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The Importance of Play for Human Design Projectors

Aug 02, 2020


Why is play so important for Projectors?


Each of the types in the Human Design System have their unique roles to play. In a perfect world, the Manifestors initiate projects, Generators (and Manifesting Generators) build the projects, while the Projectors guide the Generators, and the Reflectors let them know how they’re doing. 70% of the population--Generators/Manifesting Generators--have the energy to build the projects. We, Projectors, are part of the minority that are non-sacral, meaning we don’t have the energy to work for extended periods of time. The sacral is such an important center because it is the center for workforce and life force energy. Out of the four motors (sacral, root, solar plexus, and heart), the sacral is the one with the most energy and this is the motor that no Projectors have.


So what does this mean? This means Projectors have to be very wise about how they expend their energy. It is encouraged for Generators/Manifesting Generators to wear out their sacral energy every day before they go to bed to have good health. While Projectors, on the other hand, have to go to bed an hour before they even get tired.


Hopefully, by this point you understand how vital it is for Projectors to be mindful about how they manage their day-to-day operations so they don’t overwork themselves. Since we can’t work for long periods of time, we’re designed to be super-efficient for short bursts of time. With proper focus, we can get more work done in a few hours. This creates the much needed time and space Projectors need to rest, study, and play. These three attributes are so essential to the success of a Projector when they’re not working.


Resting helps the Projector have good health, studying supports the Projector in making them a superb guide, and playing increases the zest in a Projector’s life. When you combine these three, you create a powerful Projector aura that magnetizes invitations.


When I first found out I was a Projector I felt seen and heard. I finally felt recognized for how different I was and that not having the same energy as most of the world had a unique purpose. But then I continued to live my life the same way, working long hours, exercising when I was tired, not waiting for life to invite me, and just forcing life to try to work for me. That excitement of being a Projector quickly dissipated and felt like I got the short end of the stick for being a non-energy type. It was only when I started deconditioning by following my Projector strategy (waiting to be recognized and invited) and then listening to my authority where I really was getting the opportunities that I wanted.  But things really started blossoming for me when I began to implement those key attributes for a Projector’s success: rest, study, and play. I felt like I was actually the lucky type for being a Projector because I get to work shorter periods of time, I can rest more, I study and get paid for my passions, and I also get to play! I mean isn’t that what most people strive for in this world? And we actually are designed to live this way!


The reason why we’re focusing on playing is that it’s something that isn’t really supported in our society. What people do “respect” and “admire” is someone who works hard, who works long hours, and as Projectors, this just isn’t feasible. You work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, and you only get 2 weeks of vacation A YEAR! So only two days out of the week and 2 weeks out of the year can you really dedicate to play. Most of that time will probably be resting from all the work you’ve been doing. So a huge part of our deconditioning process is to allow ourselves to play without any guilt. As Projectors, we’re here to usher in a new way of being, one that is much more efficient and enjoyable, and here at The Projector Movement, we celebrate, support, and encourage your PLAY!


What does play feel like?


For each Projector, play is going to look different, but at the core of playing is to have fun and to be in the moment. Maybe your playing sparks a child-like wonder within you. Maybe your playing inspires you. But the reason for you to play is just to have fun. Being a strong magnet for the right invitations is a wonderful byproduct of play.


If you need some clues to know what really feeds your soul, look at your chart. Look at what type of Projector you are and what centers and gates you have defined. That will tell you what activates you.


Let’s take, for example, resident Projectors Charlie’s and Andre’s charts.


Splenic Projector



As you can see, Charlie has his root connected to his splenic center, making him a Splenic Projector. So Charlie is very much about being in the moment. He also has his root (motor center) defined and multiple powerful gates that invoke a lot of energy. One of those gates is gate 38 - the Gate of the fighter. This gate makes it so Charlie has the intensity to make things happen. When you combine the importance of being in the moment with a lot of energy, you are a Projector who loves to play sports. Charlie loves the ability to go into a competitive sport and be pretty intense in the playing. Or he can be by himself just shooting hoops. He can shoot these crazy shots and laugh at himself for totally missing or for totally getting it in. And this really levels up his energy in quite a profound way.


Self-Projected Projector



Charlie prefers to play by doing a physical activity much more than having a chat. Andre on the other hand is a Self-Projected Projector who doesn’t quite have the same energetic intensity as Charlie. If you look at his chart you’ll see that he only has his throat and g center defined (no motors defined). One of those gates he has defined in his throat center is gate 13 - the gate of the listener. With this gate defined, it creates an energy where people feel relaxed and are compelled to tell you their secrets which is a recipe for interesting conversations! By having this gate and by being a Self-Projected Projector (where Andre has to listen to his truth through his own voice), this creates a Projector who really loves to talk!


Mental Projectors

Playing by talking also can be said about Mental Projectors (a.k.a. Environmental Projectors or Projectors who have no inner authority). Being in that one-on-one interaction with someone, being very engaged and present is also how Mental Projectors can play. Maybe you can bring in play by changing up the topic quite quickly, or having a joke, or a little sarcasm, or just laughing at yourself--this instills the essence of play. So it's that vibration that you feel when you laugh or when something spontaneous happens that you’re going for. 



Emotional Projectors

What if you’re an Emotional Projector? Well, think about what really can activate the emotions within you. Maybe it’s listening to music and that sparks you to get up and start dancing spontaneously. Maybe it’s learning how to play an instrument where you can get lost (or should I say “where you can find yourself”) in those harmonic frequencies. Since the advent of movies, cinemas have been a huge part of our society. We enjoy going to the movies because it evokes certain feelings within us. What’s happening on-screen moves us and that’s one way you can feed your Emotional Projector play. Whatever activity can really ignite those emotions within you is the level of play you’re aiming for.



Ego Projectors

If you’re an Ego Projector, you’re here to really be precious about your time, space, and what you want. Since you have the will (heart/ego/will center is defined) to get things done, you can overwork yourself by putting yourself in situations where you shouldn’t have been because you didn’t listen to your strategy and authority. So when you have the time to play, do what YOU want to do. Don’t think about what makes others happy. You have to be selfish and ask yourself, “What will make me smile? What do I really want to do? What’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet? As an Ego Projector, you have to do what’s in your best interest at heart.



The examples just spoken about are there to get the ball rolling if you’re stuck. If you’re an Emotional Projector you can have fun by playing sports. If you’re a Mental Projector you can play by writing poetry. Your chart with your defined centers and gates are just a starting point to guide you to possible playful experiences. But don’t mentally think about it, it’s really about sensing into what is going to be best for you, whether that’s feeling into it or listening to life and seeing where it's calling you. You’ll really get to know what excites you, what increases your vitality, and what moves you in to your play and joy. Joy infuses into the Projector aura with such ease and grace and then it really syncs up opportunities for us.


Here's Splenic Projector Charlie and Self-Projected Andre playing by throwing the frisbee around. Afterward, they got into the ocean and then had some deep and fun conversations. Beach days are essential to Projectors because you get vitamin D from the sun, you cleanse your aura by bathing in the ocean, you ground yourself in the sand, and there’s the potential to play with someone else or have the space and time to be by yourself.




What was supposed to be a team meeting for The Projector Movement turned out to be a fun day at the beach. In a way, playing can be more productive and draw in more success because the play we had really nourished our vitality.

What if you can’t play?


Play is at the essence of us being a Projector. When we are playing, we are in huge amounts of alignment with ourselves. Now, when we're in alignment with ourselves, this is when we draw in opportunities. This is when we draw in invitations.


But what happens when you can’t play? Meaning, you haven’t been in the mood to play for a while now. Or you really don’t know how to play at all.


As I mentioned earlier, our society doesn’t really support us in having fun; our society is structured to work for long hours. Therefore, growing up we're conditioned to believe that working hard is what’s going to bring us success and if we play, then that’s going to slow us down and it’s going to take much longer to be successful. What happens then is that this may produce guilt in a lot of us. Remember, our society was created by Generators. We actually have to decondition that aspect of working long hours and feeling guilty for playing out of us. Instead, we have to really accept and drop into play, and then we’ll begin to strip the layers of our conditioned patterns off.


An invitation For You 


I now invite you to journal.


If you’re stuck, then ask yourself, “What's blocking me? Why can’t I have fun?” There'll be reasons why. Maybe when you were younger something happened that prevented you from having fun or it wasn’t really accepted to play or you're always looking for validation outside of yourself.


Write, “What’s the most playful thing I've done in the last week? And what could be the most playful thing I do next week?” Something that I like to do from time to time is going to a water park or theme park, but these are big things. Really think about what you can do in your day-to-day life.


Charlie enjoys playing basketball since he can just walk to a court from his house. Andre enjoys having playful conversations about astrology with his friends. These are activities that can easily be implemented in your daily life. Make play an essential part of your week. Here's a homework assignment: set an intention about what form of play you’re going to do this week and schedule it!


So as Projectors, you’re here to guide, but in the meantime, you rest, you study your passions, and you PLAY!


Have fun and begin to watch those invitations come to you!


We also have a video on the importance of play if you want to check that out! 


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Journey well,
Charlie @ The Projector Movement 


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