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The Human Design Projector Strategy: Wait for the Recognition and Invitation

Aug 10, 2020


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When you first found out about Human Design, you were guided to go to a website, then you entered your birth information, and what you got back was a BodyGraph with all sorts of numbers and symbols like this one: 

Within that chart is so much gold to be mined. But the most important gift that Human Design has to offer us is our decision-making process. Imagine how much easier our lives would’ve been if we were taught we each have a specific way of navigating life when we were young? This gift I’m talking about is called our Human Design Strategy.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about why Projectors have the strategy of waiting to be invited, the importance of timing, what to do when you’re waiting, what recognition feels like, and then we’ll be diving a little deeper into the infamous source of success and bitterness for us Projectors: the invitation.


Why do Projectors Have to Wait to be Recognized and Invited?

There are four different types of people within the Human Design System. What differentiates them from each other are their auras and their accompanying strategies. The Projector aura is
focused and absorbing which makes for a personable experience. You can feel the presence of a Projector because our aura is designed to recognize the person in front of them. Our aura absorbs the other’s energy and then it focuses on their g center (your identity center) in order to be able to best guide them--what an amazing gift! However, this is only a Projector gift when the other person asks for guidance.

Projectors often end up feeling bitter because we don’t know that our aura penetrates the aura of the other person so deeply and directly, at times causing the other to feel like their boundaries have been crossed. The key distinction between these two outcomes is at the core of the Projector strategy: were YOU (as a Projector) INVITED to share your advice?

If you’re not given permission to share what you have to say, then your words can be taken as projections, attacks, or as being hurtful. Your words can also be ignored and your ideas can even be stolen. As you can see, this creates a lot of dilemmas for Projectors because we don’t know this unique aspect of our aura we were born with has specific requirements that need to occur in order for us to share our wisdom. This is not to say that Projectors need to be quiet and only speak when they’re invited. We can talk and live our lives, but when it comes down to giving advice, the Projector strategy needs to be in place.

The unique mechanisms Projectors were born with, make for a person who has the potential to be an excellent guide, administrator, coach, leader or advisor who can recognize others for their uniqueness and who can improve the efficiency of systems. This is why you’re here to move into positions of power. You're designed to be the GUIDES of the new world, NOT the
workers. Not only is it that Projectors have the innate mechanisms to be superb guides for the other types, but you also don’t have the energy to be the creative builders of the world. In order to paint the full picture, let’s look at the Generator strategy first so we can compare the differences.

Generators are also here to wait, but they’re waiting is different than ours. They’re waiting for life to direct them from moment to moment, to RESPOND, whereas Projectors are here to wait for the big invitations in life: partnership, work, bonds with others, and living situations. Generators are responding to life moment to moment because they have the energy to work for extended periods of time. Projectors need to wait to get invited to the major areas in their lives because we don’t have the same energy levels as Generators.

The reason why Projectors need to be recognized and invited is two-fold: your aura is penetrative so it can feel like boundaries are being crossed by the other types if you weren’t given permission to share your advice and you also don’t have the consistent and reliable mechanisms to generate and manifest. To further elaborate on the latter point, let’s get into the Projector not-self.


Bitterness: The Not-Self Projector Theme

Until the advent of the Human Design System, Projectors weren’t aware of our penetrative aura and of the roles we’re here to play. Projectors emerged after 1781 and represent the newest archetype of the four types, but even now that we have this amazing technology known as Human Design, how many people know of it? And of course, people can live fulfilling lives without knowing about this system. Some people are naturally attuned to their innate mechanisms and are able to live out their lives happily. However, others don’t get that opportunity.

Projectors are often the most conditioned type because of our openness and sensitivity, so then we often have a lot of ‘work’ to do to get back into alignment with our original blueprint. 

No matter the type you are, people can be conditioned to be someone they’re not based on their upbringing. Parents, peers, and environments influence people into becoming the person they are today. That’s why it’s so important to help raise children to be their authentic selves so when they grow up and become parents themselves, they can help their kids do the same.

What would significantly help parents raise their children is honoring their kid’s type. This way the parents know how to properly empower them. For example, if their kid is a Generator, then the parent would encourage them to play until they get tired, but if their kid is a Projector, then the parent would help nurture their energy and not push them to do more if they notice they are tired. Ideally, children are raised correctly by their type. Since Human Design is such a new system, a significant amount of the world’s population doesn’t know of it (yet). So most of us who find out about Human Design, learn about it in our adult years and have to decondition for 7 years until we can become our truest authentic selves.

As I said above, as Projectors, we have the potential to be the most conditioned type because of how we’re designed. We can believe we’re Generators or Manifestors because we absorb their energy and amplify it. We also have sensitive energetic systems, and since our parents didn’t know about our type, they pushed us to “just do it” and to work hard. So we grow up thinking it’s normal and natural to initiate and work long hours--the recipe for
bitterness (and burnout).

If you, as a Projector, don’t honor your unique makeup, you can experience more challenges than most because your aura can be seen as intrusive, ultimately resulting in less recognition and fewer invitations. On top of that, you may burn out because you didn’t listen to the truth of your body’s wisdom and believed that you could keep up with the energy types.
Less recognition and feeling lethargic are what produce bitterness in a Projector.

Do you know what dispels bitterness though?

ALIGNMENT into SUCCESS: the Projector’s signature theme.

Success for a Projector is when you get invited and paid ample compensation for your skills and when you no longer see being a non-energy type as an issue.

So how do you create more success as a Projector?


As you know, it’s currently a very important time in history and we actually need your Projector wisdom. We need your gifts. We need your clarity, right now on this planet. This is a call to you to begin to use your unique strategy.

For the Projector, it's all about TIMING. Our strategy lets us know whether it's the correct timing or not. When the invitation comes and when there's recognition, it’s the correct timing. When the invitation is not there, and there's no sense of being recognized, but you really want to do something, it might be the correct thing, but it might not be the right timing.

So I want you to start to look at life in terms of timing. Start to see, “Okay, maybe I want that, maybe I want to change jobs, maybe I want to buy that house. Maybe it's just not the right timing because I'm not really sensing into any invitations or recognition right now, but the intentions there, and I'm aware that life knows that that's what I feel is good. But at this stage, the timing is just not showing up.”

Because our reality is made of karmic cycles and energetic patterns. A flower opens in its own unique timing. We don't hold a flower back. We don't speed it up to bloom faster. Nature expands in its own timing--so do you. Being a Projector, it's like you’re the conductor of an orchestra. You’re holding the timing and you’re guiding the whole orchestra. You’re not really sitting there playing the instrument, it's more like, “Oh, that part of the band needs a bit of support, or that part is slightly out of timing. Okay, bring that back into its correct rhythm.” It's about timing.

So it's not specifically about whether it's good for you to change jobs or not. It's more specifically whether it's the right time or not. Because when the correct invitation comes, when the recognition comes, it's letting you know potentially now's the right timing.
As I’ve already said, if the invitations don’t come, then maybe it's just not the right timing. It still might be correct, just not now. So just have that framework of timing held quite close to you as you dive deeper into your deconditioning.



If it’s not the right time then, what do you do?

You wait.

This waiting, however, it’s not you simply sitting around being lazy waiting until the right invitation comes.

This waiting is strategic.

This part is why I love being a Projector: while we’re waiting for invitations we rest, we study, and we play! We need the rest because we need to be fully charged for when the next opportunity comes, we need to study our passions so we can get paid for what we’re good at and what we master, and we need play to nourish ourselves and increase our vitality and vibration to become magnetic.

When you are patient and strategic about your waiting, you will see how your aura will naturally draw in people and opportunities for you.
Combining resting, studying, and playing will create a powerful Projector aura that magnetizes the perfect invitation.

An issue that Projectors may run into in the beginning of their Human Design experiment is that they compromise and settle for jobs or relationships that aren’t good for them. You can end up accepting wrong invitations where you are overworked or are recognized for someone who you aren’t. It’s essential for Projectors to be selective about the invitations that come into your auric field. This is why understanding what true recognition feels like is vital for the success and wellbeing of Projectors.


Who doesn't like to be recognized? 

But for us Projectors, it's a whole different story!

Being recognized can light us up and accelerate us into our truth like nothing else. A true homecoming. Only you will know when you have truly been recognized. And how will you know? You will feel it. You will have felt sensations in your body when someone is truly seeing YOU for YOU. It could be a specific frequency of a gate you have, more likely a channel that is active within your design; when this frequency is recognized, you will feel it deep within!

Which leads us to an important part to point out, not all recognitions from others will land with you. There are times when we get recognized for things that are not true to your nature, and it is often those recognitions that feel empty, saddening, stressful, or underwhelming.

You are designed to be seen, seen for your true uniqueness. As you come into your true self more and more, others will naturally reflect your true self to you through correct recognitions. And how will you feel when you are recognized for your truest self?

Absolutely incredible.

And this feeling is the feeling of living a life in alignment--living your life as a truly embodied Projector.

Being recognized can be an invitation on its own. For example, as a heterosexual man living in this society, women, generally speaking, want men to initiate, to ask them out on a date, to go in for the first kiss. That’s fine. But what about for a Projector man who has to wait to be invited?

When I was learning about being a Human Design Projector, this aspect really made me understand the Projector strategy. I started to look back at my relationships and had a realization. Most of the women I’ve ever dated (a small amount I might add haha) were because they recognized me! Women either gave me a smile, asked me a question, or simply there was an energetic opening before I ever made a move. So technically, the women made the first move by recognizing me, but it looked like I made the “first move” when I asked them out. 

The opposite of the Projector strategy is to FORCE. So if you look into your life and you feel like you are forcing your job, forcing a relationship and it feels like an uphill battle then you may not be in the correct alignment at this stage. Be gentle. Be kind and truly listen to life’s guidance, it’s always speaking to you. 

Side note: for those looking for a relationship as a Projector, being your true authentic self is going to attract the right woman or man for you. Be that unique self that you are and let your aura do most of the work for you.

The Invitation

A simple thing really, but undoubtedly, can stir thoughts and emotions like wildfire.⁣

“When will it come?⁣”

“Will it ever come?⁣”

“Was that an invitation?⁣”

“Did I try too hard?⁣”

“What can I do to make it arrive?”

The extent of these questions will most likely be reflected in your centers and the definition your unique chart has.⁣ But one thing runs like a golden thread for all of us Projectors: “Waiting for recognition and an invitation” is our most authentic way to engage with life.⁣ However, there are different types of invitations to be aware of. It doesn’t have to be a super formal, “I would like to invite you to ____ .” Focusing on only those kinds of invitations can actually blind you from other potent and rich invitations that are hovering around!

There are different templates for invitations, woven into the fabric of life, some will be formal and some will be more informal, some you will see and some you won’t. Each one is just as valid as the other. It just depends on the timing and being aware of what is being presented to you.

Waiting for the invitation is an art of ALLOWING. Allowing the pieces to fall, and watching closely, trusting, and sensing. Noticing when you are being called upon, whether that be direct or indirect. Whether that be literally via a letter in the mail or overhearing a conversation that touches you in a way that sparks something within.

Observe what is showing up in your life and then tune into your authority to find YOUR clarity. Remember you’re in the game of the art of allowing and in saying this remember to get into life, get involved! Have fun, do what feels good for you, follow your intuition... then listen... allow life to guide! Allow the invitations that are threaded throughout your reality to speak to you and draw you into yourself.

One last important point to mention before we end...

You will know if the timing is correct, if the recognition feels authentic, and if the invitation is right for you after you check-in with your authority.

So if the timing is correct, if there’s recognition, and there’s an invitation on the table, then you check-in with your specific authority:

- Emotional Projector - Listen to your emotions, ride out the emotional wave to get clarity

- SplenicProjector - Trust your gut instinct in the moment

- Self-ProjectedProjector - Listen to your truth while talking to others

- EgoProjector - Be selfish and ask, “What do I want?”

- Mental (Environment/No Authority) Projector - Listen to your own ruminations with trusted advisors and/or visit the environment in question and recognize the feelings within your body

Hopefully, now you are getting a pretty good sense and understanding of the Projector strategy. It is the first part of the equation in order to be successful as a Projector. The second part is checking-in with your authority to truly know if the invitation is correct for you or not. 

Also I highly recommend you watch this video to take your knowledge and wisdom of the projector invitation to a whole new level...

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Journey well,
Charlie and Andre @ The Projector Movement