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The Human Design Projector Aura: 5 Ways to Protect Your Aura

Aug 16, 2020


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Human Design is a system that helps us understand how uniquely different we are. How we each have a different way of making decisions, of digesting food/life, what environment we thrive in, what our gifts are, etc. It truly is a remarkable gift to humanity.


Until the advent of Human Design, Projectors weren’t aware of why we were different. We’re the newest type (out of the four) on the block and it shows. Projectors were born into this world where most of the energy (70%) is Generator energy and we grow up believing that we have to keep up with this long-lasting, energizing rhythm. Thankfully, Human Design has shown us that we are different and gives us the tools on how to align with our natural energies.


This system teaches us that there are four major different types of people differentiated by their auras and accompanying strategies. The aura is at the foundation of your design and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to get into what the Projector aura is, how to nurture it, the two Projector traps, and the gift of the Projector aura.



What is the Projector Aura?


The two words that best describe our Projector aura are ABSORBING and FOCUSED. We have a general openness to our aura that absorbs the energy of the environment we are in. We are also able to penetrate the aura of others (mainly Generators) and focus our awareness on the other’s identity center (G). This trait makes it so that we have the potential to be excellent GUIDES. We have the innate mechanisms to see the bigger picture and know how to make systems run more efficiently. We are here to be the administrators, advisors, guides, way-showers, and networkers of the new paradigm.


Because we have this absorbing quality to our aura, this creates a sensitivity with Projectors. Sensitivity to our environment is built into us, it’s how our energy operates, it’s how our aura functions. Even if your chart has many defined centers, the very essence of your Projector energy is sensitivity. This sensitivity stems from our aura being open and constantly surveying the environment, tuning into it.


Our ability to see life, situations, and people from many different angles is SHARP. It can be so sharp that we are even unaware that we are carrying someone else’s ‘stuff,’ which can be emotions, feelings, and energy. This sharpness can also put people off because let’s face it, not everyone wants to be looked at and seen in such a deep way. 

Nurturing Our Aura


Because the Projector aura naturally absorbs the energy of the people it’s around and the environment it’s in, it’s vital for our wellbeing to release all that energy that was picked up throughout the day. As you’re beginning to understand the nature of our aura, you need to know how to nurture it, respect it, and protect it. ⁣


The first important step in protecting our aura is feeling into our own energy, our own essence deep within our bodies, and making contact with our own presence. We do this because only then can we listen to our own energy allowing us to know when it’s time to slow down, to know when it’s time to retreat, and when it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’. ⁣If you’re wanting to dive deeply and totally transform the way you operate in this world being a Projector then you can check out our advanced Projector Deconditioning training here

Secondly, we need to create an aura-free space in your home that you can retreat to in order to properly relax and release the auric energies that you have absorbed during the day. You can call it your Projector cave, a place of safety, silence, and stillness for the energy to move through you and out of you. This is a big one. Truly create a safe space for yourself and your own energy - it’s a MUST! 


Once you're in this space then you can begin to bring REST and RELAXATION into your sphere. There is a difference between these two. ⁣

Resting is often sleeping or simply resting the physical body, people rest by lying on the couch and watching some TV, sitting down and eating some food, hanging out with friends, and many other ways.

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Here I am talking more about the importance of RELAXATION.


Relaxation enters when rest is given to the:

  • Body 
  • Mind 
  • Energy 
  • Spirit 


It’s a deep rest that permeates all levels of consciousness. You will know you dropped into true relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system when you get up feeling like a new person. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then it’s time to join the relaxation movement and give this gift to your Projector nature. ⁣

Thirdly, sleeping alone is also very important for you as a Projector because 70 percent of the population is generating Sacral motor energy. In order to enter deep, restful sleep, Projectors must first take time to diffuse the extra energy they have taken in throughout the day.⁣


If you’re a Projector and you’re sleeping with your partner, night after night, you’re being conditioned. Because when we lay horizontal, our bodies will often become even more open and more exposed to conditioning. We don’t have the ability to consciously use our minds to create boundaries. When we’re sleeping, our subconscious mind is open and our aura is absorbing from our environment.


Now, if you’re sleeping with another Projector, they still have specific gates defined, so you’re still taking their energy in. But a lot of times, that person sleeping next to you will be a Generator or a Manifestor, and you will be deeply conditioned when you’re in a totally open state.


Sleeping is a major way for you to decondition, for you to release all that energy that was taken in throughout the day and let it go. But if you’re lying down next to someone, their aura is going to bathe you and you're going to absorb that energy into your system; the conditioning process keeps on happening. So you’re not really giving yourself a break to fully tune into yourself.


So, how should you sleep if you’re a Projector and are in a relationship?


You sleep together with your partner sometimes and you sleep alone sometimes as well. A good rule of thumb would be to do this 50% of the time. 50% of the time you sleep with your partner, 50% of the time you sleep by yourself.


Try sleeping alone in a different room and notice the quality of sleep. Notice and see if you awaken with a lighter energy. Try to feel if there’s a unique contrast.


I’m not saying it’s better or worse to sleep with your partner vs. sleeping on your own. You want to sleep with your partner because physical touch is important and comforting for both you and your partner. And you also want to sleep on your own, to decondition. It's a balancing act for us Projectors.


So what if you can’t sleep by yourself?


The fourth way you can nurture your aura is by getting at least an hour of being out in nature, being out of the field of projection, out of the field of other people’s auras, so you can just bathe in your essence.


I just got home from 2 hours out in nature by myself. I took a beach towel, a book, and went and sat under a tree. For the first 30 minutes, I just lay there, breathing, feeling, being, looking up at the tree, watching the birds swoop from the tree to the grass with their wings spanned out moving majestically through the air. And then I read. After this, I walked to the ocean and jumped in. For me jumping in the ocean is deeply nourishing and revitalizing. I also feel a BIG difference in my energy after I bath myself in the ocean! 


Every day, if you can’t have that time to sleep by yourself, then implement some moments throughout your day where it’s just you and there’s a lot of space around you and bring in some deep breaths, feel the ground, and just let go.


This is important moving forward into deeper layers of deconditioning.


Lastly, another way to cleanse the subtle Projector energy is to fully submerge in water. This can be the ocean, running water, lakes, rivers, bathtub at home (with salts in it, Epsom or magnesium flakes are good). This will cleanse the energy, cleanse your aura, and bring you back to yourself quickly! As I mentioned above, this is one of my personal favorites. 


The Projector Traps


There are two traps Projectors can fall into.


Because we absorb the energy around us, the first trap Projectors can fall into, is that we can believe we’re Generators or Manifestors which can cause us to lose ourselves in the process and also feel drained since we may not be aware that we are trying to live in a way that is not natural to us.


Our aura makes it so that we can GUIDE the energy, not get lost in it. The key issue here for Projectors is that they don’t know about their unique energetic makeup. Since Projectors don’t know that they can’t keep up with everyone else, day after day, week after week, they end up feeling constantly tired and often experience burn out. This is why it’s important for us to cleanse our aura so that we can let go of the energies that aren't ours. 


This is why we do what we do here. This is why our company name has the word movement in it. We want to create a movement where we can help educate as many Projectors as we can, so you can understand yourself at a deeper level. So that you know that you are different for a reason, that you’re not broken, that you’re not a disadvantage, and that you’re here to be successful, healthy, and fulfilled.


The second trap Projectors can fall into is numbing themselves.


As Projectors, we are naturally more sensitive. Our energetic makeup, our inner sensations can be more heightened than most. This brings its own set of challenges because the world that most of us grew up in is more about getting work done and not giving any attention to our inner sensitivity and our inner world (our emotions). Thus, most Projectors use a huge amount of energy numbing or shutting down their inner experience. ⁣


Numbing could look like:

- Sleeping pills⁣

- Alcohol ⁣

- Excessive social media ⁣

- Gossiping ⁣

- Unconsciously eating ⁣

- Etc

What happens if we do this? ⁣

- We stagnate the flow of energy within us ⁣

- We subtly reject our true nature, our emotions, our intuition, and instinct ⁣

- Illness can start because we are rejecting our uniqueness ⁣


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It’s interesting because sometimes people come to me for support for their physical health and they haven’t even heard about Human Design. When I run their charts at least 80% of those people are Projectors. This tells me that Projectors really do suffer from burnout and illness more frequently than say Generators. ⁣

What can we do about this?

The Projector Gift


Begin to deeply respect and honor your inner world, your sensations, your emotions, your intuition, your instincts. Begin to listen within, trust your authority, and trust your SENSITIVITY.


Rather than your sensitivity be something that is a burden or negative, start to view it through the lens of it being a gift. Your vessel is like an expensive musical instrument that is very finely tuned and needs to be taken care of, first and foremost by YOU. ⁣

When your sensitivity arises, stop, pause, give it your attention, compassion, and simply be with it as it is.


Breathe, relax, trust, and give yourself permission to listen. ⁣


As a Projector, you were born in this lifetime for a special reason. It’s not a surprise that Projectors were born into this world less than 250 years ago. You’re here to help humanity awaken by seeing them for who they truly are and guiding their energy. You can accomplish this mission through your natural-born gift: your aura.


It's the Projector's gift to truly recognize the other. Projectors are able to read others because their aura penetrates the other's G center, their identity, their truth. The Projector aura is ABSORBING and FOCUSED and because of these two qualities, it produces an aura that is wise and sensitive.


Wise because you have a deep understanding of how to guide, manage, and teach energy (mainly Generators, but it’s really life itself your overall environment). Your aura focuses and penetrates into the core of the other, often making the other feel seen and heard.


You also have great sensitivity to your environment and you can use this to your advantage massively. When you deeply allow your sensitivity to come in and tune into your environment at a profound level, this will give you insight as to what needs to happen next. Knowing this, you can finally give yourself permission to truly know that your sensitivity is a gift rather than seeing it as a burden.


One important note, although the Projector aura is a gift, it’s only a gift when the timing is right. If you go giving advice on how someone should go about their way of being--even if you know you’re totally right--without being recognized and invited, then suddenly your gift backlashes and leaves you with feelings of bitterness, tension, lack, and emptiness.


Trust your inner navigation system that you will receive the right opportunities. Study your passions, play, slow down, get out into nature, and know that your aura will naturally bring in the invitations you need to move forward.


Journey well ✨


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