned.

At the time, failure can feel so catastrophic and we can fall into the shadow side of the 3/5 profile, which is ‘WHY ME?!’ It’s not until we look back that we see that the so-called failure was actually a beautiful blessing. As someone with a 3/5 profile, I have fallen down many ‘holes in the road’ so to speak, but there isn’t one that hasn’t served my greater purpose. Knowing this means that I have really embraced this energy and while at times I may not see this playing out in my life (Projectors are so great seeing into another, yet at times we find it difficult to see ourselves) I always come to realise what is happening.

The 3rd line energy is rooted in personal experience and understanding. We are designed to focus on ourselves here and our own life process.


Line 5:

As this is taken from our unconscious design sun, you may not notice these qualities in yourself as much as you do the 3rd line, which is from the conscious personality sun.

The energy that the 5th line carries, has the ability to be a powerful influence on the collective. People are really drawn to the 5th line, so much so, that people who carry this energy in their profile can have large expectations placed on them from others.

Discernment is of the utmost importance with this energy, as not everything is ours to fix, especially when it’s coming from a place of expectation, rather than a beautiful invitation. Learning that ‘no’ is not a dirty word, can serve you very well.

The 5th line is a projected energy, meaning that when we are invited to share about the change we’d like to bring about from our 3rd line adventures, people are ready and listening. This is one of the ultimate goals for a Projector, as the recognition we gain from people specifically asking us for advice is a feeling of success. 5th line people need to know their energy is protected, honored and trusted by others, which naturally comes about when they are invited into something.

You may find that it can take you a long time to really be yourself around others. As the 5th line is more about how we interact in relationships with others, you’ll see how it always involves other people. Whereas the 3rd line is more focused on the self. If you are a 3/5, you have a beautiful blend of the two.

Finding harmony and balance with these two energies can be a challenge. We may tend to stay hidden in our 3rd line life or be too focused on pleasing others in our 5th line life. 

Let’s chat a bit more about that people pleasing side of the 5th line profile. It’s something that can be deeply conditioned in us and can seem terrifying to stop. We can expend all of our energy into making sure everyone else likes us and that we are solving their problems.

This is not why you have this beautiful 5th line energy. You are here to be impactful, not impacted. Others may not even realise they are loading these expectations onto us, so one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves (and for the other person in the scenario) is to put up clear boundaries.

Boundaries are not about being rude or ‘better than’ someone else. Boundaries protect your energy and keep the energy that doesn’t serve you, away from you. Think of a fence around a paddock/field. It contains what it needs to and doesn’t let anything else in that shouldn’t be there. It’s a boundary.

I find examples very helpful as a Projector, so let’s use the example of a boundary with a family member, these are often the hardest as you don’t want to upset anyone.

Perhaps your Mum likes to call you early on a Saturday morning. You don’t really like this, as you want your rest at this time. You like a beautiful, slow start to the day. It’s happened for years, so perhaps you think you couldn’t possibly change it. Does your Mum get the best of you when you resentfully answer the phone each Saturday morning and she just talks AT you, then goes on with her day? No, she doesn’t. She gets the version of you that doesn’t want to speak at that time.

Now, this will no doubt feel really scary, but what if you say to your Mom that Saturday mornings are not when you are at your most talkative and you’d love to arrange a different time to talk? She might be absolutely fine with this and you arrange a different time, just like that! Or perhaps she might initially feel a bit hurt and think that it means something about her. Which of course, it doesn’t.

She wasn’t expecting you to put a boundary in place, so that has thrown her off a little bit. But, the magic of this is that not only does it fortify your own energy, it shows your Mum that it’s more than okay to do and it may open her up to putting some boundaries in place too. Is it always that simple? As a 3/5, the answer is probably not, but this is how we learn.


Let’s put the 3rd line and the 5th line together:

As a 3/5, you are here to experiment with life and then share about it to bring invited change and impact. How truly wonderful. What would we do without those who were willing to dive in first? No one would ever get in! It’d be a life full of waiting on the sidelines.

We bring fun and pizzazz to life. We fall down, get up, fall down again and then, you guessed it, jump back up. Resilience flows through our blood! If you know someone that is a 3/5, or perhaps have little ones at home that are a 3/5, celebrate them! Celebrate how much they try, how willing they are to experiment. Ask them about what they are doing, in a genuine way. If they seem defeated because something hasn’t worked out for them, cheer them on and ask them if they’d like to try again. This is how they will learn. Maybe they’ll go to do something that you know won’t work, let them try anyway. Build up their energy and systems to know it’s safe to experiment and experience the world.

Is it what is revered in society as ‘normal’? No! 

So what better reason to let it shine through, as it will become the norm for them. Always remember, that Human Design is an experiment, a guide. It’s not THE answer. In other words, there is no rush to ‘figure everything out’. It’s incredible to see yourself in a system such as Human Design as it can feel like such a relief. There is a real feeling of coming home to yourself, remembering the parts of you that have been buried. Make your journey into Human Design fun.

Following your Strategy and Authority will absolutely help you spend less time in the shadow frequencies of your profile. However, without our shadow, we don’t know what needs to change, so accepting your shadows is a wonderful thing to ponder on. You chose this particular profile for a reason, so go forth and revel in it, you glorious soul.





Let's add in the Projector essence into the 3/5 profile: 

As a Projector, you operate differently to 80% of the world, which is why it's okay for you to approach your 3/5 profile in a different way than what other types would.

Weave in your unique Projector energy with your trial and error approach. No matter how big or small the process is.

As a 3/5 Human Design Projector you have been gifted the potential for a lot of wisdom and that potential is awoken through your direct experience with life. So get out there, experience life, and naturally wisdom will begin to integrate into your system, so you can then share from an embodied place, when the invitation comes.

Two key aspects for 3/5 Projectors to focus on is PLAY and PENETRATION. Let us explain further: 


Can you weave PLAY into it? 3/5's can become very serious in their approach as there is so much trial and often error, so we can forget to lighten things up by having some fun and having a laugh. The reason why we’re focusing on playing is that it’s something that isn’t really supported in our society. What people do “respect” and “admire” is someone who works hard, who works long hours, and as Projectors, this just isn’t feasible. Many of you work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, and you only get 2 weeks of vacation A YEAR! So only two days out of the week and 2 weeks out of the year can you really dedicate to play. Most of that time will probably be resting from all the work you’ve been doing. So a huge part of our deconditioning process is to allow ourselves to play without any guilt, even while we ‘work’. As Projectors, we’re here to usher in a new way of being, one that is much more efficient and enjoyable, and here at The Projector Movement, we celebrate, support, and encourage your PLAY!

For each Projector, play is going to look different, but at the core of playing is to have fun and to be in the moment. Maybe playing sparks a child-like wonder within you. Maybe playing inspires you. But the reason for you to play is just to have fun. Being a strong magnet for the right invitations is a wonderful byproduct of play.

We have a detailed blog on why it’s so important for us as Projectors to play, you can read that here 



A really big aspect of having a 3/5 profile as a Projector is the fact that this can make us incredibly penetrative. This comes from the 5th line. We are already focused on others as Projectors, so line 5 Projectors, it’s like having a double dose! This was something I was not aware of for a while and now it makes complete sense. It can feel very intense for others to have this energy around them, you may even find that people seem to avoid you at times, it’s because they can sense that your aura (whether or not they are even aware of auras) will penetrate straight into theirs and they may not be ready for that level of intimacy (being seen). 

Something I find to work well (now that I’ve lived it!) is to not give unsolicited advice, what may seem like surface level chat to us, may be incredibly deep for the other person. I’ve had this very experience myself with a close family member and it backfired on me, as this person was in no way ready or even wanting to hear what I had to say. It may seem clear as day to us as a 3/5 Projector about what will help the other person, but if they are not ready to hear it because we haven't been invited in to share our thoughts, it doesn't always end well if we decide to just speak up anyway. Of course, as a 3/5, you'll either know now (or will soon) about how those particular situations play out for you. What ends up happening in these situations is that we are seen for the very thing we are trying not to be and it knocks our Projector 3/5 confidence right back and can in turn make us risk averse. 

It may seem and feel completely unnatural at first, but having the awareness of how other people act around us in these situations can be very telling. Just by witnessing how people react when you enter a room, or make eye contact with them will speak volumes about how penetrative our aura is. This is a beautiful thing to witness and observe. The people that want to be seen deeply and want you to share your wisdom will naturally be pulled toward you. Try this out for yourself over the next little while and see what unfolds. 


A few tips for 3/5 Human Design Projectors 

  • Let's say you're working on a project that you just can't seem to get right. Ask yourself how you're actually feeling in your body before you continue on. Do you need a break? Do you need to step away from it for today because you know that the only energy you're pouring into it is mental and that you'll feel worse off for it tomorrow? 
  • Slow it right down. The speed at which you're working, walking and talking. Take some deep breaths and reset your nervous system before taking the next step. Trial and error doesn't have to equal lots of mistakes just because you're frazzled and tired. If you want to be specifically guided into your Projector deconditioning journey then you can check out an offering here.
  • Have you ventured out into nature to recharge your Projector aura if you've decided to keep working on the project today?
  • Have you had a cheeky nap if possible? I mean, this is just music to a Projectors ears! Instant refresh so you can come back into your project with a different view.
  • Is your environment set up to support your trial and error process on this project? Projectors are very sensitive to things, including our environment. Does the space you're in feel good to you? If not, are there any changes you can make to help with this?



If you’re a 3/5 profile, think about how this may have played out in your life before you even knew about it. You’ll see a pattern start to form. It does take a lot to trust in the so-called ‘curveballs’ of being a 3/5 profile, however when it’s embraced and accepted in it’s highest frequency, which is one of love, it doesn’t seem so scary. It's how life works for us and I can say without a shred of doubt that even though it may feel like we're constantly walking down paths that aren't correct for us, that they all lead us to somewhere brilliant. Trust in the process.


A Famous 3/5 Projector:

Looking at someone who spends their life in the public eye can really help us see how things play out. Even looking at friends/family who have a particular energy (3/5 profile for example) really helps to give us a deeper understanding into these energies. 

Lacy Phillips is a 3/5 Projector.

Lacy is the founder of To Be Magnetic, she has created multiple programs based on her findings on the power of manifestation, backed by neuroscience. 

She speaks openly of her experience as a struggling actress in America and from this, she created To Be Magnetic. As someone who has followed her work for the last few years, I have noticed the trial and error process in her business and in her publicly talked about personal life.

Her latest trial and error process was surrounding her journey starting a family and the many different protocols she followed to be able to conceive her first baby. Something that she was struggling with and continued to try many things until she found something that worked for her, a process that took her many years. 

Her penetrative aura is very noticeable, you can’t see it, but you can definitely feel it through her teachings. 


Personal Experience as a 3/5 Projector:

I love to read about specific examples of how different energies play out for people, so I'm going to share with you some of my personal experiences, namely in my career.

Hello, I'm Aimee, the Managing Director here at The Projector Movement! 

As a 3/5 Emotional Projector, I've had jobs/businesses in many different industries in my 35 years on the planet. 

I've been a Chef, Dental Assistant, Nanny, Retail Manager, Retail Business Owner, Online Business Owner. 

I'm going to share with you two stories. One where I pushed and forced my way into a job without an invitation and one where I was invited in. I bet you can guess where each story may be heading.

A few years ago, I was working for a company I loved! I had worked there for 3 years, but was eager to try something different. The company I was working for didn't want me to leave, literally invited me to stay and asked what it would take for me not to move on...but this 3/5 Projector ignored that and actively looked for something else. I found something that I thought would be amazing and applied for it. 

During the interview process, I felt uncomfortable, like it wasn't for me, but I ignored this and kept pushing for it. I got that job and gave notice at my other job. 

What followed, was to be the worst job I have ever had. I was 'just a number', the hours were ridiculously long and I was miserable. I'd never felt like this in a work environment. Funnily enough, this was the only job that I've had where I was nowhere near remotely invited in. They didn't want me for the experience I had, only to fill a space. I tried different ways to approach this job, but nothing worked. I ended up quitting on the spot due to being deeply disrespected by someone 'above' me. Never in my life (and not since) have I ever quit on the spot. 

I had nothing to go to. I was broken and burnt out. I decided to take a break to heal from what had happened and to nourish myself again. 

Fast forward 3 months. I get a phone call out of the blue. An agency asking me if I was open to a particular job opportunity. An invitation!!! I was ready to get back into work at this stage and decided to start the interview process. I was deeply seen throughout the entire time. It felt good and they wanted me to come in and turn their business around using my experience and my personality. I was very welcomed in this company and constantly had customers and staff alike coming in to thank me for my energy and for my contribution. I got to implement systems and strategies that helped drive the business forward and I was rewarded with bonuses and recognition. I was supported in this role and was never burnt out or taken advantage of in any way.

This role allowed me time and space to dive deep into personal development and I discovered Human Design during my 2.5 year stay in this role. I got to really follow my bliss and learn about how I operated at a deep level. All of a sudden, learning about what it meant to be a 3/5 Projector made so much sense! Things flowed from there and I set out to launch my own Human Design business. 

It was a fascinating time, setting up my own online business. Something that I got to experiment with and take through the trial and error process. I'd owned my own storefront shop years before this, but this was a new process. 

Ultimately, things were a slow burn in my new business. I had left my job to pursue it and I really did break through a lot of fears I had surrounding some personal beliefs. This wouldn't have happened should I have stayed at my job, as I would have kept using it as my safety net.

I had put a timeline on myself and my new business to flourish and the universe wasn't having a bar of it. Financially, it wasn't something I could continue with. So once again I started the search for a new job, something to support me while I was building things up.

I landed an interview with a company. All went well and I was feeling good. The second interview came and it was the complete opposite of the first. I knew it wasn't right for me, but was wondering how it might play out...then something interesting happened. An email landed in my inbox. A Human Design company was looking for a Managing Director. I initially wrote this off as being something I wasn't 'qualified' for. I then read the email again and thought..hang on, this is EXACTLY what I was doing in my own Human Design business. Maybe this invitation could lead somewhere?

And that it did. As my friends call it now, a 'unicorn' job just fell into my lap. The process felt easy. I just knew that everything I had been working on in my own business was for this. So, here I am, the Managing Director here at the amazing Projector Movement!

Moral of this invitation into a job role makes a massive difference. Keeping the faith makes a massive difference. Being seen and recognised for your own particular personality and set of skills is huge for us as Projectors! As a 3/5, if I hadn't gone through the trial and error process of setting up my own online business, I wouldn't be in this dream role right now. 

Am I saying to take the risk and leave your job? That is a decision only you can make. When I left my job to pursue my Human Design business, I made the decision with unwavering faith that it would all work out. Not from fear, not from a place of rush. It all worked out better than I could have imagined. 

How wonderful to have a bright and happy 'ending' to a 3/5 Projector story!! It makes all of the so-called ‘failures’ completely worth it. All of the personal karma correcting work led to a wonderful opportunity and I'm so grateful I get to share this with you. 


The New Offering:

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Join here and receive 3+ hours of specialized content for the 3/5 Projector. You'll also receive a meditation, mantras and more.


Some questions from the community about being a 3/5 Projector:


@mmebeige: ‘How do you deal with people projecting their needs and desires onto you? For example, I tend to become what others want me to be and end up feeling at a loss for a sense of who I really am. Is that a common theme?’

This is a brilliant question and comes from the Line 5 aspect of the 3/5 profile. I can really speak from experience here as I feel like I was on an endless loop of this for years. Something I found really helpful, was to take a step away from ‘the outside world’ for a little bit so I could reevaluate what my values were and more importantly, put some boundaries in place (something I found very daunting to do). I practiced saying ‘no’ to things without feeling like I needed to give a reason or excuse. Realising that we can simply never be everything for everyone helped to solidify that it was okay to start to figure out who I was and being okay with knowing that sometimes I simply don’t know who I am. 

Protecting your energy in these instances is powerful, do you get a sense of when you feel like you are starting to lose yourself in these situations? If not, that’s okay, perhaps start to bring some awareness to it and notice how you feel in your body when it arises. Know that it’s okay to step away from a conversation or environment if the people in that space are not honouring you and only projecting onto you. I sometimes like to imagine a wall in front of myself if I am stuck in someone's projection and I visualise the words just bouncing straight off the wall. Start putting small boundaries into practice and work your way up to bigger ones. Letting people know (for example) that it doesn’t feel good when certain things are said and you will no longer be tolerating it. As a 3/5 this can feel scary, but once you get on a roll, you’ll notice that less and less projections come your way.

Please note that we believe it’s our human right, one of the deepest and most important rights we have, to say ‘NO’. This a powerful protection from our open sensitive Projector energy. 


@miriamandreakraft: ‘For a long time I struggled seeing the “good” in having this profile. So many descriptions sounded just like having been dealt a bad card. Can you lay out what makes being a 3/5 amazing and what the specific gifts are for us?’

Firstly, you are not alone in having this thought! There can be a lot of damning rhetoric out there on Human Design, so I made a rule for myself that I would choose to consume the information that felt good for me and remove the rest from my space. That included any instagram accounts I didn’t find empowering on HD information, podcasts, email subscriptions, HD books, HD courses. Anything! Being mindful on how we are viewing things in the Human Design world is helpful too. Human Design doesn’t take into account our life experiences (it can certainly ‘nod’ to them and why they may have played out like they did) but being mindful of using HD as a guide and not trying to fit ourselves into our chart to fit a narrative has been very helpful for me in this pursuit. 

Personally, one of the magical things about being a 3/5 is knowing that every path we take is leading us to where we are meant to be. I will be the first to say that this can be disheartening if you’re in a stage of things playing out in so-called ‘dead ends’, but sinking in to that deep trust that it’s all going to work out brings a different vibration to life. As 3/5s we can become very much in our shadow and only think of the ‘bad’ things about life, however if we choose a different perspective and practice that trust, our experiences really start to make sense and we can see the hidden meaning in everything. Knowing that we are definitely not for everyone can help us curate our lives and hone in on the things that want to come through to us. We are here to correct our own karma after all and when we honour ourselves and take the time to dig a bit deeper into things that are subtly coming up, life really does start showing itself to us in a profound way. You are very impactful and powerful to the people who invite you in and want to learn from your experiences and gain your wisdom. You have a huge amount of potential for wisdom deep within you. Allow life to guide you within. 


@spiritualwayshower: ‘How to run a business as a 3/5 Projector? Seems like so many contradictory characteristics for the profile’

The amazing thing about being a 3/5 Projector in business is that you get to do it your way! You get to try a variety of different things and learn what works for you and what doesn’t, all whilst honouring your amazing Projector energy. Knowing that it’s not only safe for you to run your business in this way, but actually energetically correct! This way of running a business is definitely not celebrated in society, because we live in a Generator world with a blanket approach. Your approach doesn’t have to be cookie cutter and chances are that won’t work for you anyway...but you won’t know until you try it. People will notice your aura shift and change when you are leaning into the goodness of the ‘trial and error’ process. You become even more magnetic because it’s aligned with your being. What feels good for you in your business? Do more of that! What doesn’t feel good? Do you have to do it? Or perhaps can you outsource someone to do it for you? 

As 3/5 Projectors, it’s often the complete opposite thing that works for us in business. Hustle? No thanks...maybe take a nap or a big walk in the middle of the day. Have a solid business plan? Only if that feels right in your bones. Show up everyday? If that feels good in your body and you have the capacity to do that without burning out, then sure! If not, it’s not right for you in that moment.

Knowing as a 3/5 (and just a human in general) that you can change your mind whenever you want and make business moves from a place of ‘just knowing’ is brilliant. It may not be logical to someone else, but I always like to think, if you can explain it, it’s coming from the mind. That feeling of ‘just knowing’? That is a deep trust that sometimes can’t be explained.

This profile within business also carries a wonderful ability to adapt, so allow yourself to move, receive, listen and then powerfully act when the time is right. 


There were so many brilliant questions that we have also answered some of them in our 3/5 in-depth offering! You can find out more about that offering right here. 


Profile overview:

1/3: Investigator/Martyr 14.57%

Building solid foundations through research and knowledge before heading out into the world and trying it for yourself to see what works/what doesn't work.

1/4: Investigator/Opportunist 2.3%

Building solid foundations through research and knowledge before heading out into the world and sharing it with your community and close circles.

2/4: Hermit/Opportunist 14.26%

Deep replenishment to restore your energy and have time for your hobbies before heading out into the world and interacting with your community and close circles.

2/5: Hermit/Heretic 2.27%

Deep replenishment to restore your energy and have time for your passions before heading out into the world and sharing what you have learnt in your downtime with others.

3/5: Martyr/Heretic 14.15%

Experimenting with life and learning about what works and what doesn't so you can share it with others when they ask you for your advice. Guiding people through life experiences as no doubt you will have tasted a little bit of everything.

3/6: Martyr/Role Model 2.25% (See Line 6 above for Phases)

Your focus is more inward, really take that time to correct your own personal karma. While this may feel intense in your first phase, it really starts to shine through in your second and third phase.

Phase 1: (see above 'Line 6' for phases) Deep trial and error. No need to force yourself to 'have it all together' as this is where you are figuring things out. You can find peace knowing that things may bloom for you a bit later in life.

Phase 2: The trial and error phase starts to calm down over these next few years, you start to alchemise your experiences and look at things in a different light.

Phase 3: Sharing your profound experiences with those who seek you out and sharing your wisdom about what these experiences have taught you.

4/1: Opportunist/Investigator 2.42%

Lighting yourself up by being with your community (in a way that feels good for you) for periods of time before retreating away to break down the 'how and why' of things you are curious to learn more about.

4/6: Opportunist/Role Model 14.25% (See Line 6 above for Phases)

Being with your community for periods of time to light yourself up whilst going through periods of trial and error (Phase 1 for Line 6) then deep reflection (Phase 2 for Line 6) before sharing your wisdom and experiences with your community in your later years (Phase 3 for Line 6)

5/1: Heretic/Investigator 14.42%

Learning to navigate the projections of others through beautiful boundaries whilst nourishing yourself with research of whatever it is that is lighting you up so you can help to guide those who seek you out.

5/2: Heretic/Hermit 2.3%

Learning to navigate the projections of others through having boundaries and guiding others that seek you out before retreating away to nourish yourself for periods of time.

6/2: Role Model/Hermit 14.42% (see Line 6 above for Phases)

Lots of experimenting with life through trial and error (Phase 1 for Line 6) before retreating away to nourish yourself by being in your own energy. Deep reflection of your first phase through alchemising and transmuting what you have experienced (Phase 2 for Line 6) for periods of time before retreating away to nourish yourself with alone time and your passions. Sharing your wisdom and life experiences with those who seek you out (Phase 3 for Line 6) before retreating away to nourish yourself with alone time and your hobbies.

6/3: Role Model/Martyr 2.4%

Your focus is more outwardly focused, wanting to help others correct their personal karma while experiencing the three phases below. 

Phase 1: (see above 'Line 6' for phases) Deep trial and error. No need to force yourself to 'have it all together' as this is where you are figuring things out. You can find peace knowing that things may bloom for you a bit later in life.

Phase 2: The trial and error phase starts to calm down over these next few years, you start to alchemise your experiences and look at things in a different light.

Phase 3: Sharing your profound experiences with those who seek you out and sharing your wisdom about what these experiences have taught you.


As you can see, the profiles bring a huge flavour to our Human Design charts. I deeply resonate with my 3/5 profile and was absolutely not surprised to find out that this was indeed my 'life theme' when I discovered Human Design. There is just no denying the many, many years of trial and error. 

I now embrace this as I know it's something that will be with me throughout my life. It's very freeing to work with your specific profile, instead of against it, even if that feels frustrating at the start.


Before we go any further, it is very important to state that there are so many factors in our individual charts that can see the 'generalisations' of Human Design types/profiles/authority change. Not everything we read/learn/hear about our particular charts will always resonate. Our charts don't take into account our life experiences, so there is no way anyone could possibly determine exactly who you are and what makes you tick simply by looking at your chart. Human Design is a beautiful guide, an amazing snapshot of the sky at the very time you were born that can absolutely tell us a lot, but not everything. We here at The Projector Movement honour everyone as individuals whilst using Human Design as a tool to dive deeper. We are not here to fit ourselves into our chart because that is what 'someone told us about ourselves'. Our charts are a guide to our life and when we choose to embody our qualities, not just mentally take note of what our chart says, life gets to unfold as it intended. 



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Each profile comes with a personal, transpersonal or juxtaposition karma in this lifetime. 

I would like to preface this point by saying that I'm using the word karma with this meaning:

'The opportunity to heal and balance in the present and to shine a light on past consequences/actions in order to grow'

It is not there to punish us, it is there to show us where we have space to grow. It may or may not involve experiences with other people. If it does involve other people, it is of no coincidence that the people in your life right now are there for a reason.  

You can see this when you view karma in it's wonderful state, when amazing things start happening to you because you've done amazing things for others, with no sense of expectation.

Whichever you are personal/transpersonal karma or juxtaposition, you are here to always make your way back to your truth. Sometimes it takes 'going off on a tangent' to realise that you're off track. No need to judge yourself, just bring it back to what serves you most. 

Personal Karma:

If you have a small number in your profile first (3/5 for example), you are here to correct your own personal karma, you have a more inward journey. Everything else that is meant for you will happen naturally when you correct your own karma first. Inner work is powerful for you, as it acts as a catalyst for everything you may be calling in. Things like impact, abundance, influence, success. This is not to say that you ignore everyone and everything around you and make your life all about yourself, however the deep need to move through your 'stuff' is so that you can step into a very discerning and fortified version of yourself.

Transpersonal Karma:

If you have the larger number in your profile first (5/1 for example), then you are here to help others correct their own karma. This does not mean that you forget about yourself and put everyone else first, it means that when you have a beautiful balance of helping others, whilst living within your own fortified boundaries, you can start to swim in the slipstream of impact, influence, success and abundance. You may find that this has been playing out for you in your life without you even realising. There can be an energy here of 'projection', as people see you as the 'teacher/helper/guide' and come to subconsciously expect this from you. You are not here JUST to help others, so it's up to you to be discerning when you are in these situations. Are you helping out of obligation? 

If so, then this is where you can step into your power and let the other person know that it's not serving you anymore to be interacting in this way, thus bringing in the lesson to the other to help them look inward and correct their karma, all while correcting your own by putting that healthy boundary in place. Just another reason to clear out your aura and energy field each day. 


This applies to the 4/1 profile only and is something we will dive into when we reach that particular profile in this series.





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What is Human Design?


Before we dive into all things 3/5 Profile, let’s start from the beginning…

In 1987, a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience where he was guided and given instruction by what he termed as “The Voice” to combine the ancient teachings of Astrology, The I’Ching, The Kabbalah, and The Chakras alongside modern science of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. The synthesis of these ancient teachings from different parts of the world combined with contemporary science created Human Design, a powerful, accurate, and beautiful system that lays out the blueprint on how to navigate YOUR life.


What I like about Human Design is that it’s not a belief system. You don’t have to believe in how the system was birthed. The founder, Ra, simply said to apply the knowledge that pertains to you and simply see if it works. More importantly, this system is specific to you. This is because of how Human Design works. What this system does is it takes the time, date, and place of your birth and produces a chart (known as a BodyGraph) that looks like the one below. In other words, you were imprinted with specific energy at the moment of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth.

If you want to learn about how to read your BodyGraph, then click on the image below (or here) to watch the video we created that guides you step by step, so you can understand how to navigate your own chart. 

So, there is no one person that has the same BodyGraph. But this system does categorize humans into 4 main types. These 4 types are Generators (which includes Manifesting Generators), Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Generators have an open and enveloping aura. Projectors have an absorbing and focused aura. Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura. And Reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura.


The most important gift Human Design has to offer humanity is our decision-making strategy. Based on what type you are, will determine how you best make decisions. So if you’re a Projector, this means you have to wait to be recognized and invited for the big opportunities in life (e.g., home, career, love, and relationships). Waiting to be recognized and invited is the first step in knowing how to move forward in life.


Until next time, 

Charlie and Aimee